it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

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Friday, October 3, 2008

my surrounding countryside

i have had a very busy week. i finally got my son jesse's books for homeschooling so i have been pouring over the lessons trying to get him started. we are combining his jr. and sr. year because he was ahead with credits. but it is a challenge to know how to best accomplish this.
also my son ethan, had his first accident trying to avoid hitting a deer. no one was hurt but he has been without his car and wanting to borrow dh 's truck.
plus he was looking for a job.

our youngest abbey, had an audition for the nashville nutcracker and made it so there are extra practises and meetings to go to.

but no matter what when i drive around in my countryside something peaceful takes over.

i love the hay covered fields on my road.
we live on a very long winding road with few houses.

it makes for a lovely thought provoking drive.

the leaves are just starting to blush with fall colours.

there is a coolness to the breezes blowing.

a single blossom catches my eye.

against the blue sky a dragonfly is perched on bare branches.

a skipper alights an orange bloom.

bee is busily gathering pollen.

we call these faux apples and i love the textural aspect of them.

stick bug is playing on the cosmos.

all is right with the world after my drive.


Gail said...


Several of your descriptions are very poem like...look at this one:

against the blue sky
a dragonfly is perched on
bare branches.

It's a lovely post!


tina said...

I find it is very relaxing driving around too. Glad your son is fine and all is well this fall.

Darla said...

Sounds like not only have you been busy but you will continue to be. You deserved the drive!

marmee said...


thank you for the compliment.
dh is the poem writer.
so maybe a little has rubbed off on me.

marmee said...

my life is a full life. my son was shaken but fine.
thank you tina!

marmee said...

yes darla everybodies life gets busy at this time of year, right?
driving is just one way of getting that peaceful easy feeling.

Gail said...


I was so charmed by your poetry I forgot to tell you I am so very glad you son is fine!


joey said...

Thanks, Marmeee, for the poetic description on this peaceful tour of your lovely countryside. You are a lucky gal surrounded by all that beauty.

marmee said...

that is so sweet of you gail to come back and tell me about my son. thank you!

marmee said...

thank you joey, my countryside is so beautiful it is my pleasure to share it with you. i am indeed very blessed to live here.

Rusty in Miami said...

You have a great drive, unlike my that is all heavy traffic. I like your Blog

Wendy said...

Lovely, peaceful post. I enjoyed driving with you.
Congratulations for your daughter's successful audition! Is it ballet? You'll have to post pics of the show.

Poor Ethan - I hope it was his first and last accident.

Home schooling for Jesse - something I wish I'd done years ago. Good luck.
Your pics are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a busy week. Your countryside seems like a peaceful place to live. I would love to have a drive like that everyday.

Anonymous said...

wow the dragonfly is awesome and i love how its just the dragonfly and branches in the pic with the sky as the backdrop, simple yet beautiful, your flowers are beautiful too, I don't know how you ever need to go anywhere you have beautiful nature around you at every turn at your own house, some people get to live in the most beautiful places and I don't know if they realize it, i think pointing and clicking does help you see the little things that you might not notice otherwise - rach

marmee said...

r in m,
thanks for coming by, glad you enjoyed your first visit.

marmee said...

yes wendy, it is a ballet. we are so proud of her. thanks for your concern about ethan and jesse.
so happy you could join my peaceful easy drive.

marmee said...

i do have great places to drive away from the hustle and bustle of life. it is a true blessing. i can hardly stand to drive in town.

marmee said...

dearest rach,
thank you so very much for coming by(even though it was sorta forced on you.) i love you dearly for your ability to just be you. that is a gift and you should be glad of it.
i do realize the beauty around me and am enjoying with all my heart capturing it thru my lens. sharing it with others has been a joy.
the dragonfly photo was one of my favourites too. i love the simplicity of the beauty of nature.
thanks again my dear one. you have made my bday complete.

Meems said...

Dearest Marmee... a perfectly wonderful way to ease the tensions of life. Nothing like a countryside vista to clear the mind of clutter.

I always thrill to see rolls of hay in a wide open field. There used to be so many of them surrounding us but alas so many have been taken over by big housing developments. you are far enough out of the city (along with your zoning)you will never have to see what we've seen.

Very lovely drive indeed and so many great scenes shared.
much love, Meems

Susie said...

I love a drive in the countryside.It is so peaceful and relaxing. I love the picture of you with that little smile on your face. You look quite relaxed even though it sounds like you have been very busy.

marmee said...

hello meems, hopefully one day soon i can take you on one of those lovely drives. it is a quick escape for the mind.i am so fortunate to live where the land will be preserved forever in landtrusts. so my children and their children and their children, etc... will see plenty of haystacks.thanks for joining me via photos.

marmee said...

i too love to drive in quiet places of solitude. thank you susie for coming along for the ride.