it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

farm fresh

i do love the farmer's market...i love pumpkins too.

while perusing the market i found a new farmer there and
she had one pumpkin on display...of course in my excitement i
asked her if she would sell it...she said this is a farmer's market...i
would sell you anything. i bought my first pumpkin.

now i proudly have it on diplay on the kitchen table on an etched glass
cake is beautiful after all.

we have been eating all the good stuff provided by our garden,
vendors at the farmer's market and our csa (community supported agriculture.)

on the menu this last week was stuffed peppers...a favourite of my darling hubby.

fresh yellow crook~neck squash from one of
our favourite farmers the lingo family at beaverdam creek farms.

we bought shares of their farm and get a wonderful basket of goodies
every saturday...this was one of our july baskets.

those little sungold cherry tomatoes are the most delicious...i call them nature's candy.
a little phrase i coined to get my little grand girl ellery to eat more fresh fruit.

straight from the garden to the table sliced tomatoes
and cucumbers with cuban bread toasted.

banana cake just out of the oven baked by rachel(oldest daughter)...still warm.

what's up for tonight fresh corn on the cob and i don't know what else.
it doesn't matter because it is all so good.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marmee.... I'm so jealous of all of your fresh veggies. I love sweet corn--especially white corn... AND--I also love stuffed peppers... YUM!!!!

We're home from a great vacation.. I'll post in the morning.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Who knew food could be so pretty! I love summer food, and need to get my onions and garlic inside out of the heat, now that they've been picked a week or two. I haven't chopped any for the freezer yet.

marmee said...

don't be jealous...grow your own next year. it is so worth it.
glad you had a great time on your vaca.
happy august (can't believe it is already august)

marmee said...

good morning sue,

i know i love the presentation of can be so pleasing to the eye. our onions and shallots have been great to have. i didn't grow garlic but should try it next year. how do you freeze yours>?
happy august.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee....I am with hubby, stuffed peppers are the best and one of my favourite to.

I love your fresh produce, fresh is the best....I try to eat as healthily as possible. I would love to be able to grow as much as you do.

I am in the process of picking damsons (a small plum) at the moment. It is a good year and they are in abundance.

Corn is another favourite in this house, Riley and Poppi love it....

A delicious and yummy post Marmee.....have a good week.....

Renaissance said...

Oh everything looks soo good.

Susie said...

Marmee those veggies look so good. Your post made me hungry. I'm so happy for you that your garden did great!

ShySongbird said...

Yum yum! All your fresh produce looks wonderful, I love to eat locally grown food when possible and of course home grown is the very best. I have never eaten Pumpkin in any form, I should rectify that. Rachel's Banana cake looks especially good!

I loved your porch on the previous post, that seems to be a very American thing, the closest thing we have here are conservatories although I don't have one.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Everything looks so good, especially those stuffed peppers.

The sweet corn in coming in here too and I'm enjoying it so much.

Frances said...

Hi Marmee, it all looks so very FRESH! That's the big key to good eating and growing our own plus shopping at the farmer's market. We have a new one near me that I visit as often as possible. I want them to succeed and they are selling to local restaurants, which helps their finances and offers better quality to the residents in my small town as well. Love the pumpkin, it deserves such a place of honor. :-)

Meems said...

Oh my... it all looks so delicious and fresh and yummy AND pretty. I recognize that banana cake! There is just nothing like farm fresh for certain and you are enjoying it with your family like it should be...

I wish we went for those stuffed peppers... I had so many this year... maybe I should get your recipe... hugs

marmee said...

it's fun to post about delicious food especially coming straight from the garden. stuff peppers are fairly easy so it's great and those who don't like the peppers eat the meaty rice...i make extra.
eating from the local farmer's has been an exceptional treat and it just taste better.
sometimes i can't keep up with the abundance of the farm produce even with giving lots away.
i have never tasted a damson but we love plums. we are going to try to plant some fruit trees this fall next to the fence bordering our neighbours. i found a really cool site online called trees of antiquity.
all my littles love fresh corn too. so at least once a week during the summer we have it.
happy august to you, cheryl.

marmee said...

thanks it taste soooo good too.
hope you are having a wonderful august.

marmee said...

thanks, susie. of course with all the rain here my tomatoes have had blight but we planted so many we have more than enough. our corn this year was a disappointment too but we are still getting some cobs worth eating.
i didn't want to give the impression everything was perfect...we are still in the learning stages of what works.
happy august.

marmee said...


fresh is best and eating locally helps the economy of your town and state. plus it just tastes so much better. the farmer's market is in full swing so many people and vendors.
that banana cake is an old recipe that is the best i have ever tasted anywhere in the world. i'll have to post it sometime. that is the only one we make.
you should eat something pumpkin...i like pumpkin bread.
porches are definitely something us southerners love...especially me. i love the style of english houses(like the one in miss potter) but i would have to have a porch somehow. it's like a pastime sit out there with family or friends after dinner...during the cooler months...enjoying some iced tea. it's the best.
my hubby and i have always wanted a conservatory but we want the real thing a glass one day.
happy august.

marmee said...


we are loving making so many delicious meals straight from the garden to the table...i will never be without some veggies for the rest of my life.
corn~on~the~cob is just a summer favourite around here. so delighted you are enjoying yours too.
happy august.

marmee said...


i can see we are kindred spirits when it comes to pumpkins...i always love when it comes time to put them on display. it is so hot this last week but soon very soon we will be cooling off.
i am so happy to hear you have a farmer's market available to you and that you go to support it. fresh is best. what a difference in that than having your food carted all over before it arrives for you to purchase.
happy august to you.

marmee said...


that recipe is so simple...i made it up years ago and my fam loves it even without the peppers they eat the meaty rice...i always make extra.
you know that banana cake well as do we. i think it is the best one i have ever tasted anywhere. so many of my kids make it now...i usually don't have too.
we are so loving our fresh fruit and veggies. it makes it such a complete package to work the land, grow the food, harvest the food, eat the freshest food possible, compost the great. i want to always grow some veggies.
i would love your help on the porch. i need to repaint it...that is on my list to get done. i have picked up a couple more antiques. small accents. i think one thing to do is paint the ceiling a different colour. maybe you should plan an october visit when it cools down a bit.
happy august to you.