it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

new love

as some old favourites begin to bud and bloom...peony.

white clematis


large blotch pansy

red hot geraniums

chive blooms


there is still room in my heart for new loves.
one of my local garden centers is on the way to lots of things.
picking up kids from work, the grocery store, target, tractor supply.

i pass by it quite i just couldn't do it again without stopping in.

so i thought i really need more hellebores...they didn't have any.
i was not really surprised but they had plenty of other goodies.

yarrow 'terra cotta'
coleus 'twist and twirl'
coleus 'pink chaos'
petunia 'bravo blue veined'
creeping jenny 'red'
osteospermum 'daisy side show copper yellow'
weeping loropetalum 'purple pixie'

i don't think i have ever bought a container already planted
but i loved this combination and i am moving more
toward containers because of all the dogs we have around here.



lavender pentas
dark blue petunias
dracaena spike
a soft green fuzzy leafed trailing vine, silver mist licorice
the tiny white flower...not sure.

it was nice having something ready to just put out in the garden.

happy april planting.


Susie said...

You know plants just have a way with us. They call our names when we walk by.Looks like you made some great choices.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love your new pot, I need to remember to look for the white flower too (can't remember the name either:). I saw so much of it last year and heard people saying how much they love it.

Last spring I bought Terra Cotta yarrow and it bloomed pink. So, this year I'll try to find it again, hopefully labeled correctly.

I have a free hour tonight after work and plan to spend it hitting one or more garden centers.

Lona said...

What gorgeous container plantings.You have so much blooming and starting to bloom. Your geranium is so pretty. I am a sucker for them.Getting too many.
Have a wonderful week.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee......the container plantings are lovely. The nice thing about them is that you can move them around during the summer.
They can really change an area....

I try not to go into nurseries or garden centres....I always come out with way too much. I have just got to stop buying plants.

This is a busy time of year for gardeners. Hope you are managing to get everything done.....

Lola said...

Hi Marmee,
I love the container plantings. I do a lot of that myself. I had quite a few last yr.
Red Geraniums, ooohhhh, I lost my heart.
I've never heard of Red Creeping Jenny. I've tried 2 yrs in a row to grow the green kind but no luck. Will have to try again in a different spot, maybe.

joey said...

Like you, love this time of year, Marmee! Off to the lake today then back into the garden, big time, next week. Happy weekend gardening :)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marmee, Your spring flowers are all so gorgeous. And I love your multi-container plants... PRETTY.... Isn't spring just wonderful????? I love it too.


Q said...

Happy Earth Day!
I think of you and your loved ones all the time while I am out in my gardens. Container gardening is always nice. Yours look great. I find I want to over winter them too. This year I am going to try to over winter some fuchsia. I'm planning now for next November.
Hope you are having a delicious Earth Day!