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it's that time of year

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Friday, August 21, 2009

brecky what we call's not something that we always do...when i was a
youngster i disliked all things i like breakfast for
dinner...funny eh?
remember this picture of texture in the garden...our first cantaloupe...beautiful.
so we brought our first one in and put in the frig to get cool.

it feels brave to cut it open and prepare to serve it...what if it's no good or not sweet? yikes.

with my test subjects unexpectedly sitting there having their morning cereal(abbey) and watching green acres(abbey and daddio) i swiftly cut the melon and serve it on our blue ridge cake plates. you know you make it "pretty and they will eat" sorta like "build it and they will come."
while they were distracted by watching oliver and ebb fixing a tractor(on green acres)i slip the melon under them and they automatically pick up spoons and...
start tasting before they know what hits them.
all of a sudden they awaken from their dvd slumber and say this is so a matter of fact
this is the best cantaloupe i have ever had...oh yes....perfection. feels good...a pure kind of good.

okay so test subjects are Oooohhhhing and's my turn.

i think this speaks for itself...slurp.....slusssssss.

post script:
what's great all that yummy goodness goes right back into the ground/compost
to make next years crop of cantaloupe taste that good if not better.


Gail said...

It looked tasty! You might even get a volunteer cantaloupe seedling from the compost pile! gail

Q said...

Perfection is right!
Melon from the garden is the sweetest....freshly picked and eaten at its peak! This is Heaven on Earth! Bliss, is garden fresh eating.

Faith said...

Is it only amongst gardeners that you can post a whole series of photos of a melon, cutting it up, putting it on a plate, eating it, looking at the rind.....

And we all LOVE IT! LOL

Congratulations on the perfect muskmelon. :)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yum Marmee.... It's breakfast time here and we don't have any cantaloupe this morning. I LOVE cantaloupe--and I'll bet yours is the VERY best...

We will have our cereal --but on top, we slice a banana, a fresh peach and some fresh strawberries.

Fruits for breakfast are WONDERFUL...

Thanks for sharing your Cantaloupe with us. Next year, you'll have many more I'm sure.

Susie said...

Oh yum, that does look delish Marmee!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love cantaloupe too, my mouth is watering just looking at the photos. My neighbor used to grow a variety he called muskmellon which looked the same but tasted terrible. Large and not sweet, but they liked it.

ShySongbird said...

Oh I just love melon Marmee, it is my favourite fruit and it must be wonderful to have such a fresh home-grown one! I loved every spoonful, I mean photo, of it ;)

marmee said...


it was very good...wouldn't it be nice to have some grow right out of the c/p...i would take it any way it decides to come.

marmee said...

sherry, i certainly found bliss eating that melon...and so much satisfaction that we had grown it ourselves.

marmee said...

how true that is...noone else in their right mind would get it except for gardeners.
thank you...we harvested a few more melons when to partake?

marmee said...


many more sounds good. i love fruit in the morning or anytime really. your "breky" sounds good. enjoy~!

marmee said...

yum is a great word to say while you are eating it for sure. thanks susie!

marmee said...

marnie...i was hoping for sweet and juicy and that's exactly what we got. i picked our first watermelon prematurally...out of excitement and i regreted it profoundly. i was patiently waiting for this one though...and it paid off. my dh calls them muskmelons...he's from the north country, i never paid much attention to the name. they are probably the same thing just like pop and soda.

marmee said...

cute, ssb, loved every spoonful, eh?
it was divine and all the more so because we put the seed in the ground. i really like them when they are good and not so much when they have no flavour, of course.

Lola said...

Great presentation, Marmee. Love the muskmelon/cantaloupe. I think the loving hands that put that seed into the ground had something to do with it's flavor. The love of the land shows through.
Maybe from the cp you will get many next yr.
Sure wish I could grow them here. Might try the fence after all my gourds are growing on it, even up into a dead tree. Funny thing it's growing just over a hanging flower pot.

marmee said...


thank you...i do think love has a lot to do with it. dh always says my meals taste great cause they have a secret but you know what they is blind.
we do love our land and have put love, sweat and tears here already.
you definitely should try on the fence...that is what is so great about seeds.

Meems said...

oh, Marmee, I can see I've been remiss in my visits again. Don't feel badly though I haven't been visiting anywhere. Life has certainly caught up with me this past couple of weeks.

What excitement and beauty! Your very own perfectly formed and true to color and sweet tasting cantaloupe... life just keeps getting better!!!

Your photos were wonderful, too. Never tire of the Blue Ridge - it is so delightful and surely makes all things taste better. Hugs and love to you and the family (btw- I'll be visiting your precious #2 daughter tomorrow for a very special birthday celebration).

marmee said...

meems...i am glad you will be there in my stead. oh how i wish we were closer. have a fun time and give that precious granddaughter a hug and kiss from me.
somehow the blueridge does make things taste better...that's my secret.
it was so wonderful to enjoy the fruit of our labour in a cantaloupe. we have harvested more and been able to give some away.
don't worry about keeping up with me dear sis...especially when there is so much life being lived. happy summer days.