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it's that time of year

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

happy you

sometimes in our family we celebrate an unbirthday...just for the fun of it.

this weekend we decided (since we are all turkey fanatics and we have
so much to be grateful for) to celebrate a very merry unthanksgiving day.
we ordered our fresh turkey from fresh market.
invited family and friends...and proceeded to cook our little hearts out.

of course there had to be flowers...from the garden.

and a special table set with candles...placesettings...

name plates...

did i mention turkey? this is the one meal dh cooks mostly by himself.
he makes the turkey...with seasoning help from moi'...he makes the dressing from
scratch...mashed red potatoes with lots of real butter...cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries.

it always turns out amazing.

then the rest of us make the other side dishes/desserts.

who doesn't love is one of my favourite why wait for
it to come around only once a year.

while dinner is still being cooked we all sit and chat endlessly
of our lives, the latest news, of our children's lives...

it is always great to have an intense conversation amongst friends

and family.

and there were delicious desserts to indulge in...pound cake...buttercream
coconut cake...cherry pie... new york style cheese cake and cupcakes for the younger ones.
it was a great day to be together.

tine & abbey

bibbette & ellery

sunset was beautiful on this day of


Cheryl said...

How wonderful Marmee...a celebration of know how to be the perfect hostess...

I could smell the wonderful flavours leaving the kitchen.....

It is wonderful to have friends and family at the dinner table.

My family and I all met in the village pub yesterday for lunch....relatives had travelled a long way just to have lunch together and catch up....It was wonderful.

Beautiful table by the way......

tina said...

Looks like a great un-day! Too fun! That turkey is too too delicious looking!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat idea, Marmee. We do have turkey about 2-3 times a year besides Thanksgiving and Christmas. BUT--we don't usually get out the good china and make it a 'real' Thanksgiving dinner. I LOVE your idea.. AND--being with family and friends just makes it more special.

Sounds like you had a great 'Un-thanksgving' Day!!!!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I agree, Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to celebrate over and over. There is never too much of a good thing;)

Susie said...

What a great idea you have Marmee! Turkey day in August sounds wonderful. The food looked delish, which by the way, has made me hungry.

ShySongbird said...

How lovely Marmee! I really felt I was sitting at that beautiful table and sharing your wonderful family occasion with you all. You are spoiling me ;) I had breakfast with you just the other day and now a lovely 'celebratory' feast :) I loved those beautiful roses too.

marmee said...


thank you dear friend.
it was a lot of good time spent together with food and fellowship.
it's great that your family made such effort to get together...glad it turned out wonderful.

marmee said...


the turkey was so good and we had a great time.

marmee said... really should try it...everyone has that special at the holidays.
the food was so good and we had great times laughing and talking.

marmee said...


sorry to make you hungry twice this week...hope you ate something good. we had a great day centered around good food, what else.

marmee said...


we also celebrate cananda's day in october with a turkey. i think the cooler weather came at a perfect time to have our very merry unthanksgiving day meal.

marmee said...


spoiled you can be...and feast at my table anytime. thanks for joining us in our celebration.
those roses were such a beautiful colour. a great precurser to fall.