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it's that time of year

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

october 's burnish

"surrounded on each side with a deep
wall of woods, i enjoyed the serenity
of the evening in silent meditation:
everything which i saw and heard
taught me a lesson which required not
the powers of oratory to embellish it."
frances baily august 2, 1707
speaking of her experience on the old trace

time was on fast forward;
but at least i can rewind in my memory.

there was stopping at every turn to capture
what we were experiencing together.
meems is loving taken photos of all things tennessee.

the natchez trace has such grandness.
it is a natural parkway with hundreds of mile of scenic driving.

locals like me use to to go from here to there
when we have the luxury of more time.

photographers are drawn to it for it's sheer natural beauty.

these blackbirds formed a perfect star overhead
as we stood there taking in the blue sky
of that crisp october morning.

on the trace heading to cheekwood.

the leaves in cooperation with nature were turning
hues of gold, red, yellow, orange
with shades of brown and green mixed in.

what glorious weather we were gifted with on that october day.
we thoroughly enjoyed our time together until nighttime overtook us;
and once again we had to succumb to sleep.


Cheryl said...

Lovely Marmee.........what a beautiful place to visit and share with someone you are close to. I love the softness of the last photograph......and the leaves are stunning......

Susie said...

Marmee- I find it interesting that you guys were on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Do you know I live like 5 minutes from it here in MS? As a matter of fact I drove down it this a.m. to go to work. It's a beautiful drive which runs along side a peaceful lake.

marmee said...

thank you cheryl, it was a wonderful place to share.

marmee said...

we live within 5 minutes of our part of the parkway too. i try to drive it as often as time will allow. it is great that you get to enjoy a drive like that on the way to work. your part of the parkway sounds wonderful.

Unknown said...

I am still loving the trip that you guys so graciously took us along with you. I love the fall colors. I think I am looking so hard for the colors here I might miss them.

Wendy said...

The fall colours are so beautiful. Sounds like you had a good visit - time to share and take some pics.
A lovely, happy post.

marmee said...

i am certainly happy that you were able to come along for our drive.
i know what you mean about colours being that i am originally from florida.

marmee said...

thank you we had a wonderful time.
it is such a beautiful season right now. i am loving it.

Meems said...

More wonderful photos of our day together. (BTW- I don't think any of your links are linking)... AND I think someone forgot they weren't supposed to add "people pics"... hmmmm...

I'm pretty sure that was PERFECT weather we were given and the day at Cheekwood will be a precious memory to hold on to.

Rose said...

I'm glad you had this time together with your sister, Marmee. It looks like you had beautiful weather to enjoy the Tennessee scenery as well.
Love the opening quote!

marmee said...

sorry meems, i thought the people photos were far enough away but you look so great i couldn't help myself. plus i was inspired for this one.
i was wondering if i did the links right. maybe we can go over it again.
cheekwood and the all the days were great. the weather warmed up a bit and is supposed to cool off alot on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marmee, I had to laugh at Meem's sisterly comment, the tone came through loud and clear through her words! HA She does indeed look fantastic though. I love how you didn't want the days to end your time together, but did have to go to sleep to recharge. This is so heartwarming, the love travels through your photos.

Gail said...

Middle Tennessee is burnished...that is a beautiful word to describe the gold turning a brassy brown. I am still too excited to see how Cheekwood looks through your eyes! Gail

marmee said...

believe me being the younger sister, i know that tone all to well. that was actually a sweet reminder not to post pictures of her without permission. i just get ahead of myself. plus she is beautiful in every way.
thank you coming along we have a very lovely visit with a lot of love poured in.

marmee said...

i feel the same way gail, it is BURNISHED and i love it looking this way. did you see slideshow? it is some of our pictures cheekwood.

DP Nguyen said...

What a beautiful trip and wonderful pictures. Natchez trace is a nifty stretch of highway.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Aren't sisters the most precious people??!! It is great fun seeing your visit through each others eyes.

I just love the quote at the beginning of this post.

tina said...

So neat to see your sister taking pics of all things Tennessee. It is very different here than Florida I think. Looks like another great day.

Leedra said...

Lovely post, about a beautiful place. LOL for the birds forming a star. Bet that one of those things you didn't really see until it was in the computer.

Please come to visit, retrieve and pass along a blogging award I gave you.

marmee said...

dp, you are right about nifty! i love it. do you get to drive on it?

Roses and Lilacs said...

That is spectacularly scenic country that I hope to visit again. In the meantime, thanks for the lovely photos.

beckie said...

Marmee, Tennessee is a beautiful state with so many glorious natural areas. I'm so glad you and Meems had the time to share your passions for gardening.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marmee, This is my first visit to your blog. I am enjoying reading about your Tennessee home. We live on the plateau --north of Crossville. My husband and I are 'waterfall' people. We've seen 280 different waterfalls since 2001. We've seen 3 along the Natchez Trace (Jackson Falls, Fall Hollow Falls, and an unnamed one). It's a beautiful area of the state.

marmee said...

i loved that quote too, i wish we all could express ourselves in such ways. meems and i had a wonderful time just being sisters and sharing nonstop.

marmee said...

yes tina very different. fl is flat, more humid, does not have seasonal colour changes. in parts it can be very congested. i am so fortunate to live out in the country with little traffic.

marmee said...

i was intently watching those birds and was snapping many pic of them, i love that they performed for me.

marmee said...

i do live in a beautiful place with scenic drives in every direction, i am blessed.
i am happy to have you along for the ride.

marmee said...

i love living here because of it's natural beauty.
meems is an amazing gardener and it comes so naturally to her. she has spent alot of years in her place making it so great. my garden is just a year old and need so much deconstruction and then new plans. i have a lot of natural beauty around my acres though. meems gave me some great ideas during her visit.

marmee said...

welcome to "things i love", come by and visit anytime.
that is cute you call yourselves waterfall people. you have seen alot in the past 8 years. my favourite waterfall i have seen is the niagara falls, canadian side and the american side too. they are so powerful. also in september of this year we went camping at fall creek falls, beautiful place with many falls.
happy falls to you.

Aunty Belle said...

Hidy do, Marmee. I reckon some folks found ya by way of Meems--I did!

How lovely you sisters are! Enjoyed seein' yore place via Meems' blog (that I love so!) and hearin' about all ya'll doin's, comin' an' goin's.

Yore village sounds delightful. I'se been pesterin' Uncle to git us a wee palce somewhar' in the TN, /NC border area....I reckon half of Florida is already up thar'.

Really enjoyed "meeting" ya'.

Anonymous said...

i really loved the 'bird star' pic. just one more evidence of the blessings of nature! i remember the Natchez Trace in the spring visit we had - every bit as colorful with the new growth coming in. it is so nice you don't have to travel far to enjoy the scenic outdoors. i heard on the weather, you may be in for some heavy-duty rain and cold this weekend. it is mild and sunny here in mid-Florida ;-)

marmee said...

aunty b,
thank you for coming to see "things i love."
one of the things i love is meems blog @hoeandshovel she is an amazing gardening but pretty much anything she sets her mind to she does most excelllently.
we have a special bond that all sisters should have and we are blessed for it.
i am glad you found your way over here thru meems.
come back anytime!

marmee said...

i am sssoooooo blessed to be living in such an amazingly beautiful place. i can go any direction from here and found emence natural beauty. i think God knew i needed it.
we had slight rain last night so we will see if the weather turns or not.
dh's friend, mr phil is visiting, and they want to ride their motorcycles. we have had nonstop company which is great but a tad tiring.
did you get your nutcracker invite from meems. she has it if you didn't.