it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Saturday, May 29, 2010

in and out of the garden

what a whirlwind week this has been...there is so much maintenance going on in the garden.
not to much fun to take photos of that.
my usual wednesday lunch with rachel got bumped up to tuesday because of the busy schedule.
rachel and i are always looking for new places to go...well we hit the right spot
with square market & cafe'.

it is in the town square of columbia about 45 minutes for me but just about 15 minutes from her work. we are very happy we drove the extra might become a favourite haunt.

this little town square is about 45 minutes south of nashville.

the town square is quaint and full of old buildings...

cute little restaurants...

window boxes.

and the food was great at the square market & cafe'.

rachel and i always have a great time with tons to talk about.
it's wonderful to have grown daughters to share your life with.

things are pushing out everywhere...but with the heat comes weeds.

hens and chicks loving the heat.

weeds are not my friends. but i sure have plenty of them.

potted hydrangea flushing out.

my spirea bushes are blooming. i adore flowering bushes.

we had a massive storm...felt like a hurricane...warm air and
super high winds with thunder, lighting, and some hail.

right before the storm a rainbow appeared on our way to
celebrate dh's birthday at rachel's.

also there was this gorgeous sky with a flying balloon over the fields.
there is always the quiet before the storm.

rachel and maday made the best cuban food for daddio's special day.
black forrest cherry cake was made...his favourite.

we laughed and talked and told stories...the best of nights.

dh and our a~# 1 son share their birthdays most years but
they each got their special day this year.
their birthday's are one day apart.
friday night we surprised david at fulin's with sushi and cake.

and a glazed pot full of cooking herbs.

the sunsets this week have been beautiful.

then after the farmer's market this morning....sauteed fresh veggies for brunch.

with some heirloom tomatoes.

life is good and full......full of family, fun and food.
of course working in the garden, too.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

summer's coming

what a beautiful day from sunrise to sunset.

the morning sun breaking thru the mist
was so ethereal.

every moment the light was changing.
beatrice on her early morning patrol.

as i went around checking on the growth of things...i notice
things i haven't before. this white unfurling wildflower.

we have some gorgeous pastoral views.

this little guy was waiting on breakfast
after working hard on his web.
they always fascinate me first thing with the dew still on.

wildflower growing in the field.

micro greens are shooting up...yummy.

raspberries awaiting ripening.

two of our cats were content to follow me around before
i let the dogs out.
lola year old.

hopey....15 years old.

i am not fond of yellow but i love buttery hues with white mixed in.
i have been looking for the right lantana...patriot weeper 'dove wings'.
i love it and can't wait to get into the ground in front of my creamy picket fence.

i am going to add these gorgeous morning glories in the
middle of the they can climb the creamy picket fence.

morning glory 'black knolian'

chocolate chip coleus is shining with morning dew.
going to add these wild strawberries too.
'ozark beauty'
this container has a lime coloured theme....picasso pentunia, limon,
potato vine and green mosses underneath. i really like the way it turned out.
monochromatic is something i really do like. i just don't do it that often with plantings.
our baby ducklings are getting big...they love to huddle together.
the duck coop is working well. we move it around about once a week.
it's kinda like a chicken tractor for ducks.
as the golden light of the early evening shines....i find a surprise
in the wild roses growing on the fenced in veggie garden.
the most perfect little nest with four blue~speckled eggs.
it was hard to get a photograph without disturbing them.
honestly i don't know who they belong too.
but i did see this bluebird looking on as he sat up on my newly
planted wrought iron bed. it serves as a roost exciting.
the picasso petunia is new to me...but, of course
i love the green edges.
morning light...

evening light.

i bought this clematis 'warsaw nike' yesterday and somehow
the dogs thought it was their new plaything...not sure if it is going to make
it...but at least it is in the ground...'bad doggies.'
the things i put with with around here.

last weekend when i bought the wrought iron bed
frame (which is an adorable size...slightly smaller than a twin)
i also found an old piano stool. i will use to sit on while i am painting.

i love old things and things with history.
i haven't decided whether to leave it like it is or fix it up.
also today at the franklin farmer's market at the factory i
found a peacock spikemoss. it has blueish tinges in the middle
of the leaves...very different.
it will go into a container so the doggies can't bother it.

today was one of those days that was so amazingly
wonderful from beginning to end.
i was up to greet the sun and spent several hours by myself
in the garden and walking.
after that dh and i went to farmer's market and got some fresh
goodies for the week and then had several hours to ourselves without
the kiddos around. we spent the early evening in the garden and taking care
of the animals with abbey.
don't you wish most days could be that way.
happy may gardening.