it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Thursday, April 30, 2009


verte is french for green.

green is one of my favourite garden grasses.

taking a break from the gardening rituals of late...tillling...digging...raking
...planting...watering...soil amending...mulching...fencing...

we take a much needed walk into the green.
i love this time of year when green is emerging everywhere...effortlessly.
the grass gets so tall without any help from mankind.
all sorts of things start popping up if left alone.
even puppy loves leaping thru the green.
we have many fields around us that are naturally is exciting to the senses.
it refreshes me after working hard in the garden.
something as simple as the dandelions...are beautiful to behold.
we think we have seen a golden eagle over our pasture land.
still waiting to see the kestrel but there is evidence something has
been there...checking to see if they like it.
as we walk and observe all around us is a balmy breeze
whispering sweet nothings in our ears...
some of our grasses left uncut...for a natural habitat.
nests are all around us...proof that life is in abundance...we have had a litter of squirrels.
we are loving beatrice...she seems to be taking to us in stride.


Darla said...

You area is beautiful!! I too love to stand at the back of the yard and look up the hill and see how green things are now....Your wording is always so soothing. My goodness, what are you feeding Beatrice? I love watching the changes in her as she is emerging into doggie adult hood.

Roses and Lilacs said...

That was a wonderful walk thru the meadows on a sunny spring day. I well remember my friends and I riding over meadows just like those. We would just wander aimlessly and see what we could discover.

Susie said...

That Beatrice is so darn cute! I enjoyed the walk thru your area much Marmee. Green is my favorite color because it is so refreshing. It is so comforting after a hard day in the gardening.

ShySongbird said...

That was a lovely walk with you Marmee, Beatrice is beautiful and growing so quickly. She looks so happy to have found such a wonderful home.

joey said...

Bless you for this beautiful serene post, Marmee ... Beatrice is a beauty!

Lisa said...

Beautiful!!!! Nothing like nature... and dogs.

Lisa Q

Dirt Princess said...

Ahhh...that soothes my soul. To be out walking through that tall grass, and notcing every weed. Wonderful.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Marmee, You are so lucky to have land that you can just leave to nature. I'm sure it was fun walking through that pretty tall grass.

Green is special this time of year--after all of the browns of winter. I love seeing the new green leaves on the big trees. That shade of green on the new leaves is so incredible.

Thanks for sharing your love of GREEN.

marmee said...


thank you our surrounding land is so naturally beautiful...the way it was intended to be.
i would like your visit and anyone that visits here to feel a gentle peace...i am glad you do.
beatrice is growing like the grass, at a tremendous pace. if only the other dogs knew she was going to be bigger than them. she will have the last laugh.

marmee said...


did you ride horses? or what? what great memories you must have of such times. discovering is so worth the while...taking time to just let things come. lovely.

marmee said...

yes susie, that walk was a much needed bit of time out to refresh. how i want the simple things to matter.
beatrice has been a delightful, very cute addition to our family.
after the long winter green is so welcomed here.

marmee said...

beatrice is not going to be small very long. i can see changes in her facial features...not to mention legs and weight too. she has been a little mud ball the last couple of days. we certainly picked the right puppy to fit right in here...which makes it so nice.
thanks for coming along on our walk...i am glad you could join us.

marmee said...

wouldn't it be nice to really have a walk about together...but none the less so delighted to have you along on this one.
beatrice is the right puppy to have added to our home...she is just the right missing piece.

marmee said...

i couldn't agree more love nature, all living creatures especially dogs...of course there is family too. thanks for joining us.

marmee said...

dirt princess,

so glad you stopped by "things i love." we discovered all kinds of wonderful things on our walk about...nature is a wonderful place to be.

Frances said...

Hi Marmee, what a luxurious expanse of green you have. Leaving it wild for nature, and your own enjoyment of said nature, is the best possible use for it too. Hooray for green and spring in TN!

marmee said...

spring is an amazing time of the year and green is right up my alley. i don't like the darkness of winter. we are full of rain...which is great because of all the veggies in the ground already.

Gail said...

I grew up in an urban area, so moving to Tampa during school years I finally got to experience the freedom of long walks by the river and through parks...I think that not having nature nearby as a child was why we stayed here in this neighborhood to give our son a connection to nature. Thank you for the sweet walk....through your green land and down my memory lane! gail

marmee said...


did i know you lived in tampa? what highschool did you go to?
tampa has so many beautiful parks and river walks. i do think kids any a connection to glad you found a place like that to call home and raise your son. happy may.

Sarah Laurence said...

I love your close up photos of grass. It’s good to slow down and look at things closely. Your puppy is adorable. So nice to reconnect with you!

Rose said...

This is what I love most about spring--seeing all the green! Our trees are just beginning to leaf out, and what a difference that makes in the landscape. I enjoyed sharing this walk with you, Marmee; everyone needs to take a break and just enjoy the surroundings...and yours are beautiful!

marmee said...

sarah l,

yes very nice to reconnect, hope all your writing is going well. i am trying to simplify and slow down and enjoy the nuances around me. the grasses are fascinating to me...delighted to share them.
our new little puppy is so sweet and great to have around.

marmee said...


you are so right my surroundings are just so beautiful and i love taking the time to breathe it all in and refresh. hope you are able to do the same with all your new green.