it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

brooding sky...

with dazzling light.
that's the kind of day today was.
wild thunderstorms blowing limbs of trees off
like a kid twisting a twig.
black looming clouds were overhead most of the day.
the kind of day you stay indoors.
but at a moments notice as the sun is going down on the horizon...the bright
shining sunlight makes everything in it's path dazzle.
the water droplets on blades of grass and leaves of clover are sparkling.
i am drawn to the outside like the moth is to a flame.
forget that i have been in bed the past two days with a severe allergy attack.
forget that i might relapse....all is forgotten in a dazzling moment.
the beauty is indescribable.
so i snatch up my trusty camera(for who ventures outside without theirs)
and for thirty minutes or so i am captivated.

the ground is wet between my toes and there is a cool breeze blowing.
a chill runs up my back but i am in a wonderland of beauty.

and then just as fast as it came it leaves and the sky starts brooding again.


Dirt Princess said...

It rained here all day long. It was badly needed! Some pretty bad thunderstorms, and high winds. Th eplants really needed a good rain. We haven't had any rain since March!

teresa said...

Such wonderful photos. There is nothing as welcomed as a beautiful spring day1

Susie said...

Girl I hope ya'll didn't get any of the storms we got. But we got lucky compared to some of the other places in MS.

Cheryl said...

Poor you....I do hope you are feeling much better soon Marmee.

Wonderful captures....mother nature never ceases to captive and amaze us.
I see you have ants on your peony bud' do I. Snap.
Love your dogs blue eyes.....they are just so wolf......


Lola said...

We had showers today. Not bad as they were predicting thunder storms. It did thunder slightly. Don't like all that noise, lightening don't like it at all.
Your flowers are coming along fine.
Love those blue eyes.
Do hope all are doing ok from the storm.
Happiness is great.

Roses and Lilacs said...

We had little periods of rain here but not nearly enough overall.

I always enjoy your photos. It's like walking around the yard with you while you point out this and that.

Hoping the rain has washed the air clean and you'll get some relief from those allergies.

joey said...

I never know what to focus on, dear Marmee, your delightful posts or the faces of your beautiful children ... great gifts and most certainly, 'things you love'!