it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

august day

...up close and personal.

it's hot.

the sunflowers are flourishing in the heat.

gold finches love this spot.

they are eating right off the flower heads.

pokeweed...reaching out...

sparkling in the sun.

stalks of the sunflowers have become a trellis for the morning glory.

makes it irresistable for sitting in the garden
either at sunrise or sunset.
~photo taken by ethan~

teddy bear magnolia is doing well...growing...

...blooming first flower.

velvet bean cover crop growing on the corn.

it is always fun when out in the veggie garden to go pull
up a carrot and share is gobbled up.

bronte' jane and buster brown are always close by...observing.
~photo taken by ethan~
i can't get enough of these larged faced beauties.

zinnias always reaching high toward the face of the sun.

morning glory opens for viewing... lovely.

...happiest of august days.


Darla said...

Very well done! Yesmam it's HOT!!

Susie said...

Hot here too Marmee! Love your sunflowers. Mine fizzled this year.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Marmee, your sunflowers are so pretty. Love the bronze one and the one with the morning glory vine;) I planted an assortment of sunflowers this spring but it hasn't been a good year for sunflowers here. Too cold, the blooms are stunted. Maybe I'll get a few late ones not that it's warmed up.

Faith said...

I love sunflowers too. I'm so happy with my bed. But I am always too busy to run out there and pick a bouquet, so I just enjoy them when I'm outside.

Lovely pics and lovely music.


Lucy Corrander said...

Lots of wonderfully cheerful photos!

Specially like the top two and the nose and carrot.


tina said...

Gotta love that pokeweed! You have a great day too!

ShySongbird said...

Beautiful photos of such lovely flowers, I love Sunflowers, so very cheerful :) The photo with the light shining through the Morning Glories was really lovely.

We are having such strange weather this Summer, yesterday was a beautiful, warm and sunny day but today is wet and miserable, that seems to be the pattern this year, never mind, we make the most of the sunny days. Enjoy your August days and stay cool :)

marmee said...

thank you not so much hot as muggy.

marmee said... has been a strange year for so many things...not a normal season at all. usually i have cosmos galore...i have a few year here and there. it is such a disappointment because i really love them.
also i still have some pansy hanging on...i guess they will just keep blooming and then fill out in the fall.

marmee said...

marnie, i am surprized by all my sunflowers because of the wet/cool summer we have had. not many cosmos this year though...which i really miss. my wildflower garden just didn't do well because it stayed so wet. every year is a learning experience.
that bronze coloured is one of my favourites too and i love how the m/glory decided to use it to is stunning in the morning light.

marmee said...

faith...i just made a bouquet the other day out of sunflowers, zinnias, and lots of herbs. it is so deliciously fragrant. i love enjoying them outside's like having bouquets everywhere.

thank you. i just decovered this new artist, priscilla ahn. i love her music. she sings what i feel.
happy august to you.

marmee said...


i love how the sunflower looks at every stage...unfurling is magical.
our horse, renny is in love with our fresh carrots and it is fun to watch him chew them up.
i am glad you came by to visit...long time no see.
happy august.

marmee said...

tina, it looks other worldly to me for some reason.
happy days of august.

marmee said...


we too are having the most unusal weather...i am surprized that my sunflowers have done so well but i am very glad they did. my cosmos haven't really done great with all the rain/coolness.
for some reason i love rainy days. they make me feel cozy. but you gotta love the sunshiney days too. they are cheerful. i need lots of sunshine especially since we have quite a few days in succession during the winter of grey~ness.
i am looking forward to the fall, my favourite season.
happy august to you.

Gail said...

Beautiful photos Marmee! I have never ever tried to grow sunflowers. I have no idea why not! ...They are gorgeous and come in so many delicious yellows, bronzes, golds and oranges.

I describe this week as muggy and buggy! Have a good day~~gail

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Welcome to August, Marmee!!!! It's been hot here --but was a 'tad' cooler today. We turned off the AC and opened the house. BUT--if that heat and humidity return, the AC will go back on.

You still have some pretty colors in your yard despite the summer heat. When I get to August, I'm beginning to yearn for Autumn...

Have a great evening.

Lola said...

Yes, it's hot & humid here too. Not too much time outside. I did get some weeding done late this afternoon after Young'un mowed. I also got the 2 iris planted that I ordered. Lacy Snowflake--White & Knock Em Dead--yellow & light lavender/yellow ruffles on edge of falls. Lacy Snowflake had died & was part of a package so that was a replacement. I just thought the other was pretty & unusual.
Your flowers are always so pretty. I enjoy looking at them. Poke weed---a crazy looking plant but I like it. To me that is a sign of Fall when the berries form. Sunflowers are a sign of Fall also. I'm looking forward to Fall as I like it so much.

Frances said...

How wonderful it must be at your place, Marmee! Beauty and color and nature everywhere. Your sunflowers are magnificent! :-)

marmee said...


you really should grow some sunflowers...they are easy. they certainly add another dimension to the garden. i love the dark ones...this is the first year i had them.

it has been so muggy although some of the evenings have been nice.

marmee said...


we have had some cooler nights here but then it gets so hot during the day.
we have had some successes and some failures this year...all learning experiences. this has been a different summer weather wise.

i too am looking forward to the fall. i really love when the seasons change.

happy august.

marmee said...


i am excited about fall being close by too. i love watching the leaves turn and the colours it brings.
we have had a few cooler evenings which is nice for sitting outside.
isn't it great to get new plants in the ground. i am clearing a bed for another butterfly bush and some native asters. it is so hot so it is taking forever to get it ready.
happy fall.

marmee said...

thanks frances, summer does bring some wonderful beauty and colour. it is great to have so many things blooming.
we have had some very warm dryer days. things are winding down.
happy august.

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

marmee said...


thank you very much...i am glad you took the time to visit "things i love"
you are welcome here anytime.