it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Friday, June 26, 2009

relaxing into summer

some people or even animals have no problems relaxing...maybe
it is even their favourite pastime.

summer has arrived and it is hot...i am sure you already knew that.
abbey and beatrice have relaxing down to a tee.

some of us have to garden...we are the blessed ones.
though relaxing isn't on the menu.
there is the daily routine of filling the birdbaths.
watering the veggies...lettuce.
i am so blessed to have a wonderful hubby that is my partner in gardening.
he is just as passionate as i am about it...although we have different interests.
i am grateful to have his help...watering the tomato plants.
they are loving this heat wave.
he planted over 300 corn this year but due to the rain we lost a bunch.
there are still plenty. i planted a cover crop with the corn to
add nutrients into the soil. if you look closely you can see them
wrapping themselves around the corn stalks.
we have japanese beetles this year...daily we go out and
try to get rid of them.
i'm not sure who this critter is? but looks like some sort of grasshopper.
while i have been planting flowers, natives, adding colourful foliage and landscaping the yard,
dh has been taking care of the veggies.
cucumber flower...and leaves. we have harvested some
tender sweet cucumbers in the last few days.
our watermelons have taken off with the warmer temps.
dh also planted the lima's, okra, and potatoes.
while on the other hand i planted lots of sunflowers by the corn,
by the barn, in the front yard by the picket fence.
we are about to see some blooms on the red ones.
i also plant the containers and make sure they are all
watered everyday.

i am enjoying some of my more tropical plantings this year.
the caladiums from my sister, meems are starting to make a show.
the wildflower garden is about to burst forth with all kinds of blooms.
dh and i weeded out a ton of smart weed the other day.
some nasturtiums, zinnias, butterfly bush, milkweed, pentas,
cosmos, coneflowers, susans, etc...
a native aster waiting for it's forever home.

we admit that some days we look longingly at the hammock
but june is just to busy with things to do in the garden...

we are thoroughly enjoying summer and all that it entails.

most days in june we have spent outdoors doing some
thing in the garden until the sun and the moon see each other and
we bid the garden a fair, "goodnight."


Darla said...

that hammock does look inviting. Everything looks so beautiful around your place.

Lola said...

That is the most important part of life. Gardening to one's content regardless the choice.
Your garden is lovely & the hammock is looking inviting towards the end of a perfect day.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Marmee. I look longingly at that hammock but they just don't work out well for me. Every time I sit down to enjoy some peace and relaxation--I see a weed. It is not possible to sit still and just relax when there are weeds to pull and water to carry. I need to work on a little more Tom Sawyer attitude toward gardening.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful post, Marmee... Your garden looks incredible despite the heat and lack of rain. Glad your hubby is watering everything.

The Japanese Beetles are getting our roses again this year--but not as bad so far as in years past. We've been fertilizing our grass with something to kill the grubs --and it is paying off somewhat!!!

Have a wonderful day and PLEASE enjoy that hammock for me!!!!

marmee said...


with the heat i would be sweating so much sitting or laying in that hammock anyway. thanks for your kind words.

marmee said...


being content is something i have in ernest prayed for and i think i am finally at the right time and the right place in my life to embrace contentedness. i really like this state of being.
it is so hot though lola i think i would melt right into the hammock plus when it cools off (sorta) at evening is when i can get the most gardening done.

marmee said...

good "hot" afternoon! i know what you mean it's either weeds, watering, children, or pets they are all screaming my name every time i sit down...thank God for night time sleep. why oh why can't we just sit and enjoy all of our labour?

marmee said...

thank you betsy! you are a dear.
we have been diligently watering either in the am or pm. i can't bear to lose all of our new plantings. there are a lots of baby things here.
what fertilizer are you using...we are trying really hard so far and not using any chemicals. the beetles have found my cover crop which is not eatable so i really wish they would just eat that but no such luck, they are eating lots of things.
maybe when it cools off a bit i will get in the hammock and think of you.
have a happy summer weekend.

Dirt Princess said...

I have seen so many crops of corn this year lost to the heat. We saw an entire field sad! We have got to get some rain! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, stay cool!

Lona said...

