it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Sunday, August 2, 2009


...the diffused light from the sky during the early evening...strewn illumination.

it's a wondrous time of day...just before evening.

this is one of my favourite times to be capture an area of interest...
in the best light's magical.

we have had our share of rain in the last few weeks.
yesterday's showers filled the rain gauge overbrim.

the dry creek bed has been flowing this week...which i love.
the meandering water over the rocks is so peaceful.

but when the sun peeks through after days of rain...the whole place
is vibrant...with green...which makes the other colours stand out
against it's verdant background...especially at twilight.

the illumination couldn't be any more perfect.

whole corn fields shine intensely with this diffused light.
ordinary grasses look as if they are glowing under their own source of power.

weeds become a thing of beauty...rather than
something one wants to get rid of.

an unbloomed cosmos takes on an ethereal quality.

a wasp on a leaf becomes a twilight lightening bug...of sorts.

even the already consumed sunflowers...shine with radiant beauty.

the concentrated light can play tricks with the colour you think you are
seeing...purple alyssum looks brilliant pink when the sunlight hits its petals.

twilight is my time...for taking walks...capturing beauty...

sunshine on the water looks so lovely.
sunshine almost always makes me high...


tina said...

The rain has been so awesome. I can tell your garden loves it.

ShySongbird said...

What delightful photos, I loved the 'ordinary' grasses, they looked magical. We too have had rain, lots of it, too much I think, some settled sunshine would be lovely now. Have a wonderful week whatever the weather.

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee....delightful and so perfectly captured.
Twilight is indeed beautiful....

I love to walk with my camera in the morning and is amazing what you see through the lens even if you do not take any photographs.

You have a creek.....I am so envious....I love natural water in the garden....oh my what I would do if I had one......

Lola said...

Perfect time, perfect pics. So eloquently put. My inner soul can feel & see all that's before us to enjoy. I'm glad you are sharing.
Have you thought about writing a book?

Meems said...

Absolutely lovely photos of a beautiful and elegant time of the day. All of nature starts to wind down and the light is wonderful in its last couple of hours. I did the same thing tonight. Got dinner ready ... told Mr. Meems I'd be back in a minute there were some photos to take out back... he knows me well... didn't even wonder what I was talking about. I loved that plume from the grass as if self-illuminated. And the creek bed... well, what can be better than naturally moving water??? So peaceful and so serene. I'm so glad you are enjoying your summer, Marmee. I think the garden has loved the rain you've had. What a difference from last year's rain levels for you.
hugs** Meems

marmee said...

i have not minded the rain either. i would much rather have it that way than having a drought. fall should be beautiful this year.

marmee said...


we are having delightful weather today...spent all day outside. i got to cut the grass since it didn't rain. hope you are enjoying your weekend too.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Beautiful photos. After a record breaking wet June, we are behind the average rainfall in July. We don't need quite as much as you got--not all at once anyway;)

Susie said...

I love all these pics Marmee but especially the one of the little creek. It makes me want to take my shoes off and wade in it.

marmee said...


don't be too jealous, that is a dry creek bed so it only has water when it has rained a the past couple of weeks. i really wish it did have water in it all the time.
the camera lens is indeed a friend which captures so many things...i am constantly looking through mine.
i love the golden hue twilight sometimes cast on its just makes everything look beautiful. this is my favourite time to take portraits.
happy august.

marmee said...


i am so pleased you can feel so deeply. i always feel things so i get older) am embracing those things.
thank you lola...i am delighted to share.
i have thought about writing a book...but about some of my life's experiences. i have had a full adult life...including a large family, divorce, tragedies...
my life is now coming to a place where there is so much more peace...i love it.
anyway thanks for the question...i need to put things down...maybe that is why i like blogging so much.

marmee said...

like i have said some things are loving while others have yet to appear...that are normally very evident at this time. i am not sure i will see them at all. i can't believe how much it feels like fall here...when it is supposed to be hot and sticky. i cut the grass mid~day yesterday...something you usually can not do in august. i just hope we aren't in for the coldest winter yet. brrrr.
something about twilight makes me come more alive and the lens captures things of beauty that you normally look right over. most everything looks just so beautiful in that golden hue...grasses, tips of the corn, backlight flowers glowing.
wouldn't it be wonderful to have water in that creek all the time running right behind the house. i do enjoy it when it is full.
this summer as been so different than any since i have lived here. it's hard not to enjoy. my containers are loving the rain and i am loving them. this is my first year with containers that i am happy with.
happy august.

marmee said...

thank you. we are breaking all kinds of records here in tn. coolness, wetness!
i hope it holds out for a week...our county fair is coming and it usually is just too hot.
do you suppose we are going to have a very cold winter? i hope not.

marmee said...

that's just what abbey and i have been doing except with our wellies on. there is a lot of mud with all the rain. come on over anytime and we will splash through the puddles.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed my visit to your blog today. I liked the photos and saw the sunflowers -- seeds gone. Mine are still around for the most part but they are the bronze sunflowers and the seeds are not the same and the birds eat most of them while they are still on or in the flower. You really have a nice blog.

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marmee said...


thanks for your kind words...i do have some sunflowers that are not getting eaten...i just planted so many this year.
i think i tried to leave a comment on you pixels blog already but i will give it a try again.

Dirt Princess said...

Beautiful shots as always

marmee said...

thanks dirt princess!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Marmee, I agree the twilight images are most beautiful. And you've captured them so well. I love the grass, weeds... and that zinnia bud looks magical.