it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Thursday, April 29, 2010

i get lost...

in the beauty of everything i see.

i do love to be home.

these clematis didn't bloom last year but they are making an impact this year.

our tractor has been out of commission for three weeks.
there are all kinds of things coming up in my yard i never knew existed.

buster can nearly disappear when laying down.
he is not a small dog.

we used the push mower for a while yesterday evening...until it quit
due to exhaustion...the mower not us.
we made trails so abbey could run through them.

our newest addition to the farm...minnie.

with the duck coop finished. we have been letting the ducks
and bunnies run around several times a day.

the dogs are fascinated by the critters at ground level.
so easily seen but not so easily gotten to.

rowan is especially curious.

tawny doesn't mind in the least.
sally and silver

and sam.
minnie meet rowan...

rowan meet minnie.
minnie meet silver.

and sally

that look says it all.

and with all this i had my own little entertainer.

singing up a storm.

really singing up a storm.
life is good...and on a farm even better.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

brooding sky...

with dazzling light.
that's the kind of day today was.
wild thunderstorms blowing limbs of trees off
like a kid twisting a twig.
black looming clouds were overhead most of the day.
the kind of day you stay indoors.
but at a moments notice as the sun is going down on the horizon...the bright
shining sunlight makes everything in it's path dazzle.
the water droplets on blades of grass and leaves of clover are sparkling.
i am drawn to the outside like the moth is to a flame.
forget that i have been in bed the past two days with a severe allergy attack.
forget that i might relapse....all is forgotten in a dazzling moment.
the beauty is indescribable.
so i snatch up my trusty camera(for who ventures outside without theirs)
and for thirty minutes or so i am captivated.

the ground is wet between my toes and there is a cool breeze blowing.
a chill runs up my back but i am in a wonderland of beauty.

and then just as fast as it came it leaves and the sky starts brooding again.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

eves of beauty

we have absolutely had some gorgeous weather these april days and eves.

we spend as much time out of doors as we can.

dh and the boys have been working hard on building the duck coop.

it just needs chicken wire.... or should it be duck wire.

as many of you are aware....we have been having the highest pollen counts
around the country. tennessee is right up there.
it has been a difficult spring for me with my allergies...i feel sick every day.

still i am determined to enjoy...

i adore being outdoors.

whether it be to sit and talk with family/friends.
walking...bird watching...gardening...mowing....planting...
playing with the dogs....ducks....cats....bunnies.

taking photos of any or all the above.

the ducks sure are growing fast.

our beautiful renny out in the field.
he is loving the weather too.

our april sunsets have been spectacular.

the following...three different evenings.

i am so grateful for these beautiful eves of spring.
so full of life.
happy april.