it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wordless wednesday


Susie said...

I think fuchsia is a such a beautiful plant.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful, Marmee... Everything you grow is just gorgeous!!!! Did you find out what the TN Wildflower was????

Have a great day.. Did you get rain??? We haven't had any yet--but they say we will. We need it to get rid of this yellow pollen all over the place...


ShySongbird said...

Just been catching up with you Marmee,lovely fuchsia photos and your previous post was delightful with so many lovely flower photos. I find Hellebores do very well under trees in a shady woodland type setting and the cyclamen are happy in the same conditions.

tina said...

What a pretty fuschia Marmee. Hope it got lots of beautiful rain today. Nice here and we got some too.

marmee said...


i have never had it but when i saw it in the nusery i had to bring it home...who doesn't like pink and purple.

marmee said...

betsy, yes the wildflower tina identified as the star of bethleham. i really think they are quite sweet.
we did get lots of soft gentle rain...which is perfect for all the new plants...first day i haven't had to water in days. that pollen is making it hard for me to be outside. i had to wear a mask the other day while mowing.
i have bad spring allergies.
springtime hugs.

marmee said...

thank you for your input on the hellebores...i know right way i am going to put them...near my cyclamen. i have fenced that area off from the (4) dogs so it should be happy there.
thanks for catching up i feel like i am way behind...can't seem to blog and do the spring garden.

marmee said...

we did get lots of lovely gentle rain. it was perfect for all the newly planted stuff...veggies and flowers. i love it when it rains like this right after planting.