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it's that time of year

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

vintage & antique finds

my dh had bought these chairs a few months ago at the farmer's market.
i wanted something to go with them. i found this yellow/brown enamel wear pot and planted pansies in it. then i placed it on an antique wrought iron stand.

i love it.

this ole' colander was beckoning me"take me home."
do you ever have things call out to you?
i do and it gets me into trouble with dh.

i added this vintage pillow to the red couches in my gathering room.
recently i traveled back to woodbury , the place i found on the way home from camping. i took a few antique shopping friends and my daughter, rachel. we had a lot of fun and we did do some shopping.

sometimes it takes me a while to decide where these
new(for me) antiques will have their place in my home.
sometimes there is even rearranging of furniture to make them look right.
as in this case, lots of peices got moved around.

i knew this lidded pot was going in the potting shed.
i use it to hold potting soil or move things in the garden around.
we used it to hold treats at our harvest party.

i have been looking for a table more suitable for my front porch.
the one i currently have is going into my newly cleaned up craft room
for blogging, crafting, sewing, and scrap booking.

when i found this one i knew it was the one.
i love the old wood on top with the black turned legs.
the fact that it is a drop leaf sealed the deal for me.

now in place i am loving it even more.
i bargined the price to just $79.
which i feel was a great deal.

it fits the place i had in mind so much better than the former round table.
the game board is something called crokinole, we play it on the porch when the weather is nice.

who can resist hand painted pitchers, i have a weakness for these.
the all white one is a mc coy.
two of them have found a home in my front foyer on a mirrored dresser.

this cloche' i found at my local garden center.
i wanted to put it over my beautiful shell.
shells remind me of florida and the beach.
where i grew up.

i have had this beautiful old gate for a while
but i plan to build a whole garden around it.
any ideas?

out in my garden my sunflowers are
beautifully brown especially against the blue sky and ready to feed the birds as it cools down.

i love the look!

my pumpkin plants aren't doing well,
it has been dry and i only have had one smallish pumpkin from the vines.
the leaves are pretty and i love the tendrils.
the berries on my nandina are bright
orange. i think they look very pretty.
happy fall day and enjoy your gardens this weekend.


flydragon said...

All your finds look great. I especially like the little pitchers and the enamel pot with the pansies. You have a good eye for grouping, too.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Love your placements, Marmee. You have an eye for beauty and detail. Such a pleasure looking at your 'vintage and antique finds'!

tina said...

Love those chairs and the gate. A nice romantic garden for your gate. Yes, I have to laugh. Unfortunately things call my name ALL the time. It is best I stay away from things where I spend all my money. It all looks great.

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Okay... where do I start? So much to comment about. Let's go backwards. The pumpkins: I like the foliage too and maybe next year it will go better in the pumpkin patch- we live and learn.
Beautiful gate: ooooh yeah! We'll put our brains together on that one.
who can resist hand painted pitchers, i have a weakness for these. A resounding... not me. I have the sister to the one on the right. Oh, I am the sister. What I meant was I have one that looks just like the one on the right. Does it say Hand Painted in Portugal on the bottom? Is that a lid I see on yours? Mine does not have a lid.

All of your finds are great! And your gift for putting fun things and all things actually together is a lots of fun to behold. The table on the porch was a great deal.. then you don't mind when weather wears it down a little faster than it would if kept inside. Drop leafs are invaluable aren't they?
See you soooooooonnnnn.... yeah!

marmee said...

flydragon thank you i do have a passion for putting things together.i am glad you enjoyed them. i am loving my enamel ware.

marmee said...

thank you i love beautiful things.i have a hard time resisting them. i am happy you had a good time looking.

marmee said...

my dh picked out the chairs when i was down in fl visiting my was a wonderful suprise and i am loving having them for family gatherings. the gate has moved with me. i am saving it for when i know i am going to stay put.
i have been trying to avoid the places i love too cause something is always calling my name. thanks.

marmee said...

meems, glad you could take the time to take a look. you will be able to have a closer and more thorough investigation soon, yipee!
i think the pumpkins could have done alright but they were hard to get to so i could water them. we did just come thru another dry spell. i will really try next year to put them in a proper garden.
no my pitcher doesn't have a lid but i can't believe you have one that looks just like it. it does say hand painted in portugal. it was meant to be a gift for someone i know?! pooey!
i thank you that you like my finds, let's see if we can find some finds together while you are here. okay>?
i am soooo happy with my new drop leaf(which i love) table outside. plus now i get a crafting table for the indoors. double the blessing.
see you soon!!!!
it is going to be great!

