it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

in the light of the sun

the sun was shining in the sky and there was not a cloud in the sight.
wonderful green shoots are everywhere.

mr. downey woodpecker was delighted with the
weather and the new suet.
mr. red-winged blackbird seemed to sense the peace in the air.
our garden angel was happily sitting in the sun.

along side the pretty faced pansies.

newly potted marigolds( a gift from an admirer of abbey at the market.)
mr. american goldfinch was basking and supping at the same time.

the sun was shining and a cool breeze blowing.
so off to the farmer's market we went.
we love to buy from our local farmers and artists.
we are part of "csa" community supported agriculture.
this our first year and it is with beaverdam creek farm.
we are very excited to be joining in this time around.
we have met lots of farmers at the market and we
made the decision to support this one.
we will be getting a share every week come harvest.
abbey is quite the little shopper at the market...everyone
is quite taken with her.

we bought handmade soy candles. peppermint for abbey.
lime/coconut for me.

dh and buster brown talking with local beefalo farmers from crabtree farms.

a friend of ours was having her baby's portrait sketched.

there were hand knitted scarfs and hand thrown
pottery. it was all glistening in the sunshine.
abbey's is fond of blue. she picked a blue/black/purple scarf.
there were potted gardens to take home.
it was such a lovely day with the sun's rays warming us...
being together...getting fresh my book perfect.


Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Abby is charming! It is exciting she is enjoying the market and the gardens. I also support local growers and artist. Your soy candles will be fantastic. Does Abby like to knit? I so wish I had learned when I was younger.
Thank you for taking us to the Market with you.
So happy you had a sunny day.

Rose said...

A perfect day indeed! Spring is definitely in the air at your home. Seeing all these photos of the farmers' market makes me eager for ours to open, but usually they don't begin here until May.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Thank you for leaving my Mika a message while we were gone on our cute....I love all your photos...the flowers are beautiful the colors...
Mo ;-)

Susie said...

In my book it sounds perfect to me too! That looks like a wonderful market. How lucky to be a member and get fresh produce weekly.

Nice photos as usual Marmee! I know you are having a happy Sunday!

Cheryl said...

Dear delightful. Abbey is a such a beautiful child, I can see why people are charmed by her.....
I to support our local farmers...fresh produce is left at my gate every week.....and it tastes so good.....and it is organic. I love to support local people wherever I can.
I loved seeing your looks to be very similar to here......
I love the marigolds.....such a bright and cheerful bloom....I believe hoverflies love them....

The candles sound wonderful.....lime and coconut, sounds gorgeous.......

tina said...

Sounds like a wonderful day Marmee. What fun it all is and how wonderful to have such a nice market close by.

joey said...

My kind of perfect day, Marmee! Love our Farmer's Markets (have 2 near and that is where you will find me in spring when not in the garden). Hit the nursery yesterday! Snow predicted for tomorrow :(

Meems said...

Yay! for blue skies and plenty of sunshine but still cool enough for long sleeves... that alone is enough to call it a perfect day.(it is sweaty hot here at 84 today- yuck) Add in a trip to your wonderful farmer's market and ... oh, my... you have created an even more perfect day!

So happy Abbey is a happy girl to tag along on the market adventures. She is still at that wondrous age of curiosity and charm. And let's not leave out what a charmer she herself is at the very first smile from her sweet countenance.

Your spring is arriving, Marmee... as sure as the days are lengthening and the season is changing. So many pretty birdies and blooms today and so many more surely to come. Happy, happy times!
hugs to the fam... special hugs for YOU!
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

SweetAnnee said...

Looks like a most fun day!!
I would love to do that.. it's too
early for the markets here..but soon.
fondly, Deena

Frances said...

Oh how cute she looks, Marmee. What an enjoyable trip. I envy the produce you will be getting, yum. I tried to vote for you but it said the voting was closed.

marmee said...


abbey is such a special little girl full of spirit and life. she and our boys like to go to the market. it's the best being able to help our local friends in the farming and artistic businesses. i don't knit but did try on several occasions. i am teaching her to sew. i would like to find someone to teach her. i think it is easier when you are younger plus then you can have a lifetime of enjoyment.
i am happy to take you along to market and that we had a wonderful sunny day.
hope you are having a blessed weekend.

marmee said...

so great to do so many nice things in one day and have great weather too. yes spring is definitely teases us with some wonderful days. our market stays open year round. they just decided to have a second day on wednesday in leiper's fork, which is just two minutes from here.
hope you will be enjoying yours soon.

marmee said...

hope you had a lovely trip. thanks for coming round to visit us here at "things i love". isn't spring and all it's colours wonderful.

marmee said...

susie, that's just a small bit of the market. it will grow and grow. they just started one out here this last week in our own little town of leiper's fork. just two minutes down the road. we went to both this week.
i love to go when the weather is so great. it makes all the difference to me.

marmee said...

dear cheryl,
most of the farmers are organic that are at the market and the one we are getting our stuff from is as well. it is a small farm of a family of four. you can click on their name in the blog if you'd like to see what they do. i really like the family idea of everyone helping and we get to talk to them everyweek at the market to see how it is all going.
that is so cool you get yours delivered. dh and i were in a coop some years ago back in fl. we took turns going to the market for all in the group. i love that we are getting more and more people interested in buying fresh.
i will be planting marigold seeds in a few more weeks. they are wonderful pests deterrents. we will be glad to have the hoverflies.
i am actually burning the candle right now and it does smell wonderful.
have a wonderful week.

marmee said...

tina, i wish you were a little closer so you could come and enjoy. i think you would really like it. they usually have live music too. have a great week.

