it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

back from the brink of winter

it is so good to see things slowly but surely coming back to life.

i am in love with these hellebore's.
they survived the winter and my dogs.

note to self....add many more of these.

i planted these on the right day last week...bright and sunny.
the next few days were rainy and cool...the pansies...
are liking the combination.

one of my favourite plants is the oak leaf
adds colour in almost every season . buds are being thrown daily.

a single pansy planted last year has made a reappearance.

what is it about sun, warmth, springtime it all makes you want to spruce things up.
an energy is in the air.

it's time to change out the winter decor of magnolia leaves, evergreens,
holly branches intertwined with berries and pine cones.

lavender(provence), alyssum(white and purpe),
red and white pansies, and thrift(ballerina red) are planted instead.

large geraniums(tango dark red) are part of the fix up
around the antique apple orchard ladder.

it's also time to sweep the porches...rearrange
...add some easter inspired items.
cat grass....check
bird house....check.

calibrachoa(million bells red) adds a welcoming spot of colour at the back door.
this is the door we always enter.

nemesia(enchanting white) and verbena(homestead purple)
are placed in pots by the back door too.

the grass will be a great place to hide eggs on easter. shhhh!

alyssum shining in the sun.

time to clean out the birdbath and refresh them.

we have had our share of rain already
this was a very wet winter, too.


the flowers are flourishing in the bit of sunshine we have had.


i hope you are having a happy springtime.
i want to wish each of you a very happy easter.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

springtime planting

inspiration just comes naturally in early springtime.

it abounds everywhere.

you just feel like being outdoors and planting something.

i finally got my 2nd teddy bear magnolia in the ground this
week...with the help of ethan and jesse...thanks boys.
what is it about dirt that makes a grown woman giddy?
and the possibility of growing something that makes a girl swoon?

with just a little clean up....

voila....a whole new perspective.

i am mixing in some lettuces and herbs in my containers so
i can get a jump start on harvesting these goodies for my family.

i can't wait to plant my veggies but it isn't
safe until after the 21st of april around here.
last frost can happen until then.

for now i am content with adding...
lime thyme,
golden lemon thyme
delta pure violet pansy,
majestic giants rose blotch pansy,
delta deep blue blotch pansy,
clear crystal lavender alyssum,
barbados green summer crisp lettuce
dark red lollo rossa lettuce,
peppermint herb,
pappa joe's pineapple sage,
and raspberry wine bee balm(butterfly attractor.)
sounds like the perfect recipe, right?





on a recent trip to fl...i found this toile tray hanging outside
a small produce stand on the way to the beach.
it made me think about adding one outside in the garden...
so i purchased it for a steal and brought it home to add outside.
i have them all over inside the house and it makes it feel
like it just flows right to the outside.
i am so grateful to have some nicer weather heading our way.
it was a gorgeous day of being outdoors.
(really the only one we have had so far.)
planting for spring was great therapy.
and it ended with a beautiful pink glow.

happy springtime everyone.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i believe...

...with my whole heart that spring is arriving.

i don't know about you but green is my new favourite colour...
i have missed you my dear sweet hope~filled friend.

i hung this sign up for christmas but it has reminded me time and again
to just hang on till spring gets here...we are finally seeing signs of spring everywhere.

little white violas have started blooming amongst the evergreens.

the sky is blue more days now.

and looking up though what still feels like barren branches ...

beauty and life are emerging.

we have had an unusually wet winter and spring has started with many rainy days too.

with such a cold winter we still have plenty of might just have to be used up on
the fire pit...outdoors.
okay by me.

there is so much work to be done...where does one start?

we have put up a few new bird houses...the martins are going to love
their new apartment living quarters.

i am still looking for the perfect spot for this red and white house.

of course no matter what i am doing outdoors i always have
eyes on me.

rowan(ethan's huskey) and lylah (jesse's aussie).
always wondering what the crazy lady with the camera is up to.

stuffing for nesting has been put out in the
natural bird houses and many little takers come.

with new signs of life/green is time for some pruning.

sprucing up...a little here and there.

buds are almost as pretty as blooms.

lilacs are budding nicely...i need more of these.

even a yard full of dandelions and clover doesn't distress me because it's alive.

as spring is working hard to emerge...abbey is hard at work
on her newest ballet...a midsummer night's dream.

she has lots of practises each week.
performances are in april.

....with my whole heart i know that spring is arriving.
i am renewed, i am thankful...i am full of hope.

i believe.