it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lilacs, dandelions, and others oh my

there is one lilac bush here at dash home farm.
it happens to be right outside of my bedroom window.
it is in bloom with it's wafting scent softly creeping into my room.

i know for some the dandelion represents a weed...but for me
i see it as natures way of adding beauty and welcoming butterflies.

we saw our first hummingbird was at our new copper topped we made up some nectar and hung it out for a proper invite.

every little thing is throwing out their green.

i planted this ground cover last year around some
stones...where one of our hoses is starting
to fill in nicely...i am so grateful.

there are several varieties of hostas here...these are the latest
to be unfurling there leaves.

the sky couldn't make up it's mind yesterday...whether it wanted to be
blue with drifts of white clouds...or an angry grey with dark billowing scary clouds.
the house finch was basking when the sun was shining.

some of my violas(the ones not carried off by the rains)
are doing well. one nice surprise is they are tinged with
lavender, the ones that were blooming when i bought
them were only white with purple.

the giant face of my pansy is so blue.

jacob's ladder is showing up with new blooms.

i love the papery thin blossoms on the harts wood.

the star of my garden as of late is the ranunculus. i thought i was
buying white, purple and a cream coloured with purple edges...but
they are coming out yellow...


purple and green...

here's the creamy with purple edges and a green center...i am loving these.

spring has sprung and keeps on giving new delights.
happiest of spring days to you.


Darla said...

Okie dokie, spring is at your place for sure. It all looks beautiful!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee.....beautiful blooms.....I love lilac....the scent is lovely and to have it just outside your bedroom window must be such a delight.....

Your hummingbird feeder is pretty, you do have such good taste.... would love to see your hummingbirds, I do hope that you manage to get some photographs........

Your garden is going to be so pretty this year.......did you know beautiful people make beautiful gardens??

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm so envious you have lilacs. Nothing in the world smells as good. They bloom for such a brief time I never get enough of them.

Your flowers are so pretty.

Susie said...

Oh those last blooms are beautiful! Looks like spring has sprung at your home.

When we were little we use to use those dandelions for making wishes.

Jayne said...

Beautiful blooms! I can just smell that lilac. Mmmmmmm....

Meems said...

It amazes me how spring brings so many variety of blooms to the gardens north of here... and so all of a sudden it seems.

I SO wish we had hummingbirds frequent here... only occasionally (more like rarely)do I catch sight of one or two--- your feeder is perfect.

And LILACS... how divine... and perfectly placed outside of YOUR window. Enjoy them - they are a great gift from the previous owner I suppose?

So many pretty blooms to keep you enthralled while working that veggie plot! I'm off to mowing day and I have a couple of things to get into the ground still.
Hope your day is delightful. We got rain yesterday (YAY!) and today it is nice and
cool(-er). Must take advantage while it is...
***Love and hugs***

ShySongbird said...

Hi Marmee, I've just been catching up with your last couple of posts, your flowers all look beautiful and how amazing to get Hummingbirds in the garden!
As for the new addition to the family, well, I have always been besotted with dogs and despite being allergic to most of them I have had them all my married life. She really is a little beauty, but not for long...(little I mean, beautiful always, I'm sure)! Thank you for sharing.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Your liliac is fantastic. I have a white one outside my bedroom window! I am looking forward to when it blooms. They are so beautiful!
I also love the dandelions, the flower of the poet.
Your hummimgbird feeder is charming, love the copper top~
Lovely Spring day in your gardens.
Thank you,

Wendy said...

Ohhhh - lilacs! I used to have a bush outside my bedroom window when I was a young girl. I still remember the sweet perfume wafting up to my windows each May.
Your garden is pretty. Can't wait to see a hummingbird. They usually show up here mid-May.

marmee said...

we are having the cold version of spring the last few days. thank you. hope you are having a wonderful springtime.

marmee said...

dear cheryl,

good evening. thank you i am loving the lilacs and their scent. i cut some and brought them into the house and the scent is soft and fragrant. i love them being outside my window.
i was so happy we actually saw the hummer looking for food, it seems a little early but i am glad to oblige. i am hoping to get some captures of the lovely hummingbirds that visit.
thank you dearest cheryl...your garden must be amazingly beautiful then. i am hoping to get all that was at least planned but not sure it will happen.

marmee said...

i have never had lilacs before and these were already here. i would like to plant more when i get the front beds in shape. how long do they usually bloom? i am so delighted to have flowers again. i miss them so during the winter.
happy spring time.

marmee said...

jayne, it would be cool to have a smell-a-puter so you really could smell them. they are so beautiful and scented.

marmee said...

meems, it is a different world up here. so many things to learn and figure out what likes when. i am so happy to finally be having some blooms...i love flowers. it is so much fun to have all the plants awakening. it feels right, and good.
we were(dh and i) so glad to have been outside when we spotted our first hummer...he was coming to the new bird feeder that has a shiny copper top. so we got the nectar ready right away and hung it. i love having hummingbirds and bluebirds here.
i am so delighted to have discovered lilacs placed by my window. we found them last year and they must have been planted by the former owners. i would love to have some more once the front gated area gets done.
next week if all goes well with the weather we will be planting our the start of our veggies...and you know how exciting that can be.
it has been cold enough here to have fires even during the day most days since easter.
hugs and love to you at springtime.

Gail said...

Hi Marmee...I just now noticed that I can change the playlist and so I am listening to Mr Blue Sky! I wished my sweet lilac bloomed a bit beautiful all growup son gave it to me for Mother's Day and I do love smelling it's fragrance...and looking at it makes me smile and think of him. Thank you for the reminder that I need to clean up the feeder and put it outside so the hummers can fight over it! They are so bossy. Have good rest of the week...Gail

marmee said...


i love how you said you "have always been besotted with dogs".
me too, i used to rescue all the strays. i have allergies to cats but still have two. i have a thing for all creatures.
i am excited to have the hummingbirds checking us out feels early but i do love them so.

marmee said...

ps shysongbird,
our newest little girl has already gained 2 pounds in the first week. she is really blending in nicely with the family and other pets we have and so we are enchanted.

marmee said...

dear sherry,

it will be so nice to have your lilacs blooming...that is so cool it is outside of your bedroom window. every morning i open ours even though is has been really cool here. we are to warm alittle tomorrow. i am glad.
i love when all the creatures that have been gone start making their way back to us. the hummingbird is always delightful, flitting and fluttering around.
don't you use your dandelions for something. i have dandelion tea but i have not quite gotten used to it's taste...i little woodsy for me.
enjoy your spring.

marmee said...

when we lived in florida i had a jasmine vining on my fence near my bedroom and a gardenia bush just under my window. i loved the way they perfumed the air. smells can take you back in an instant to a memory...glad you had fond ones of lilacs as a child.
thank you my garden is finally having some life.
happy springtime to you.
can't wait for hummers, butterflies, dragon flies, bees...

marmee said...

dear gail,

what a sweet gift from your is a real treasure then. how i have loved having lilacs. i think i will want more in the future. i am glad you figured out you can change the music. i have a variety so people can hear what they may like. i have always loved that song. it definitely makes more sense now that i live here.
hope you are enjoying our rather cool days...we are supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow.
it seems a little early to me to be seeing the hummers but i am glad to have him just the same.
happy spring to you, gail.

Miss Sandy said...

I am so glad you dropped in for a visit and enjoyed yourself. I adore your garden photos! I love the flower with the purple and green edges, so unusual. I too am reveling in spring. I hope you have a wonderful day!

joey said...

How lovely, Marmee ... a bit behind here but catching up. (I can smell your lilac from here :)