it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

adieu august

this month has flown by not to mention summer.
today august ended with the most wonderful amber glow.
as i walk around the farm, rowan, our huskey follows
me intently...talking all the way.
i found this poor guy on the driveway and rescued him.
beatrice is ready for dark to fall so she can patrol the farm.

the zinnias are on their last legs.
sunsets over the farm have been really gorgeous this month.

oakleaf hydrangea always add such beauty at whatever
stage you find them.
farewell august....welcome september.

Monday, August 23, 2010

my own lil' pumpkin patch

i was finally able to get some pumpkin seeds in the ground.
i have always wanted a pumpkin patch for the kids and i
to pick our own pumpkins for decorating and baking.

i planted cucurbita maxima otherwise known as big max.
the package says...grow the biggest jack~o~lantern in your
neighbourhood! may reach 100 lbs. also good for pies and
canning. there were 11 potentially 1,100 lbs worth of
pumpkin flesh. how exciting.
i got a really late start on this but thanks to my son, david
and daddio...who tilled this ground about 4 times, i now have
at least the start of a pumpkin patch.
hopefully we will have a late frost and i can have some
of my own pumpkins from the garden.

i will keep you posted.

Monday, August 16, 2010

hot and dry days of august

saying "the dog days of summer" doesn't seem like it comes
close to describing how hot and dry this summer has been.
i have neglected my garden month after month not because i
wanted to but because i have been gone.

june was all about canada...the muskoka lakes area...wonderful, cool, rainy.
july was about the buffalo garden walk and
then on to ocala...

august so far has been getting three kids into three
new i am pooped.

i must say i haven't had a gardening summer quite like this before.

the farm and everything on it is looking rough.

i am lacking inspiration to even know where to begin.

i think we are going to just let it be and start all over again
next spring.

feels like 2 baby steps forward...3 giant steps backward.

life is garden not so much.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

smitten by gardens in buffalo

i really didn't know what to expect from the garden walk in buffalo...but i must say i
was completely smitten by the jam~packed way the gardens were so full and pleasing to the eye.

every window box was overflowing with gorgeous foliage and flowers.
every venue we were shown had it own charms.

we were graced with host and hostesses that knew how
to keep us busy and entertained.
had organized our tours and times to the T.

i have so many photos and so little time...
just welcomed a new grandbaby on july 22.
as i have reflected back on my time in buffalo, ny it has just
gotten sweeter and sweeter. i was able to meet some wonderful
people whose blogs i had been following for a couple of
years and also make some new friends with people i had never known.

what a treat it was having the time to go to buffa10.

meeting fellow gardeners & bloggers was a special part of it.
happy summer days to you all.