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it's that time of year

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

springtime planting

inspiration just comes naturally in early springtime.

it abounds everywhere.

you just feel like being outdoors and planting something.

i finally got my 2nd teddy bear magnolia in the ground this
week...with the help of ethan and jesse...thanks boys.
what is it about dirt that makes a grown woman giddy?
and the possibility of growing something that makes a girl swoon?

with just a little clean up....

voila....a whole new perspective.

i am mixing in some lettuces and herbs in my containers so
i can get a jump start on harvesting these goodies for my family.

i can't wait to plant my veggies but it isn't
safe until after the 21st of april around here.
last frost can happen until then.

for now i am content with adding...
lime thyme,
golden lemon thyme
delta pure violet pansy,
majestic giants rose blotch pansy,
delta deep blue blotch pansy,
clear crystal lavender alyssum,
barbados green summer crisp lettuce
dark red lollo rossa lettuce,
peppermint herb,
pappa joe's pineapple sage,
and raspberry wine bee balm(butterfly attractor.)
sounds like the perfect recipe, right?





on a recent trip to fl...i found this toile tray hanging outside
a small produce stand on the way to the beach.
it made me think about adding one outside in the garden...
so i purchased it for a steal and brought it home to add outside.
i have them all over inside the house and it makes it feel
like it just flows right to the outside.
i am so grateful to have some nicer weather heading our way.
it was a gorgeous day of being outdoors.
(really the only one we have had so far.)
planting for spring was great therapy.
and it ended with a beautiful pink glow.

happy springtime everyone.


Darla said...

Your containers are very nice....yep, I'm lovin' this weather too!

Cheryl said...

Hi pleased you are at least feeling some warmth. It is still wet and cold here. The blossom is late due to our extended winter.

Potting up is such fun, it is good to get your hands dirty. Love your pots....grow little plants grow.....

Happy spring my friend......

Lola said...

I agree, your planters look fabulous. I too have things growing in my containers. Planted lettuce with my Dwarf Lime.
I have quite a bit coming up in my containers. Temps are increasing even tho it still is raining some form.
Busy day tomorrow as brother brought me a few cuttings from his garden. One was a white Angel Trumpet. Yiippeee.

Susie said...

Finally spring weather has arrived. I potted up a couple of hanging baskets of petunias this weekend. I haven't grown petunias in a long time. Hope they do well.

Meems said...

Is that blooming tree the teddy bear magnolia? I'm kind of doubting that assumption but what is it? Stunningly loaded with blooms! So happy to hear you've gotten out and about in the garden and the day was nice for you. It's always good to get a jump on spring anyway. Makes the heart feel glad to plant up some containers. They are all very pretty. And your idea for the tray is perfect for YOUR garden.
Hugs and happy spring.

Lisa said...

We have got to get busy next week. We are so ready to get vegetables in the ground.
Hannah is planting herbs again. We are going to use them in our crusty bread that we sell at the Farmer's Market.

Lisa Q

marmee said...

we have sunshine again today but rather cool.

we are also very wet, so wet it will be a long while before i can cut any grass even though it needs it. we do have sunshine today but it is quite cool.
i have so much i am ready to do but am in a holding pattern until it dries out and warms up.
so happy to see you planting in your mead.
happy springtime!

marmee said...

i almost have to plant in containers because of my doggie traffic. ethan's dog jumped in a newly planted one and just dug....arrrrggghhhh! i did manage to salvage most of it but i was mad.
white angel trumpet sounds wonderful. have fun digging in the dirt....happy springtime moments.

marmee said...

susie...i love petunias but if we still get a heavy freeze they might not make it. i am going to plant some at the end of april. what colour are yours? i saw a vintage coloured one in fl when i was there so i will be looking for it here.
happy springtime planting.

marmee said...

meems...i so wish that was my blooming tree but alas it was while i was out driving around. i couldn't resist taking a photo it was so beautiful against the blue sky.
the teddy bear magnolia has a more traditional bloom of large white petals. the tree itself is smaller but still a good size. about 17 to 20 ft tall and 10 ft wide. i put two just outside of my front fenced in area.
i do love the tray out there and hopefully i will have blooms on my vine this year...chocolate blooms.
hugs to you and happy springtime.

marmee said...

lisa.... herb crusty bread sounds wonderful. if it isn't a secret maybe i could get the recipe from you guys. my email:

our weather has been so wet and cool but today is gorgeous...i have already been out there for hours...i think i am heading to the nursery.
happy springtime.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marmee, Looks like Spring is REALLY coming to middle TN... We have still been cold and cloudy up here ---but they say we will warm up and have sunshine the rest of the week. Yeah!!!!

The only thing blooming in our yard so far are the Crocuses (almost gone now) and a few Daffodils. I cannot wait 'til we have more color around here.