it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

baby grands

how wonderful little life...young life...sweet life...

i have had some lovely visits recently...

...from some of my baby grands.

this little princess was just here visiting from florida.

elle helped me see grace off at the airport.

this is another precious grand...little aiden...

...exploring marmee's angel and bird.

my one year old little boy is grand indeed.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

vintage & antique finds

my dh had bought these chairs a few months ago at the farmer's market.
i wanted something to go with them. i found this yellow/brown enamel wear pot and planted pansies in it. then i placed it on an antique wrought iron stand.

i love it.

this ole' colander was beckoning me"take me home."
do you ever have things call out to you?
i do and it gets me into trouble with dh.

i added this vintage pillow to the red couches in my gathering room.
recently i traveled back to woodbury , the place i found on the way home from camping. i took a few antique shopping friends and my daughter, rachel. we had a lot of fun and we did do some shopping.

sometimes it takes me a while to decide where these
new(for me) antiques will have their place in my home.
sometimes there is even rearranging of furniture to make them look right.
as in this case, lots of peices got moved around.

i knew this lidded pot was going in the potting shed.
i use it to hold potting soil or move things in the garden around.
we used it to hold treats at our harvest party.

i have been looking for a table more suitable for my front porch.
the one i currently have is going into my newly cleaned up craft room
for blogging, crafting, sewing, and scrap booking.

when i found this one i knew it was the one.
i love the old wood on top with the black turned legs.
the fact that it is a drop leaf sealed the deal for me.

now in place i am loving it even more.
i bargined the price to just $79.
which i feel was a great deal.

it fits the place i had in mind so much better than the former round table.
the game board is something called crokinole, we play it on the porch when the weather is nice.

who can resist hand painted pitchers, i have a weakness for these.
the all white one is a mc coy.
two of them have found a home in my front foyer on a mirrored dresser.

this cloche' i found at my local garden center.
i wanted to put it over my beautiful shell.
shells remind me of florida and the beach.
where i grew up.

i have had this beautiful old gate for a while
but i plan to build a whole garden around it.
any ideas?

out in my garden my sunflowers are
beautifully brown especially against the blue sky and ready to feed the birds as it cools down.

i love the look!

my pumpkin plants aren't doing well,
it has been dry and i only have had one smallish pumpkin from the vines.
the leaves are pretty and i love the tendrils.
the berries on my nandina are bright
orange. i think they look very pretty.
happy fall day and enjoy your gardens this weekend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ribbons and glitter

we were all up for the challenge
of decorating pumpkins.
there were ribbons,
glue, glitter, and carving utensils.

this is grace's glitter girl but she got bored pretty quickly.
she is only 2 years old.

this is my beautiful daughter, esther and her little girl, grace.

dad and abbey got right into the action.

rachel and elle were happy to get started.

soon everyone had joined in on the fun.

gwyn was very determined to do it herself.

abbey and dad created a girly kitty face.

jess was taking his time.

left over pumpkin became a cat and bat.

even jade got in on the decorating.

i made a fat cat in our honour of our new kitty.

ellery and david loving on jade.

ethan and canaan combined their skills.

was this a look-a-like contest.

the bat in the pumpkin?

hearts are always in style, way to go rach and esther.

a fun evening was had by all and newly decorated pumpkins were ready for displaying!

Monday, October 20, 2008

characters welcome


the signal must have gone out from the farm because we
had all kinds of princesses and other characters
show up ready to have a good time.


were in the crowd too.

lots of hugs...kisses...holding of hands...

(i never knew)

there were apples for bobbing...

occasionally teeth were captured instead of apples.

...everyone decorated individual pumpkin cakes, even GRUMPY(ERIC) ...

JESSE(the beardless wonder) came as well!

...we ate and sat around the firepit...

...then there were hayrides...

we played put the face on the pumpkin, blindfolded of course.

DAVID aka(the best son ever)

MAYI did it too!

...talking FLAMEHEADS came bearing peace...

duck , duck, duck...

ETHAN'S lovely girlfriend came, CANAAN

...doughnuts on a string was a children's game until this year
when, ahem, an adult insisted the big kids wanted to play...

...there was bowling for gourds...

thank you, friends for coming to our fun harvest/costume party!