it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Monday, August 31, 2009

made merry

to my surprise...dh brought home some wonderful goodies for a mid~day meal. garlic assortment of cheeses...clos de bois...bruschetta...kalamata olive tapenade...maille corninchons(french style gherkins w/pearl onions.)

roasted garlic and fig spread...capers...a beautiful bouquet from the farmer's market...sparkling french limonade... we ate....drank....and made merry. it was a lovely surprise and very romantic.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

homeschool...dash home farm

one of the many benefits to schooling at home... the whole wide world is your classroom.

all of nature is at your disposal...

we had beautiful weather for our first couple of days...

so nature came to us...we are studying in science about
being observers of nature...we are science detectives...always on the
lookout for what is happening in the world around us.

...this is so right up my alley...and abbey loves it too.

we set out on a journey to see why insects do what they do...
we are learning about pollination...bees...flies...

our views are

we are armed with science detective tools....field guides...magnifying glass
.....range maps...paper for writing observations and sketching....

oh yes and a quilt for a place to study our books.

the dogs joined us for our class today.

the view from the quilt is illuminated by the sun...

and glows all around us as

one of our assignments is to make a living flower
we collect our specimens.

and have a little fun doing it.

"the wise Author of Nature has not made even a single hair without a definite design."
christian konrad sprengel...a teacher that studied nature in his spare time until he finally devoted his life to being a naturalist. (early 1800's)
there will be lots of nature walks...
of course there are all the other subjects too...math...language...
when we do have to be inside....we are fine with that.
after all some days it rains.
our first day was monday.
an assignment for indoors...creating a science museum...another thing
i love...museums.
this is a place we will bring things from our walks...
we have also created a terrarium...we are growing cat grass (oats)/ averna sativa in give our cats to satisfy their craving for fresh greens.
we have crickets...a couple of walking sticks...some moths...
we are observing them for a few days and then we will release them in the wildflower meadow.
it has been a good first week and we are grateful.

Monday, August 24, 2009

summer images of beauty

isn't she lovely...isn't she wonderful.

the weather was delightful we decided to take a
walk into the fields and woods. with camera in hand and a
late summer zephyr blowing at our backs...we walked.

how nice to experience summer with balmy breezes.

there are so many things growing...wild honeysuckle...acorns...

dh found these adorable clusters of acorns...i love them.

walnuts were in clusters too.

there are drifts of white flowers lining the back of our property.
nature is stunning.
so many wildflowers...i will be breaking out the id book...
(national audubon society's field guide to wildflowers) but
for now i am just enjoying the variety in nature.

i am so glad it cooled off a bit so i could see all these wondrous sights.
wild susans?



this is the tiniest little flower almost unnoticeable until the lens
captures it's light lavender petals.

the two youngest children decided to join us.

the back of our land is left to be cut for has a glorious
purple hue...i love seeing grasses allowed to grow wild.

they stand erect against the blue sky...and right in their midst are
wildflowers of all sizes and colours...
painted by the hand of God.
today they are swaying gently back and if to beckon
you to take a closer look... to look at it's form...shape...details.

upon closer notice things... things that you don't normally
pay any attention to when looking at the big how
poke weed looks like little flowers after the berries have been eaten.
~click to see what i mean~
...or how the tiniest little blossoms are literally under your feet.
...or how leaves unfurl like the petals of flowers.
...or how you can see the mating ritual of two insects.
it is all so fascinatingly beautiful.
as we continue our walk we find several felled trees.
it makes a perfect resting spot 'til...
we head home through fields of wildflowers
abbey has found something that attracts her attention.
i love her little face as she ponders the intricacies of the passion flower.
then she does what any romantic would do...places the flower in her hair.
isn't she lovely....isn't she beautiful.
the bare thistle stands tall and catches our eyes on the way back.
we both admire it for a good long while.

as we arrive home i see a new bloom in the fenced veggie garden.
i can't even remember what it is...but it is beautiful(and my favourite colour.)

now we are on the home stretch...

what wonderful weather we have been provided with
for our family to go walking...fall is coming.