it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

green makes me happy

visiting our local true value garden center was on the list
today but not for plants. it was on there to get some
stain for a project i started the other cold rainy day.
i rarely go to the hardware store that i don't at least stroll thru
the plants...if the weather is nice enough.
what a difference a week makes...last week nothing much
was there but today a different story.
some of my containers definitely needed sprucing up so i
bought mostly green fillers(F), spillers(S), and a few thrillers(T).

my list of goodies.
for the victory garden:
anethum graveolens ~ herb dill
flat italian parsely ~ papa joe's
african daisy astra ~ violet
african daisy astra ~ white improved

for my backyard patio containers:
dracaena indivsa ~ spike T
lysimachia 'midnight sun' ~ creeping jenny S
ipomoea batatias 'little blackie' ~ sweet potato vine S
asparagus setaceus ~ plumosa fern F
vinca major maculata ~ vinca vine S
citronella ~ scented geranium T

for a walkway leading to side of yard and our hot tub:
lautentia fluciatilus ~ a lovely little trailing ground cover

for an antique urn in the front yard :
festuea glauca 'elijah blue' ~ blue fescue

got them all planted this afternoon with the sun shining for a bit.

happy springtime.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rewards of the day

our spring break and the days preceding have been very full.
the weather here in middle tennessee has been spectacular.

the violas were a gift from my dh. they came in two cute faux watering cans.
he got them at the franklin farmer's market.

i've had little time for blogging and there are so many things
going on around dash home farm.
we did get our new little ram.
he is an olde english southdown babydoll miniature.
he is fitting in nicely on our little farm.
beatrice has taken to guarding him like we knew she would.
wild strawberries

two(of the four) new raised beds with seating have been built.
we have planted some cool weather veggies and fruit.

red oak~leafed lettuce and winter density green romaine
are in the dirt.

as always we have lots of curious faces watching us wondering
what in the world are those guys doing.






it's been so warm i have put out some easter stuff
for the younger kids and grandkiddos.

we will have our easter egg hunts all around the farm.

here's hoping we will have nice weather for that day.
sometimes it is very cool and rainy on easter.

our ground cover is blooming although it is not in the ground
but in a lovely old yellow enamel container. the dogs would have
it trampled if it were in the ground.

hellebores are showing up and i get so excited when they do...they have become one of
my favourite flowers.

it's been great to watch each dog bond with our baby ram.

a new variety of pansies for me...
viola x wittrockiana 'delta' pink shades

i am teaching mcgruber to walk on a leash with a harness.
i'd like him to be in the leiper's fork parade in december.
i think he would make a great addition to the quirky little
christmas parade in our town.

same pink shade of pansy as above...i love the variations.

the front yard is finally getting a makeover. we gave mcgruber
the back yard picket~fenced~in area...which is where we have
had most of our raised beds for the last several years.

so we decided to put our new raised beds in our front yard
picket~fenced~in area. i think it will be much more convenient
to keep an eye on and take care of. we will see it every morning and
have water readily available.
the dogs are used to being able to use the front yard so we had to put some new fence boards
up to keep them out and will only let them in when we are out there with them.
i have dubbed it our victory garden. partly, in tribute to the men still
fighting the war and also to be as positive as we can about the success of our garden.

my dh agreed to make me new raised beds with seating.
i am sure glad he will be much easier on the back.
we picked rough hewed wood like the barn as a nod to the farm life.
i am loving the results.

this is the first of four beds we have planned.
we talked about more but...i don't want to get
too many things going so they can't be cared for.

the green watering can is an antique galvanized can from
england i found at a local antique store.
buster brown has taken to the new puppy...barrette.

mcgruber chilling in the front yard.

a new hellebore just planted this year.

winter jewels cherry blossom lenten rose

i am blessed to have both sunny areas and very shaded areas.
hellebores are shade loving.
eggs in a basket.
my black pansies coming back from last year.

back door greetings...
with freshly planted pansies.
some eggs the kids can't get to.
freshly planted columbines on the front porch.

aquilegia hybrid 'winky' double red and white.

coral bells black currant planted in black glazed pot
on front porch steps with bunny.

another columbine combined with last years creeping jenny.

the urn has a new iris.
iris african butterfly.

since we starting sprucing up the front yard
we added some handmade garden art from
the franklin's farmer's market...

planted with some white candy tuft.

we got the second raised bed in and planted last night
just around sunset.

after our hard work outdoors, we opened
up a bottle of one our favourite pinots...

and enjoyed a glass on the front porch
admiring our work and of course the
amazing sunset God had provided us.

it has been thoroughly enjoyable being
back in the garden and welcoming in spring.

don't forget earth day is approaching april 22nd...but don't
you think everyday should be earth day afterall it is our planet.
also jan at thanks for today is hosting a wonderful give~away.
she is promoting sustainable living.
here is the link to join in:

happy springtime.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


we are just gonna call a spade a spade.

puppy prowess.

prowess [ˈpraʊɪs]
1. outstanding or superior skill or ability
2. bravery or fearlessness, esp in battle
[from Old French proesce, from prou good; see proud]

we have been captivated by her eyes....



...that face....

...that run...

...those expressions....

...the softness...

...the ability to sleep anywhere...

our hearts have been stolen by our newest rescue....barrette.

named after the poet elizabeth barrett browning.