it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

adieu august

this month has flown by not to mention summer.
today august ended with the most wonderful amber glow.
as i walk around the farm, rowan, our huskey follows
me intently...talking all the way.
i found this poor guy on the driveway and rescued him.
beatrice is ready for dark to fall so she can patrol the farm.

the zinnias are on their last legs.
sunsets over the farm have been really gorgeous this month.

oakleaf hydrangea always add such beauty at whatever
stage you find them.
farewell august....welcome september.


joey said...

A beautiful sunset, dear Marmee. Happy September :)

Darla said...

Very nice. A cool down would be nice wouldn't it?

Susie said...

Summer really has passed pretty quickly. Hate to say it but I'm ready for some fall.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Happy September. I am ready for the end of summer and the cooler, hopefully, days of September. Your four legged friends are so cute! I have been watching sunsets too. Yours do look to be gorgeous.
I am looking forward to seeing how your pumpkin patch does!
I have grown pumpkins in the past. They are very fun!
The butterflies have been the best part of this hot summer!

marmee said...

always a pleasure to hear from you. sweet september.

marmee said...


we are all looking forward to a cool down.
happy september.

marmee said...

i am too ready for the fall.
happy september.

marmee said...

dear sherry,

september is always a welcomed relief from the extreme heat of summer...even if it's only a bit of break.
i think my dogs are ready for the heat to be over too.
my pumpkin patch was planted late so we will see what will become of it.
i always love butterfly season and the hummingbirds too.
happy september.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Even though it's about 90 degrees here yesterday and today---we did have some cooler temps in August (thank goodness). The cold front is supposed to come tomorrow.... YEAH!!!!!

Love your Husky and those blue eyes. My brother had a husky once ... Nice dog!!!!

Hope you all had a nice summer... I had knee surgery --so didn't do too much at least in June and July. I'm fine now --and ready for FALL.


Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Lisa Q

ShySongbird said...

Hi Marmee, Summer has been so short here and it is quite autumnal now although we had lovely warm sunshine for the last few days, rain today though.

What a beauty Rowan is, I'm so glad he found a home with you. It is always a pleasure to see sweet Bea :)

Lovely photos as always and a wonderful sunset...Happy September!