it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Monday, June 29, 2009

by the light of day

here you are...beautiful sunflower.

~photos of sunflower by abbey~
cleome continues to delight.
you have to look very closely but we finally have a visitor.
impatiens with new seedling shady mix coming up.

bright plum coloured cosmos

butterfly bush

peddle pushers petunia


miss muffet shining

transplanted sedum

lavender petunias

orange nasturtium

ripening tomatoes

green envy zinnia

single white impatien

white petunias

a moment at the birdbath alone.

sunflowers in tandem.

purple zinnia bud
wildflowers in bloom in the garden...

bachelor's button
plains coreopsis/calliopsis

happy summer days!

Friday, June 26, 2009

relaxing into summer

some people or even animals have no problems relaxing...maybe
it is even their favourite pastime.

summer has arrived and it is hot...i am sure you already knew that.
abbey and beatrice have relaxing down to a tee.

some of us have to garden...we are the blessed ones.
though relaxing isn't on the menu.
there is the daily routine of filling the birdbaths.
watering the veggies...lettuce.
i am so blessed to have a wonderful hubby that is my partner in gardening.
he is just as passionate as i am about it...although we have different interests.
i am grateful to have his help...watering the tomato plants.
they are loving this heat wave.
he planted over 300 corn this year but due to the rain we lost a bunch.
there are still plenty. i planted a cover crop with the corn to
add nutrients into the soil. if you look closely you can see them
wrapping themselves around the corn stalks.
we have japanese beetles this year...daily we go out and
try to get rid of them.
i'm not sure who this critter is? but looks like some sort of grasshopper.
while i have been planting flowers, natives, adding colourful foliage and landscaping the yard,
dh has been taking care of the veggies.
cucumber flower...and leaves. we have harvested some
tender sweet cucumbers in the last few days.
our watermelons have taken off with the warmer temps.
dh also planted the lima's, okra, and potatoes.
while on the other hand i planted lots of sunflowers by the corn,
by the barn, in the front yard by the picket fence.
we are about to see some blooms on the red ones.
i also plant the containers and make sure they are all
watered everyday.

i am enjoying some of my more tropical plantings this year.
the caladiums from my sister, meems are starting to make a show.
the wildflower garden is about to burst forth with all kinds of blooms.
dh and i weeded out a ton of smart weed the other day.
some nasturtiums, zinnias, butterfly bush, milkweed, pentas,
cosmos, coneflowers, susans, etc...
a native aster waiting for it's forever home.

we admit that some days we look longingly at the hammock
but june is just to busy with things to do in the garden...

we are thoroughly enjoying summer and all that it entails.

most days in june we have spent outdoors doing some
thing in the garden until the sun and the moon see each other and
we bid the garden a fair, "goodnight."