it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

here comes the sun

here comes the sun Current mood: artistic Category: Art and Photography

i love june!
there is something about coming to the end of something that is completely relaxing.
school is over-whew! thank God we graduated one more. 4 down 2 to go!i love when school is over (at least at first) the kids all breath a sigh of relief, me too. no more projects, fees, dues, late charges. no more rushing at the crack of dawn to get everyone there ontime, no more wondering about the boys. it is great!
the end of winter, for a good long summertime of warmth, water, and green. it nurtures my soul. no more blushes with bittercold winds, bleak trees with no leaves, and cold wooden floors.
the planting season is over, too! no more tilling, planning, fencing, digging. now comes the harvest of all the hard labour, what anticipation and excitement to see what is born.
one of my favourite things is there is so much new life , birds, buds, blooms my photog self loves it!
there is a lot to be said about coming to the end of something


MLM said...

cool post...with WORDS too! So good to see you!

marmee said...

thanx, i do have some words i suppose. it was great seeing you and your precious e=bear. so cute and a lil shy.