Marmee, so glad that you dropped by my blog.
Your garden looks so wonderful. Love the hammock but I would have to upset it to get back out of it ;-)

Gail said...

good morning marmee, I think a hammock is the perfect place to relax in the shade of a tall tree! We've been trying to figure out how to get one to fit on the front porch...the mosquitoes are horrid in the garden.
Everything looks wonderful in your vegetable garden, just let us know when you have the big watermelon party! ....and i can't wait to see your zinnias, susans and others burst into bloom! It's good to see Bea looking happy after her misadventures! Abbey is growing up before our eyes...what a gracious young lady she is to help her mamma! ! Marmee, she is precious.

Contentment is not always an easy state to reach, but it sure feels good when we do~~gail

Cheryl said...

Marmee....that was so very beautiful....I almost wished I was there with you...
The wildflower meadow is a delight......I love the phrase'forever home'....
You have a wonderful husband who shares your are truly blessed my friend...enjoy

I love the last three photographs, they actually brought a tear to my eye....I could feel the mood.....beautiful.....

Susie said...

Looks like dh has done a great job taking care of your veggies Marmee. I wish mine looked so good.

Love the hammock. It definitely looked inviting to me.

marmee said...

dirt princess,

we need rain too but because of the early spring rain it doesn't feel so desperate. we are watering daily though. i am glad we finally got some corn to grow so we will have plenty for our family and maybe some to share.
have a great summer weekend yourself.

ShySongbird said...

How busy your gardening is keeping you and I do admire how you manage to keep working in the heat, it is getting hotter here, although I suspect nothing like you are experiencing there. It is the humidity which defeats me, it just doesn't suit me and never has, the storm clouds seem to be gathering as I type, I do hope we don't have thunder, I really don't care for it.

Your hammock looks so inviting, you must treat yourself to a little rest now and again Marmee, you deserve to sit back and survey all your good work if only for a while.

How lovely to have your own vegetables, I don't grow them but my brother does and we enjoyed wonderful salad veg from his garden the other day.

So lovely to see dear Bea looking contented again, enjoy your weekend.

marmee said...


we tried putting our hammock in a different place this time so it would be easier to get in and out. once you are in you never want to get out.
i enjoyed your blog and will be back to visit.i am glad you made your way over to "thing i love" see you soon.

marmee said...


i have always thought a great hammock on a porch would be so delightful. hope you can fiqure it out. we have a swing on our front porch and always love having one of those. the bugs are out in full force. we are having so many flies. yuck.
some parts of the garden are loving this heat. my sunflowers are about to bloom too. the rest are coming along.
abbey is growing up too quickly. she is our baby so it is extra hard to watch her getting big so fast. i am trying to just enjoy every stage. she is so happy to have bea home and bea is getting healthier and healthier by the day.
i am fortunate to be in a place of contentment when so many around us are so restless and searching for peace.

marmee said...

dear cheryl,
i happen to love dusk. watching the ones you love doing things they love and being together in the out of doors is the best thing ever. some days are just beautiful and special and that one was one of those days. dh and jesse taking about the veggies and abbey and i walking around looking at all the buds with me telling her what is about to bloom.
my darling hubby and i have been thru many trials and we are so happy to be in the place we are now...really never wanting to be apart and sharing in the garden among other special pastimes. it is a calmer life and i really love it.
i only wish you were able to share it with me too. one day maybe we can stroll in each others gardens.

marmee said...


the heat is getting to us here too. a farmer friend of ours just had heat stroke and because he lives alone layed out in the field for hours. i want to be careful to not let that happen to my family. i imagine he was dehydrated too. that is something you have to be so careful about with the humidity. i don't like it either...but it is unavoidable in the summer.
the gardens are looking great but the weeds are beating us so bad...i really don't like weeds but what is a gardener supposed to do.
i actually really like storms with lightning and thunder...being raised in tampa, fl(the lightning captial of the world) it is a good thing i like it. my dh and i have sat many times watching storms come closer and closer. when we first started dating we had to postpone an outing due to hurricane elena.
we are harvesting small amounts of things pretty much every day and it is the best. our cucumbers are so delicious.
beatrice is doing well and gaining weight nicely. she is such a sweet girl. not to good on staying clean though. she seems like she will stick around now.

Q said...

I too water the containers at least once a day. While out of town I lost only one small plant...
Your gardens are lovely.
My husband and I garden together too. It is used to be our passion. Now we relax more together and take photographs of the bugs! LOL!
I enjoyed catching up with you today.