it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Thursday, April 30, 2009


verte is french for green.

green is one of my favourite garden grasses.

taking a break from the gardening rituals of late...tillling...digging...raking
...planting...watering...soil amending...mulching...fencing...

we take a much needed walk into the green.
i love this time of year when green is emerging everywhere...effortlessly.
the grass gets so tall without any help from mankind.
all sorts of things start popping up if left alone.
even puppy loves leaping thru the green.
we have many fields around us that are naturally is exciting to the senses.
it refreshes me after working hard in the garden.
something as simple as the dandelions...are beautiful to behold.
we think we have seen a golden eagle over our pasture land.
still waiting to see the kestrel but there is evidence something has
been there...checking to see if they like it.
as we walk and observe all around us is a balmy breeze
whispering sweet nothings in our ears...
some of our grasses left uncut...for a natural habitat.
nests are all around us...proof that life is in abundance...we have had a litter of squirrels.
we are loving beatrice...she seems to be taking to us in stride.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

lovely morn

what a beautiful morning for new plantings...
just a peak of the wildflower garden with a few seedlings/new butterfly bush.

one of my most exciting new acquisitions is the hellebore...i
got honeyhill joy...i have been wanting them since seeing them
on some of my favourite blogs.
i was thinking of putting them in a large container until the fall.
does anybody that has them have a suggestion/tip as what is best to do with them?

lots of new buds.

i also am very happy about this new bleeding heart...i have potted it in a
chocolate terra cotta pot made in italy. i want to be able to move it around
where it will do best. i first saw these on a trip to the lake cottage
on lake rosseau, port carling, cananda...i was in love.

so many of these are totally new to i would take any
advice on what to do for them to make them successful.
another brand new to me....cyclamen...i love red.

jesse and i really found these most interesting...the bud hangs down
and the bloom comes upward over it.

some more coleus...i bought at the franklin farmer's market.
the vendor selling didn't know the variety...i was thinking rainbow?

this is another plant i couldn't wait to get home and get into
the ground...i am looking forward to it's blooms...akebia, chocolate vine.

i need a fair amount of ground cover so i am
trying...platt's black brass buttons...

and camilla de la estrella azul, blue star creeper.

these pretty little white wildflowers are popping up all
over...i have no idea what they are but i like them...anybody from
tennessee know these?

just in the ground today via jesse is aquilegia vulgaris, winky
purple & white the wildflower garden...i decided to
add some perennials in there to have something more established
for the bugs and butterflies.

this is a deer resistant flowering bush...floreciendo
pieris montana de fuego, mountain fire pieris

the angelonia first blooms...near the fenced veggie garden.

gazanias just went in the ground two days ago and have
their first wonderful...they are planted just outside
veggie garden on the edge of the berry help

bring pollinators...protect against pests...for our
vegetables and the berries.

brand new blueberry bush from franklin farmer's market.
chive blooms in the herb garden.
abbey planted all these marigolds on the outside
fence of the veggie garden...she did a good job.
we have been blessed with a new visitor to dash home
farm...rose breasted grosbeak...jesse spotted him and took
this photo...we will keep our eyes out to see if he stays or is
just passing through...this is a little south of where they normally are.
~click to enlarge~

we will try to get a closer shot of this beauty next time.
hope you all are having as much adventure and wonderful
discovery in the garden are we are having...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

sowing seeds and planting

today we were able to get lots of seed in the ground...

last year we had about 20 corn over two hundred silver queen were planted
big expansion, right!
still to come stowell's evergreen corn and strawberry ornamental corn.
right next to the new corn field are rows of sunflower seeds, velvet queen and red sun.
the wildflower garden has been seeded.
the meadow of wildflowers has been sown.
pentunia rastrera, tidal wave silver seeds are in the ground.
forget me not seeds are sown.
saliva, blue bedder(sage) seeds are in.
anelonia, arcelia purple tall plants are on the outside of the veggie fence.
fushsia, angel earrings and firedancer are potted.
i added a butterfly bush to the wildflower garden
and one to the newest bed near the back patio.
i have had these bushes before and they can't be
beat for attracting hummers, butterflies, bees.

my frizzle sizzle hanging baskets on back porch are perky.
yesterday and today were spent in the garden and lawn.
everyone accompanied us outside...bronte' jane...hey
wait beatrice we are going this way.
buster brown on guard with his favourite frisbee.
now that is more like it...right under our feet...lady bea.
the magster...maggie...maggita...magaroni...she always keeps her as to not be bothered by the restless ones.(puppies)
beatrice decides to stop and smell the wildflowers...that's
the way to take life in stride.
our gold finches are loving the larger socks of nyjer seed
and so are we...they don't have to be filled so often.
we got the newly painted fence up around the expanded veggie garden.
dh left a post long so we could put up a bird feeder near the two newer areas.
we want those birds eating our bugs.
on the backside of the fenced veggie garden...this
hutch used to house our bunnies...but now it is our
herb makes it nice for standing and picking least that is the plan.
greek oregano, papa joe's
while we were planting the bee balm, raspberry red and lemon...the bees
came over to see what we were was quite exciting.
new little chives have a sweet little bloom on them.
i think we planted 4 different basils...lemon, purple, sweet, and...
this is analocasia 'boroque sword'...we got from nursery the other
day...somehow it reminded me of florida plants.
buddliea davidii 'lochinch',
butterfly's purple with orange eyes.
jesse edging new bed.
ellery rose helping pull, ur dig out the weeds.
pennisetum setaceum 'rubrum',
purple fountain grass
sweet caroline 'bronze'...sweet caroline 'light green'
coleus, chocolate mint... strobilanthes dyerianus, persian sheild...
solenostemon, sun coleus, kingswood torch
new growth on the crepe myrtle...we got it in the ground yesterday.
ipomoea in the ground.
fountain grass in the ground.
we also had a visitor in our pond...welcome mr. frog.
it was a very good...fruitful couple of days.