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it's that time of year

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

burst of cosmos

to my surprise, in the last few days, maybe because we have
finally gotten much needed rain, my cosmos have burst into blossoms.

this patch of cosmos in the wildflowers seems miniature.
these blooms are tiny. i didn't have these in the summer.

the sun is shining quite happily this morning after two days
of downpours. the cosmos seem to be sparkling in the rays.

today is my day to have my precious 4 year old "elle".
she is exploring the garden with our new little kitty "jade".
we adopted "jade" who was abandoned at 3 weeks.
she is now a mere 7 weeks old. she is very tiny but a sweet little girl.
her name stands for my four youngest children, jesse, abbey, david and ethan.
abbey thought of it and it fits because she has lovely jaded eyes.

bees are all over these newest blossoms and
seem to be in their own little havens.

there are just a few white ones and i love them.

the cosmos are all standing at attention with the
latest moisture falling from heaven...

...reaching high to feel the warmth of sunshine.

i am grateful for the last hooray of my cosmos!


Cheryl said...

I love Cosmos....the white is a special favourite of mine.....and of course the bumbles adore them.....

I love to see children with their pets.....I was never allowed them as a child.....I have a great love of animals....JADE is perfect, I was touched that each letter was the beginning of one of your childrens name.......

A lovely sunny post.....

Unknown said...

Man, I didn't plant any Cosmos this year. They are spectacular. How creative to come up with the name Jade. Children are so smart.
My husband enjoys white Cosmos and Zinnias. Nice post!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

What a great portrait of Elle with the fence and flowers behind her.

Yesterday, I passed a house with the entire front yard in Cosmos. What a wild but beautiful scene.

Wendy said...

Your cosmos are so beautiful, stretching to reach the warmth of the sun. Lovely....
Jade - how pretty and special, named after each one of your children.
Lucky Elle... to hold a kitten.
She is a little sweetie. Elle, I mean. And Jade too, but particularly Elle.

tina said...

Great pictures. I name my critters after my children too. Such a neat way to keep it all in the family.

Susie said...

Those are some beautiful cosmos. That is such a great plant. Have you ever seen the variety that is orange and yellow? It's quite pretty as well.

That's also a cute little girl and kitty you have there. What a great way to name the kitty.

Meems said...

Don't you just love when the sun breaks out after a good rainfall? Nothing like a heavenly drink of the best kind for our gardens. All the pretty cosmos must have been very grateful - they are surely happily smiling in abundance for you.

Good to see E holding the kitty. She is getting so big, so fast. Abbey picked out a very creative name for your new little friend.

marmee said...

the white cosmos is my favourite. i think i could have an all white garden.
i wasn't allowed inside pets even though my siblings might argue that point. i was the rescuer of every animal and creature that i came across. we are very happy to have our new little kitty, jade.
thanks as always for visiting and leaving such lovely comments.

marmee said...

darla, you must think about cosmos next year. i planted mine from seed which is always exciting to me.
yes children are so clever.
we have actually used that as a code word but abbey wasn't aware of it so it did seem perfect.

marmee said...

marnie, my little garden girl was having so much fun in the outdoors with the kitty.
i bet that wild scence was amazing!
i haven't had cosmos before but i suspect they are going until the first frost?
thank you marnie.

marmee said...

i am indeed enjoying this next burst of blooming cosmos. i thought they were basically finished with the drought.
i love that abbey thought of jade it is perfect.
and elle is loving having a kitty at marmee's house.

marmee said...

tina, i love the idea of our kitty's name having a hidden meaning. i love anything with layers and textures and good secrets. i guess that is the romantic in me. thank you!

marmee said...

hey susie, i have never seen the other varity but will be looking for it. i planted these from seed and didn't really know what colours i was getting. but i am very happy with them.
thank you i do have a sweet little grandchild and new kitty. it 's nice to have such visitors in the garden.

marmee said...

yes meems my cosmos were very happy to get the rain. i t
hink they were just about gone before this. i have really enjoyed them this is my first year having them.
the grands grow even faster than our own children did, isn't that true?
i was pleasantly surprise by abbey's choice of names. her first suggestion was crystal. so when she said jade i jumped at and then we talked about the meaning and it made it very special.
have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

For sure I will plant the Cosmos next year, I actually had some seed but a friend of mine is a breast cancer survivor and needed help establishing some flower gardens and containers so I gave her ALOT of plants and seeds. Well worth it.

marmee said...

yes darla, i am sure you will reap the rewards for helping your friend out in her garden.
there is always next year!!

Gail said...


Aren't the bees having fun on your cosmos! Lovely photos of the cosmos, I do like them, even though they don't bloom well here. Btw, Elle is adorable.


marmee said...

gail the bees and other flying, fluttering creatures sure are having fun on these late bloomers.
i saw all your living beings having fun in your garden, too.
why won't cosmos grow where you are? aren't we close in proximity?
i am always looking at your stuff thinking it would work here, am i wrong?

Leedra said...

Lovely garden series. Cosmos were my favorites.

marmee said...

glad you liked the cosmos! and happy to have you stopping by.

Baker Watson said...

The cosmos here are still doing well and providing lots of color and photo opportunities. The bad thing is every time I go to shot them the breeze is so strong I have trouble getting a good shot of groups of them as they wave to and fro on those long stems, lol. But I do get to take a few shots of the individual flowers and I get lucky sometimes with the butterflies on them.

Thanks for dropping by our blog and commenting. I see that little story had a bit of familiarity for you, lol.

marmee said...

i know what you mean about the wind. same thing happens to me. but i do love the delicate nature of the cosmos. min have gotten very tall and spindly so the breeze is always making them bend over. thanks for coming by.