it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

sowing seeds and planting

today we were able to get lots of seed in the ground...

last year we had about 20 corn over two hundred silver queen were planted
big expansion, right!
still to come stowell's evergreen corn and strawberry ornamental corn.
right next to the new corn field are rows of sunflower seeds, velvet queen and red sun.
the wildflower garden has been seeded.
the meadow of wildflowers has been sown.
pentunia rastrera, tidal wave silver seeds are in the ground.
forget me not seeds are sown.
saliva, blue bedder(sage) seeds are in.
anelonia, arcelia purple tall plants are on the outside of the veggie fence.
fushsia, angel earrings and firedancer are potted.
i added a butterfly bush to the wildflower garden
and one to the newest bed near the back patio.
i have had these bushes before and they can't be
beat for attracting hummers, butterflies, bees.

my frizzle sizzle hanging baskets on back porch are perky.
yesterday and today were spent in the garden and lawn.
everyone accompanied us outside...bronte' jane...hey
wait beatrice we are going this way.
buster brown on guard with his favourite frisbee.
now that is more like it...right under our feet...lady bea.
the magster...maggie...maggita...magaroni...she always keeps her as to not be bothered by the restless ones.(puppies)
beatrice decides to stop and smell the wildflowers...that's
the way to take life in stride.
our gold finches are loving the larger socks of nyjer seed
and so are we...they don't have to be filled so often.
we got the newly painted fence up around the expanded veggie garden.
dh left a post long so we could put up a bird feeder near the two newer areas.
we want those birds eating our bugs.
on the backside of the fenced veggie garden...this
hutch used to house our bunnies...but now it is our
herb makes it nice for standing and picking least that is the plan.
greek oregano, papa joe's
while we were planting the bee balm, raspberry red and lemon...the bees
came over to see what we were was quite exciting.
new little chives have a sweet little bloom on them.
i think we planted 4 different basils...lemon, purple, sweet, and...
this is analocasia 'boroque sword'...we got from nursery the other
day...somehow it reminded me of florida plants.
buddliea davidii 'lochinch',
butterfly's purple with orange eyes.
jesse edging new bed.
ellery rose helping pull, ur dig out the weeds.
pennisetum setaceum 'rubrum',
purple fountain grass
sweet caroline 'bronze'...sweet caroline 'light green'
coleus, chocolate mint... strobilanthes dyerianus, persian sheild...
solenostemon, sun coleus, kingswood torch
new growth on the crepe myrtle...we got it in the ground yesterday.
ipomoea in the ground.
fountain grass in the ground.
we also had a visitor in our pond...welcome mr. frog.
it was a very good...fruitful couple of days.


Susie said...

I can't believe how busy you guys have been. And the amount of corn you guys planted. Oh my goodness!!!

I love the finch feeder with all those golden beauties on it.

Your place is going to be beautiful when all these new plants get going. Can't wait to see the pics!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Marmee---You all have really been busy!!!! That's alot of CORN.... Woooo!!!

I enjoy your blog and also Meems... Are there other siblings in your family??? You two are both so talented.. Congrats to your Mom and Dad for raising such great gals!!!!


lola said...

I got tired just reading about all the work that you guys did. Wheeeew.
It will look gorgeous when in full status. All those veggies sure will taste good. Something about that Tn. soil. It grows the tastiest ANYTHING.

Darla said...

Oh my stars! So much accomplished I can't wait for your seeds to grow and to see wide photos of it all! Great job ya'll!!

Wendy said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I also can't believe how much you have accomplished already! You certainly have a wonderful garden. Now just wait until everything blooms or comes to fruition! Love your pics, especially the puppy and all those finches!!

tina said...

Fruitful days indeed! So much work and it is all showing a beautiful place. Can't wait to see your wonderful sunflowers again this year and WOW on all the corn!

Gail said...

It looks like a very enjoyable and productive day! I love having your herbs high up like that...what a good idea! It is going to be so lovely in your might still occasionally miss Florida but you are making yourself at home beautifully! gail

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee....what a beautiful post....what a dream.....I am loving every minute of your new garden, such a complete and utter joy....a pleasure to read and absorb.....
I think, you are without doubt, living the dream....

Love that cute puppy dog....but they are all gorgeous.......

marmee said...


thanks and it just keeps going...on and on. we have a lot more to plant. it has been great to get so many gold finches our way. i love watching them. i am hoping we will be bountiful around here with blooms and veggies...we will wait and see.

marmee said...


that's what i kept telling hubby that's a lot of corn!
thank you for visiting both my sis, meems and my blog...we love having you. you are so sweet to say these things...i will pass it on.
hugs to you too.

marmee said...

...and it's not over yet...lots more to be planted soon. later today even.
we are hoping to grow the tastiest will all be worth it when we start to harvest those delicious vegetables.

marmee said...


the photos will be coming as soon as we see some growth. this is part documentation and part blog. just so i have good records. thanks you for your encouragement.

marmee said...


thank you, i am loving having all the finches come and visit. as for the puppy...she is great and is a mud magnet. i think i bath that dog more than all the other animals! such is the life with a new very furry puppy.
we are going out to plant more this afternoon as it cools down just a bit. i really hope this is not more than we can manage.

marmee said...


i keep saying wow to my darling hubby too on all the corn and the very other ambitious amounts of veggies he has plans for. with the help from the children like abbey and jesse it will be easier.
i am looking forward to sharing the progress on my posts.

marmee said...

thank you gail,
i do miss florida in some ways, especially family but i love living here...i know it was the right timing in my life and really good for my children.
i am hoping the herb garden will do well up high and like having a bit of shade during the heat waves we get.

marmee said...

i am living a dream and i am so grateful for it. i am quite content here on our little farm. i am glad to be able to share it with friends like makes it that more special to me. i find it encouraging to be able to know i have support on the other end of this blog...sometimes i really don't know what i am doing.
our puppy has added a new slice of life and joy to our family.