Cheryl said...

Gost is strange we have such similar taste.......I love your finds......and that gate, now that is a romantic gate.....I see roses and honeysuckle and a secret garden......maybe some lavender plants fact can I please have that

marmee said...

that is funny cheryl!thank you so much. i think it is so great we like the same kinda things. i am drawn to old beautiful things that evoke a feeling of history. i also love romance and romantic things.
i have had so many different thoughts for that gate but am waiting for total inspiration, it's just the way i work. maybe meems (who is coming to visit) can help me.

Susie said...

Looks like you got some great finds. That collander is so neat. It reminds me of something my grandmother might of have.

The new table is really nice. I have a drop leaf table in my kitchen with a wood top and black legs. But it isn't an antique.

I bet you'll come up with some great ideas for your garden gate. I really like things like that.

Wendy said...

I love your finds. Romantic and lovely. Pitchers I can't resist either and yes, I have had times when things just call out to me. Funny, isn't it?

Honeysuckle definitely for the gate, maybe climbing roses (as Cheryl suggested) or morning glories. I know you'll find something special.

marmee said...

hey susie, it's fun to share these things i found. i am glad you liked seeing them.
sounds like we have similar taste in tables, at least this one.
meems is coming to visit i think we will comtemplate together what could be done with the gate. she is really good with garden design.

marmee said...

good evening wendy,
thanks, i love romantic and lovely things. i think they are too. it is fun to find things that seem to have been waiting just for you.
i had honeysuckle as a kid growing all over are mailbox. i used to love to go and get the mail and have a little taste of the blossoms. that might be the right thing to start with.

perennialgardener said...

Looks like you found some great finds. I love that vintage gate, I would build a garden around it too. What a nice focal point it will be. Something climbing on it? That table looks great on your porch & nice way to decorate it. :)

Gail said...


HI! What a wonderful table and it looks great on your porch with the game board. I always wondered what the game was and how it was played...the boards show up in antique stores from time to time! I love your Farmers market, great foods and the flowers and antiques are a lot of fun! Will it continue much longer or does it shut down for the winter? We shop there occasionally....I bought a few birdhouses for the porch from one of the venders.

Have a very lovely Sunday~~~


marmee said...

that gate is going to have some place special once i get a handle on exactly what i what to do here in the gigantic yard of mine.i am still trying to formulate a master plan of sorts at least in my head. i am enjoying that table so much more than the other one it has made my porch feel a lot bigger. thanks for coming by.

marmee said...

gail we have had the board game for years in different locations. you are given these little disk that you flick and try to get in the center of the game. you also try to knock off your opponents pieces and you count up the points according to where they land. it's fun and most any age can play.
the market is great, i am going to miss it in the winter. i believe it is coming to an end fairly soon either at the end of oct or nov.
we bought an open bird feeder from a guy there that uses old tins for the rooftops of the birdhouses and his stuff is pretty colourful. i am really enjoying mine and the birds are loving it too.

SophieMae said...

I see talent runs rampant in your family! Do things call out to me? Oh, yeah, that ABFAB gate is calling me! LOL! I haven't been to the flea market in a coon' age. Now it's calling my name, as well. No worries, I won't tell dh you're responsible. ;}

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Meadowview Thymes said...

Loved the gate--I always wanted one sitting in the middle of wildflowers. And, let me know what you do with the colander--I have one just like it and never figured out what to do! :)

DP Nguyen said...

What awesome finds- I love antiques, they're a wonderful addition to any home.

