it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Friday, October 30, 2009

loving life

my daughter esther and her daughter, my grandbaby, grace
are visiting from florida.......

so far we have seen beautiful leaves...ate spaghetti ...hula hooped...played twister...
visited chuck e. cheese....made stuffedgreen peppers... spent ages at anthropologie...
watched miss books....overcame obstacles...had cheesecake from cheesecake factory... laughed a lot.... visited the factory....bought chic winter coats...played jenga...had icecream...talked nonstop....been onstage....hugged spiders leggs... taken a million photos......

all while learning more about each other and following life's path together.

~these photos were taken by various member of the family~

Monday, October 26, 2009


to say that autumnal colours fascinate me would be a huge
i stood under my maple tree the other day with the sun
shining and the wind blowing...the temps were in the low 70's.
i couldn't help thinking this is the perfect day...perfect weather...perfect season...
and i'm alive.

everything about fall makes my senses awaken.

just look at all the beauty in sings.

leaf colours that rival any flower i have ever seen.

when the air turns crisp and blows it's way through the the changing
leaves and you hear their crunchy selves rustling's music to my ears.

then to have sunshine and blue skies...nothing could be better.

so i revel in this time of year....i am complete.

even my zinnia's are mimicking the leaves...

as well as the nadina berries.


and the marigolds....



i guess it all makes sense seeing as one of my favourite colours is red.




any colour that is burnishing.

life is good.
enjoy it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

true autumn days


our leaves are still slowly changing...mixed in with lots of green.


~photo above taken by abbey~
after being blasted at the beginning of the week with our first frost...we
have returned to what most of us think as a normal.
awesome days within the 70's and very cool evenings in the low 50's.

with our centurion (scarecrow) on duty
watching the comings and goings around here.
we are back to a wonderful autumnal feel.
so we head to the garden.

it is this way in case you get lost...

today i planted...for some instant gratification...cleaned up a
whole bunch of potted plants filled with leaves...transplanted some
cuttings...and did some rearranging.... actually had to water....all in
between science and history lessons.


i was inspired by a photo i shared with you last week.
i loved the bluey/purple~ish colours mixed in with the bright oranges.
then i added some evergreens into it to make it transition into
christmas with a little more ease.

many of you might remember that my 5 doggies
had dug up my newly planted pansies a few weeks ago.
well at least one of them but noone is admitting it just yet.
i wasn't gonna let that happen again so my new plantings are
put up on an outdoor buffet and on a nearby bench.

i planted two osaka flowering cabbages along side matrix orange pansies
and tucked in two evergreens. one was a golden charm thread~branch cypress.
the other was unmarked. i am pleased with the results.

my caladiums have finally faded and were all pulled out and being
stored until next year.
these leaves in one of my container plants are adding to the colourful mix.
i have forgotten the name of them. but they are filling in nicely.

the nandina berries all around our land our burnishing to a
burnt orange lovely and ornamental.

i have a single fuchsia blooming.

i was given these fairytale pumpkins at a quaint little produce stand
by the was their last day of their season.

i put them on our outdoor patio table for dining al fresco.
since the nights are chilling quite a bit with chances of another
frost....i brought in my dragon/angel winged begonia...i bought on
a summer trip to florida.
it is in my sunroom...i really would like it to make it until spring...then
put it back outside. regardless i will enjoy it for now.

something happens to me in the awakens my senses.
i come alive. i have an over riding need to rearrange...
to decorate....freshen things up....change my perspective.
last week i rearranged my daughter's room in a single afternoon myself....i was hurting the next day...but this is what this
season does to me. of course i love it when it is all said and done.

i love outdoor things brought this little garden angel
is in my sunroom with these metallic obelisques next to it.
they are placed on the ground under a huge bird cage.

one great thing about these cool nights
are cozy fires in the hearth....catching up on
reading. i am reading this lovely book i ordered
from susan branch...simply titled....autumn.
it's perfect.

now if i can get to the other books piled high in the sunroom.
i did manage to read the one on the top...i am going to be getting
one for all the young women in our family including girlfriends of the
boys. it's called for women only.....i highly recommend it.

these are truly happy autumn days.