it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Monday, April 13, 2009

celebrating easter

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Unknown said...

I only got to see four photos, one black and the rest of the photos where white........sigh!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I enjoyed that. You have the cutest puppy. Your puppy is much cuter than the Obamas new puppy. Shhhh, don't tell them I said that.

Unknown said...

Got it that time!! Lovely, what a great Easter.

Wendy said...

Cool slide show (or collage)! I loved it!

Esther said...


You looked like you planned and had a great day. I will be sending my photos your way too! I love you.


Gail said...

marmee, That was lovely....a great Easter celebration and the weather cooperated! gail

Susie said...

Love the little smiley box. Looks like y'all have a wonderful Easter.

marmee said...

i am glad you kept trying. we had a great day.

marmee said...

i think we got a winner with this new pup, beatrice. she is doing so well and fits right in. i just went and looked at the new presidental puppy, i think you're right we have a corner on the market of cutness.

marmee said...

thank you wendy, i am glad you liked the smilebox. abbey and i love making those. she has been sending them as thank you to grandma's, grandpa's, sisters and nieces. they all seemed to really like them.

marmee said...


it did turn out nice and we had a lot of great food and fun together. meems sent me some pictures of your day together and that looked great too. love you.

marmee said...

yes dear gail, the weather is always a big factor on easter day with all the outside activities.
we had a marvelous time.

marmee said...

susie, we did have a great time, we took a gazzillion pictures too.

Meems said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us... All the pretty makings and the pretty outside day was ordered up right. (I found a You Tube explaining Beatrice's breed ... it seems a bit like the golden retriever... big but gentle once its mature. It is one of the cutest breeds in puppy form, too.)
Glad your day went well.
hugs to the family, meems