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it's that time of year

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Monday, August 16, 2010

hot and dry days of august

saying "the dog days of summer" doesn't seem like it comes
close to describing how hot and dry this summer has been.
i have neglected my garden month after month not because i
wanted to but because i have been gone.

june was all about canada...the muskoka lakes area...wonderful, cool, rainy.
july was about the buffalo garden walk and
then on to ocala...

august so far has been getting three kids into three
new i am pooped.

i must say i haven't had a gardening summer quite like this before.

the farm and everything on it is looking rough.

i am lacking inspiration to even know where to begin.

i think we are going to just let it be and start all over again
next spring.

feels like 2 baby steps forward...3 giant steps backward.

life is garden not so much.


Esther said...

Well, I have to say that I thank you for neglecting your garden to come down and spend time with my family! And for all the HOURS and HOURS of help you provided me to give me a jump start to my new life with 2 kids. I love you so much and I am so greatful for your kindness and the time we spent together. It was amazing Mom!

joey said...

2 baby steps forward and 3 giant steps back is a good analogy, dear Marmee. Many of us hear your song and sing the tune throughout the day/week/year! In the meantime, like you, we squeeze things that we love out of the minute spaces. Hugs, dear friend.

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee, life is a journey. The road ahead turning this way and that. It would not be so interesting if the road ahead was straight. We learn, we grow. Spending time with family is the best and I can see by the first comment you are a much loved Mum. A giving Mum.

Your gardens will return......and your inspiration will come back, give yourself time to rest and relax......we all need quiet time.

Best wishes.....

Susie said...

Sounds like you've been too busy to garden but I know what you mean about heat and dry. I haven't done much at all this summer. I told dh the other day when it cools off we need to have a weed pulling day. They have done good this summer. hehe!

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Oh Honey, I so get you. My letter this week is going to be about don't panic. Even if we just let things be until next spring, it's okay. Some years are just like that. My kids all go off to school this week. I'm always a bit sad to see them and summer go. Even if has been the hottest summer ever. :)

marmee said...

thanks my dear sweet esther! i loved our time together as well. i just wish i could be in two places at once. with you and your two precious girls and here at home with the rest of the fam. it was my pleasure to be there to see garnet ushered into the world with such grace.
also to be able to hold her and take care of her for the first days and weeks of her life...along with you, grace and brad. i loved watching your family embrace this new life and the adjustments you all were making to ensure her well being.
i love you dearly.

marmee said...


every time i read your comments or blog i think...that girl should be a writer. and then i remember you are, when is your book coming out?
thanks for your kind observations and making me realize it's not just me.
hugs and happy summer days.

marmee said...


of course you are right, the long and winding road is what makes life full of surprise and interest. family is always much more important to me than anything else and the time i got with my daughter and two grand~daughters was priceless.
i am looking forward to a change in the seasons. autumn is my favourite time of the year and will be much welcomed this year.
i am giving myself the right to quiet time...i do so need it.
hugs and happy summer days, my dear friend.

marmee said...


i think all around the country we have experienced this long hot, dry summer. we will all be happy to see it end. we got another small amount of rain today after i had mowed the weeds. thank goodness.
have you been able to run in this heat?
so glad fall is right around the corner.
happy summer days.

marmee said...


ending summer with back to always a little sad to me too.
we soon get back to routine and then i realize it's a good thing...i am not a routine kinda girl.
thanks for the encouragement about this summer for has been a challenge to keep my head up about the lack of gardening. it really is a mess.
i will have to get over and read your "don't panic" message.
happy summer days.

Darla said...

I am feeling the same way, for different reasons of course. Are you not homeschooling this year? Congrats on the new addition.

marmee said...


we are all going through different seasons in our lives...i hope yours includes a quick recovery and lots of energy for the wedding.
we are not homeschooling this year...we put abbey in a private school.
happy summer days.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marmee, Hope you have gotten some rain the past couple of days --but no flooding (like some areas)... We have had a terribly hot and dry summer here also--but the past couple of days has been very nice. We needed rain --and we have gotten about 2 inches (which is a perfect amount).

Maybe the 'worst' of summer is over now --and we'll begin to feel some Fall soon... I HOPE!!!!

Have a great day/week.

Stacie Shepp said...


Hi there. I came to your blog to invite you to join our new social network for gardeners, Since you haven't been gardening this summer, maybe you can check out other people's gardens and find inspiration!

Let me know if you check out it :)

Be well,

Meems said...

Dear Marmee,
I can remember very clearly a few springs over the years when the garden was almost completely neglected. It's what real life is all about. The ebbs and flows of our children's lives and being available to them is what makes life good. You have had an unusal summer but filled with wonderful times. Here's to some rain and a break from the heat and ... to you, my dear sister, applause for being a wonderful mom... and hugs for being YOU! Meems

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I also have let the gardens be wild this summer. I was gone in June, too wet in July and too darn hot in August! I love the butterflies that come to the wild gardens.
Even as I re-claim I will always have a wild side for the bugs.
I love Autumn gardening. I love filling my seed box and planning for Spring.
Nurturing your family is the best!

Khaki said...

Know you are inspiring other people. This is my first post to any blog and I'm a latecomer to exploring blogs. Yours caught my eye and inspired me to take the plunge to connect in this manner.
Other things eclipsed my gardening efforts this summer as well. I'm waiting for a cooler day in the near future to clean up the remnants of summer in all my container gardens and replant some with fall plants. Looking forward to visiting here often.