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it's that time of year

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Monday, April 12, 2010

green is the new black

forget your little black dress and stay home, get into green.
i have always loved green but for some reason this season
i am in love with green!

carpets of grass...i even have a new green tea kettle.

when i read the gardening gone wild photo contest
was about green world. i had to jump right in.

i have a lot of green going on in the garden but by far
my favourite right now is the honeyhill joy helleborus.
they mix well with white(also another favourite colour.)

so this is my entry into the april ggw photo contest....but
there is much more green to see.

the hazy grey skies of early spring are giving way to sparkling
green leaves against a soft blue canvas. the ever so slight
green tinge on the newly blooming dogwoods make them
ease into this picturesque scene.

in spring....your senses become entangled with every leaf, bloom, scent, colour.

the leaves are just as pleasing to the eye as any buds or blooms.

i am so thankful to have a carpet of green with wild violets amongst the blades.

honestly i don't want to mow just yet...although my neighbours might be
wishing i would.

tender leafy lettuces...planted in large containers
just weeks ago are ruffly and tasty and are a perfectly pleasing green. summer crisp lettuce.

i love how the greening branches just look like they are stretching as
far as they can towards the sun.
creeping jenny is coming back nicely and the chartreuse colour is exciting.
of course all is greening up and the new growth flushing
out is what i live for in the spring.
i am sure by now you are saying what's the big deal...this
happens every spring. i know but i never tire of the excitement that
spring green brings.
with such a long dreary winter...i am especially grateful this year.
so every time the sun shines and lights up a new bloom
or the leaves my heart beats a little faster .
then when i see something new emerging through the mulch/dirt
i get a little skip in my step...for i am loving the green.
just a few more of the gorgeous hellebores...i will be planting more.

last but not least we had a baby stick bug born in our terrarium
it must have been in there from last years mating.
it is the tiniest thing and very bright green...
we released him into our garden...he seems to be glowing with happiness.

i hope ya'll are enjoying the green coming forth as much as i am.
happiest of spring days to all.


Rose said...

I totally agree, Marmee--green is definitely my favorite color this time of year. Spring is my favorite season, and I love watching the changes that take place every day. It's been a spectacular spring so far, and I'm thinking maybe this is Mother Nature's way of making up to us after the long, hard winter we all had.

Your hellebores are lovely!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Yes, I agree too. In the spring when all the leaves are new and the grass is like deep velvet, nothing could be lovelier. I was noticing the weeping willows yesterday. They have the prettiest green gold foliage, it almost seems to glow like your stick bug.

Lona said...

Hi Marmee. What a beautiful array of greens. Wonderful to see new green things growing again. Your hellebores and dogwoods are so beautiful. Good luck on the picture contest.

marmee said...


i think you are right we are getting twice as nice a spring because of our long dreary winter. it is a nice reprive to enjoy.
happy springtime.

marmee said...


"nothing could be lovelier" is a great way to put it.
i really need to plant some weeping willows along my side where it stays so wet...i love willows.
happy springtime.

healingmagichands said...

I love green too, my "little black dress" is green silk! I thoroughly enjoyed my trip through your green world.

Cheryl said...

Marmee...the stick bug is just wonderful. We don't get them here and when I see them posted on other blogs they really intrigue me.

I love green flowers. I will have many in my gardens this year, as rabbits seem to dislike them. I am excited about the new plantings.
I have lots of green hellebores and absolute love them.

Photographs is beautiful......good luck Marmee.....

Cheryl said...

Marmee.....I meant to say thank you so much for the beautiful comment you left on my blog. It really touched my heart......

Lisa said...

Beautiful Marmee!!! Just beautiful.

We are loving the green here in N. Ga. This week the trees have just exploded with green. Our spirits have soared!

God's handiwork never ceases to amaze and delight us.

Lisa Q

Susie said...

I love green myself. It's my favorite color.

Dirt Princess said...

Beautiful as always!

joey said...

I'm with you, love spring green, Marmee! Bring it on :)

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I am catching up with you this evening and enjoying every post. I too love the "new green"! Every shade is a delight.
My husband sets the mower a tiny bit higher so the violets are uncut as he mows. I also love my dandelions and those are uncut as well.
A nice cool down came to my gardens this morning...much needed break from the unseasonably warm temps we were having.
Lovely Spring in your gardens,your photographs are wonderful. Love your baby stick bug!

Nicole said...

You have some truly lovely light filled shots in this post. What a beautiful spring, indeed.

Byddi Lee - We didn't come here for the grass said...

I love your baby stick insect! What a wonderfully poetic post.

Meems said...

Dearest Marmee,
Even in Florida where we have an abundance of green in winter... THIS spring was especially exciting when the trees began to bud out with that light green goodness that signals a turn from winter to spring. My paint class actually teases me occasionally about how much I like green. Every shade practically. But the family of chartreuses always grabs my attention most.

I'll have to check out GGW's contest as I've kind of gotten out of that loop lately. I think it was all their winter photo request of which I had none... but I do love to see what's going on over there... always fun.

When I first saw your header I loved it... it's a sure contestant for a photo contest.

Loved all your photos actually and I concur with your thoughts and emotions as spring awakens and with it brings such joy to gardeners.
hugs, dear sister. Meems

Aunty Belle said...

It is an oasis experience to vist here Marmee!