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it's that time of year

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Friday, June 19, 2009

no more wanderlust, hopefully

we have one tired doggy on our hands...there has been endless napping.

but first things first...there was feeding...she looked as if
she had not eaten in a long while.

then grooming...all kinds of burrs and critters in that
thick fur.

bathing was next on the list...the tub was full of dirt.
ellery, jesse, and g-pa were very thorough.
i had to cut quite a bit of her fluffy hair to make sure we got all
the matts out.
she is looking a bit more perky.
we went over and over her fur to get it all clean.
she was given special doggy treats for being such a sweet girl.
then lots of time to just rest...
and rest...

and rest...

well you get the picture...lots of resting was needed.
it is so good to have our beatrice home sweet home...

we are hoping she finds it so irresistable to stay.
today she looks even better. seems to be able to
hold everything down. she is even staying awake at times.
her eyes are very expressive.

we are very thankful to have our lady bea home.
thanks to the kindness of strangers for stopping...looking
at her tag and calling us...she was less than a few hundred
feet from our house. who knows what all she has been through
but we have one happy little more wanderlust, hopefully.
p.s. a huge thank you to all of you blogging friends who said a prayer.


Gail said...

Thank you Marmee...for taking the time to let us know of Bea's progress! I know you are feeling so relieved and i bet she is, too! She really has grown! gail

ShySongbird said...

Oh sweet, dear Bea, what she must have been through. If I could thank those kind people who brought her back to you, I would. You must be so very relieved and so must Bea, thank you so much for updating us. I popped back this afternoon to see what you had been saying on your replies and was worried but not altogether surprised to find she was rather withdrawn and not keeping her food down, what a traumatic experience she has had! I'm sure given time and your care she will be back to normal again. I will continue to think of her and all of you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'm so happy for you and your family. Finding a missing dog doesn't usually turn out this good. I'm sure that Beatrice is as happy to be home (and fed, and clean)as you all are to have her home. Congrats.

Susie said...

I know she's probably glad to be home too. She has really grown.

marmee said...


i am so relieved to have her back and have such a good ending...she has really grown in the last two weeks now to fatten her up a bit.

marmee said...


she is a dear sweet bea...very good hearted girl. we did thank the young man profusely and he said he was glad to do it. i think it will take some time for her to feel herself. but she is socializing with the other dogs and responding well to our family. time is what she needs to regain her luster and begin to put on some weight.

marmee said...


she seems to realize that this is the place to be with the other dogs and the children paying lots of attention to her. we are so blessed to have this ending to the story...i am so grateful.

marmee said...


bea seems very delighted to be home with all of us who love her...i just hope she doesn't wander off again...she seemed disoriented when we got her back but is slowly acting her old self.

Brooke (CreativeCountryMom) said...

Oh I am so glad she is safe at home with you. Give her kisses from me, a fellow Mom to fur babies too!

lola said...

I'm so glad you have your beautiful Bea home safe. I know she must have been missed greatly. She must be happy too.

Meems said...

Bea is getting so big so fast. It is a happy time for everyone to have her home again. What an prayer answered! She must have been through an awful lot to need so much rest. She is home now and doubtful she will want to ever leave again. Happy day!
hugs to all... Meems

marmee said...


so glad we fellow mommies can stick together.
welcome to "things i love" so delighted you decided to visit. come back anytime.

marmee said...


this is her third day here and today she looked best of all...running with the other dogs a bit and pouncing a bit too. every day we are seeing her act more and more like her old self.

marmee said...


she almost looks like a different dog. her nose and legs alone have grown inches. she is in that akward looking age but with the weight loss it is accentuated. but i know she will gain weight now that she is home and eating very regularly.
abbey can't stop talking about her and how much she is glad to have her home.