Gail said...

Hi Marmee! It was a beautiful weekend...with cold weather heading our way I didn't plant a thing! Oh how I wanted to, it was delicious out there and the sunset last night was gorgeous! Is the Franklin Farmer's market open or is that another one you attended? I am thinking about a trip to Franklin this week there is a really cute store in town that I want to visit...It's off the square close to the chocolate shop. Is that still open? How can I contact you to see if we can meet? gail

Gail said...

ps I forgot to tell you I loved this post and your photos. Isn't Abbey adorable! gail

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love the farmer's markets too. Ours won't be starting for a few months. Wish I could find a succulent garden like one of those.

marmee said...

good morning joey,

so glad for you that you have 2 special markets near you.
can't wait to see what you found at the nusery. happy days!

marmee said...

spring arrives and leaves, then teases us again. it's in the mid thirties this morning and it might snow tonight. i realize this is the the seasons growing pains, it helps to cope with it if you understand it can't all come at once.
we had a very nice weekend and spent quite a bit of out of doors. abbey had a good time making choices and helping us pick what to get.
we still are very damp but we managed to get the grass cut anyway. i am just so glad there are some days of sun and warmth.
sorry it is already so hot there. but isn't that good for the garden?
love you and hugs.

marmee said...

we really enjoy our market but it gets a lot larger once the weather is warmer. it will be fun for you to visit yours when it opens.
happy spring day to you.

marmee said...

thank you for trying to vote for me. i joined the contest late and it is closed but i thought it was worth a try. somebody giving you 50 thousand dollars to go take photos(which i love doing.)
you don't have a market near you?
abbey so enjoys going around and looking at all the handmade things. have a happy spring day.

marmee said...

dear gail,

that was the franklin farmer's market. they actually stay open year round. it's just they don't have nearly as much during the winter months. it is starting to pick up now. they are going to be coming to leiper's fork on wednesday afternoons.
is the cute little store in franklin philanthropy? i like that place a lot but i don't know if i have ever bought anything from there.
yes i would love to see you. you can email me,

marmee said...

wished you lived closer so you could visit our market.
i had never seen the potted succulents there before. will your local nursery have anything like that? have a happy cool spring day.

Darla said...

I'll say that was a perfect day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marmee, Sorry you are having trouble leaving comments on my blog. What is the problem??? Nobody else has mentioned it... So Sorry!!! Don't give up.

I love your blog--but when thinking about how gorgeous it was yesterday outside and then watching it snow here today---well, that's a problem!!!! I'm SO ready for spring and don't like the cold weather this time of year.

The Farmer's Market sounds great.. You got some great things there---and I'm sure you'll love it when the veggies all come in!!!! YUM!!!

Have a great day.

marmee said...

darla, we are expecting snow maybe tonight or in the morning. hope all is well with you.

marmee said...

thanks betsy, i won't stop trying. i agree i need some warmth. the only good thing about cold this time of year is that we lit a fire tonight.
happy days to you.

Cyndee Greene said...

Hi Marmee~
With your wonderful comment on my blog, I just had to come here to see you. Your face is familiar so I know I have been here before.
I LOVE your journey to your farmer's market. You have reminded me of something that I would like to do.
Abbey is absolutely adorable! You have just sent me off in a fantasy & I must go see if I can make it come true. I'm going to see if I can find this young foster girl that wrote such a heartfelt letter about the family she wanted. And maybe one day we will spend time at our farmer's market buying soy candles........
I love your blog Marmee. I will be back.

marmee said...

you have a huge heart and it is evident in the words that you say. it would be nice for you to find this child and make her wish come true for a day. i truly treasure my moments with my children, abbey is our youngest of six. we are having a wonderful time parenting her with alittle more wisdom than the others. i hope you will find this child and fullfill something in you too.

Femin Susan said...

Abby is a charming child. It will be exciting for her the market and gardens.

Wendy said...

What a perfect day! Sunshine and blossoms and farmer's market. And, of course, little Abby. The little baby is sweet too - awaiting her portrait. What fun!
I think I'd choose lime and coconut candles too. Smells like you're on vacation in some exotic place!

Bren said...

Your photography is breath taking. I love the magnolia on the right side bar. Mine are just starting to bud. Happy Spring!