it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Sunday, June 21, 2009

simple pleasures

watching bees

seeing caterpillars

waved sphinx moth caterpillar
playing catch

thunbergia 'susie yellow with eye'

viola faces

oak leaf hydrangea tinging to pink

white blooms

hydrangea's vibrancy

tomatoes on the vine

a bust in the garden purchased from a recent fl trip.

planted with vining seeds.

a dandelion's wispiness

impatiens blooms
butterfly bushes
plumes on the purple fountain grass

bright yellow buttercups


blue lake green bean blooms

wildflower blooms



asters in purple and light orange

abbey's little raised bed

bee skep from annie's potting shed in tampa, fl.

cleome/spider plant

nasturtiums planted with the ornamental strawberry corn
wildflower garden

some new natives...aster divaricatus 'eastern star'

jacob's coat

side yard
spending the day with the ones you love...happy father's day, daddio!


Susan said...

Gorgeous post. Your photos are great!

tina said...

Hope you and your family have a great day today!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marmee, You are so right... It's the simple pleasures in life that are most important. You listed so many.. Here are a few more:
-seeing a beautiful waterfall
-seeing a smile on someone's face
-seeing a sunrise or sunset
-watching a bluebird at my feeders

Life is Good!!
Happy Father's Day to you.

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee.....lovely post, made my heart sing....I love the things you love to.....especially that bee and abbey's raised bed.....

Playing catch is fun with your furry friend.....hugs to Beatrice.....

lola said...

Great post Marmee. Love your bust.
Seems always the simplest things bring the greatest pleasure.

Susie said...

Everything looks great at your home Marmee. I like the picture of the purple fountain grass plumes.

marmee said...


thanks for coming to visit at "things i love." thank you so glad you enjoyed the photos.

marmee said...


you too! what a wonderful day to celebrate fathers.

marmee said...


there are endless simple things provided in nature and the ones we love that we can take pleasure in. i love all the things you mentioned.
we had a wonderful relaxing father's day around here and did what daddio together.
life is so good.

marmee said...


i am so happy to share just a few of the simple things that make us is full of wonderful delights.
beatrice was right there watching us play catch...she is still doing a lot of resting.

marmee said...


i have a thing for bust so to have one in the garden was something i didn't want to pass up. it will be great when she has vining tresses hanging down.

marmee said...


i was so excited to see the purple flumes on the fountain grass i think i did a little jig. i left a lot of wonderful grasses at my other house and am happy to finally have a few here.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Marmee, your post conveys a sense of pleasure and contentment. The beautiful little moments that make up your day in rural Tennessee.

ShySongbird said...

What a lovely post, full of serenity. The simple things in life really are the best. such lovely photos too. Hugs and kisses to dear Bea.

Meems said...

Dearest Marmee,
Life is bustling around your TN garden this spring... oh, it is summer now. :-) Is it ever! So hot and humid. But your post takes me away from thoughts of heat and to the things we both love... simple yet so vital ... life with family and breathing in the beautiful outdoors.

So many great photos of your flowers, Buster or was that Bronte (I'm guessing Buster), tomatoes (looking so healthy), veggies & blooms in Abbey's plot, all your wonderful 'finds' from Florida. I LOVE the hydrangea blooms... I think I can officially say mine are not going to bloom this year. Even though I love the foliage enough to keep them I must think about re-locating them for more sunlight maybe. Not sure if it is sunlight or soil. Oh, the joys of the garden.

Where did you find that bust? I know you were on the hunt for one ... it must have been after you left here.

marmee said...


i do enjoy the simpler things about a life on the farm. things seem more in balance here, too. i feel very content to be able to spend my time doing these things.

marmee said...


i agree, the simple things are the best, they have such an easiness about them. thanks for your love and concern about beatrice. she is getting better every day. she seems quite content here, too.

marmee said...
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marmee said...


we have been right there with you in the heat wave...our downstairs air has just gotten fixed. it's been out since thursday night. i have been sleeping upstairs...and spending most days outdoors any way so it didn't really matter.
life on the farm is certainly bustling...i think i do it to myself. puppies, kittens, gardens, children, they all come in multiples. the veggie garden is at that point of literally changing every day. we have harvested lots of lettuce, some beets, some herbs, some onions and raspberries(they never make it into the house.) it is fascinating to me to watch these things grow and then eat them.
i do think the oakleaf hydranges need a good 4/6 hours of sun. mine are all in lightly filtered sunlight mostly up next to the house.
that was buster...he is the only one good at actually retrieving. the rest just play at it.
i did get that bust at annie's but it was after you and the little guy were out at the car. i couldn't make up my mind. i like it very much and it has been a topic of conversation around here with the kids...all saying something funny about her.
i did move my sedum yesterday to it's own pot and planted the rest of the caladiums. the first ones are starting to open up. i am so excited to have something working here from your garden.
happy summer!

cindy said...

i love your post. i have been looking for a josephs coat plant like in your post .do you know where i can get a start.

cindy said...

i love your post. i have been looking for a josephs coat plant like in your post .do you know where i can get a start.