it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

eves of beauty

we have absolutely had some gorgeous weather these april days and eves.

we spend as much time out of doors as we can.

dh and the boys have been working hard on building the duck coop.

it just needs chicken wire.... or should it be duck wire.

as many of you are aware....we have been having the highest pollen counts
around the country. tennessee is right up there.
it has been a difficult spring for me with my allergies...i feel sick every day.

still i am determined to enjoy...

i adore being outdoors.

whether it be to sit and talk with family/friends.
walking...bird watching...gardening...mowing....planting...
playing with the dogs....ducks....cats....bunnies.

taking photos of any or all the above.

the ducks sure are growing fast.

our beautiful renny out in the field.
he is loving the weather too.

our april sunsets have been spectacular.

the following...three different evenings.

i am so grateful for these beautiful eves of spring.
so full of life.
happy april.


Susie said...

These are all such beautiful pics. I almost feel like I was sitting there with you. Sorry to hear about the pollen and your allergies. That part doesn't sound like much fun.

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee....the hairs stood up on the back of my neck as I read this post. Its content moved and captured me. For one small moment in time I was there with you......enjoying the charm and beauty of your farm.
These are precious days, God given pleased to know that your are enjoying despite your allergies. I understand, my daughter is a sufferer to.

Have a wonderful weekend with you and yours.....

Roses and Lilacs said...

Love that first photo!!!

My bleeding heart is blooming too. One of my favorites.

That is a nice big pen for the ducks. They will be mighty happy with all that room. We used to have geese on the farm. They don't need penning they just need a barrier to keep them out of the barn and off the porch.

Lola said...

Love it Marmee. It takes me back to some of the days when I was a kid in Tn.
That pollen finally got to me. Still not over it even with meds. Will be glad when it's gone. Normally it doesn't bother me.

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Your days/eve's sound (and look) so peaceful and lovely. You take the most beautiful photographs. You have the touch with the camera--no question about that. Your photos make me want to run and play in a field and just frolic, carefree. I'm sorry about your allergies...that pollen can be so difficult to handle. We are having issues with it son, especially. He always has headaches (especially right now) even though he's on so many med's for allergies. We're always relieved when a good rainstorm washes it away for a while.

marmee said...
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marmee said...

thank you, i am glad to have you feel apart of my world for a short while at least. we have had a major rain storm today so here's hoping for less pollen.
happy april days to you.

dear cheryl,
it makes my heart glad you were able to be on my farm if only for a few moments. i would gladly share any day with you.
we have had a wonderful amount of rain fall today so i am hoping our pollen trouble will be diminished.
also trying something new to me.
taking a teaspoon of bee pollen per day. it's the pollen collected on the back legs of the bee in the baskets and collected by a bee keeper. it's supposed to be natures perfect food. i am hoping it works like an immunization type thing and my body will do better.
having a quiet weekend which is always nice.
happy april.

marmee said...


i love that first pic with the dogs too...abbey actually took that one. bea thinks it's funny to try and catch buster's tail while he has the frisbee in his mouth.
i don't have any experience with ducks but for their own protection from predators and our dogs i wanted them to have a place of their own and safety. we were supposed to finish it today but have had huge thunderstorms blowing on and off all day.
i am glad though hoping it will help with the allergies.
happy days of april.

marmee said...

i have been in bed for two days with allergies this time...i am trying everything.
i started on pure bee pollen today hoping to see some results.
we did have thunderstorms today and it should help a bunch.
hope you feel better soon.
happy days of april.

marmee said...

well jan, we too have were waiting for a good rain fall and today we got it.
i started taking bee pollen today in hopes of some relief.
thank you for your kind words about my photographs. i started blogging to share my love of photography and life in gardening, farming, and family. i am touched that it makes you want to be carefree. that is a goal for me to convey through my lens.

i hope for your son's sake you will have a wonderful rain storm soon. my allergies have been debilitating putting all my gardening on hold.
happy april.

Lola said...

I do hope your situation will be clean shortly. The rain should help. This nasty allergy does put a damper on our gardening. Now I have fluid on the knees {I guess that is what it is}. All I know I can hardly walk, they are swollen & hurt like blazes.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend & get some rest. Hope the bee pollen helps.

Marissa said...

I just found your blog! Your pictures are beautiful- they are encouraging me to live on a farm:)...always been my husband's dream!! gorgeous pictures that capture SO much!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Great pictures! My daughter is having a horrible time with her allergies right now too. She's home sick today :(