Sorry to hear your pumpkin plant isn't doing so well.

marmee said...


glad you came over to check my blog out. i have seen your name at my sister, hoe and shovel quite often. she is coming to visit and we plan on finding some "finds" together.
thanks for keeping my secret away from your dh i would want to be held responsible.
have fun hunting down your find.

marmee said...

i am saving that gate for something special. i will have to be inspired.
the colander is hanging on my potting shed wall for now. it is completely white beadboard walls so the dark grey looks good against the starkness.
have a good week!

marmee said...


i just love things that are old and have history.
i really can't blame my pumpkin plant i haven't paid much attention to it and it needs a proper place in the garden. next year!

joey said...

What great finds, Marmee. I have a passion for drop-leaf tables but especially loved the glass dome over your beautiful shell, reminding you of where you grew up. Alway such a joy to visit ... I've been away and fun to catch up!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love your antiques. The best thing about antiques is that they are a little different. You probably won't see another just like it. It's great to have a piece of history still useful after decades.

marmee said...

thanks joey, i really appreciate your sweet words. i had been looking for the cloche' when i found it at my garden center. i was a happy girl. glad to have you back.

marmee said...

marnie, i feel the same way about my antiques, unique and a piece of history too. it is so interesting the way people put things together too. thanks for taking a look at my "finds".

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I once was an antique dealer...once it is in your blood there is nothing that can be done for you....I sold my business years ago and still I hear items speak...items that want to come home with me. I try to look and listen only to jewelry.
Your table looks lovely on your porch. You have a good eye!
I too love the look of sunflowers in full ripe seed waiting for the Cardinals or the Finches.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

You have a good eye. Everything has a story behind it, it is true. I say you have to inaugurate the colander with at least one cooking expedition. Then retire it to the wall.

Rose said...

I love all your finds, Marmee, but it takes a decorator's eye to put all the pieces together as you have.

I've never heard of this game board called a crokinole, but my Dad had one just like it. There were wooden rings and at one time I think we had little wooden cues to play something similar to billiards with it. This photo really brought back some memories!

marmee said...

i have often thought, sherry, it would be fun to go buy antiques in france or england and ship them home in a container. did you do that? what antiques did you specialize in?
i have taste that ranges from primitives, hand hewned tables, hand painted french amoires, bedemier, etc... i love it all.
i am really taking pleasure in having my new (old) table on the porch, thanks i am glad you like it.
it has gotten quite chilly here and i am sure the birds will be adding it to their diets soon.
have a great week!

marmee said...


glad you came by the "things i love" blog. i have thought about it but i think i will use it out there with dirt and such stuff. thank you and i love good stories behind the items. i try to get as much info as they will share with me.

marmee said...

thanks rose, i do so love to decorate and make things feel like home.
you pronounce the game crow-ca-no.
dh told me how to spell it.
they do have round wooden disks that you try to flick into the middle for the most points. you also try to knock the other players off the circles. any age can pick it up as long as they can flick.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I mostly bought at tag sales, estate sales, auctions and flea markets. Never did go abroad. Would have been very fun. The shop I sold in had a 100 year old guide line so I did mostly 1860-1890 things. Once in awhile I would have some 1920 things although they were not antique standard.
I enjoyed the buying part the most. Any style would sell. Furniture was always a big deal. Hard for me to handle by myself. I liked dealing in small wares, glass and linens.
I still go out on the hunt sometimes. My house is plenty full.
It is fun.

Patsi said...

What a fun blog !!
I'll be back

marmee said...

thank you, patsi, i am glad you came by.

Sue said...

Hi Marmie,
I just found your blog through Meem's blog. Do you have any brothers or other sisters with fun names like yours?

I love your finds. I seem to collect colanders. I hang them around, and put them on shelves with potatoes, onions, and the like in them. I have one like yours, and it's one of my favorites. I also have a pan like yours that I grow annuals in.

marmee said...

welcome to "things i love".
i am glad you found me and love my finds! i have recently gotten the enamel pots to use outdoors.

we do have other siblings and they are more than interesting! lol

thanks for coming by.