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it's that time of year

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

these are a few of my favourite things

i have been tagged also!

thanks to darla at

she has invited me to play. i have posted 7 things i love. wait that is what my whole blog is about. so you could just look at anything i have blogged about but i guess i will play along and post 7 new things.

seven of you lucky people i have tagged get to play along.

post the rules and a link back to me
post 7 random things you love.
then tag 7 other bloggers(which they will love you for it) and leave a comment on their blog page to let them know they have been tagged.

this is the one and only time i will be doing this so please don't tag me again.

these a few of the things that i love...

...raindrops on cosmos...

and whiskers on kittens,

bright copper kettles i use for composting...

brown coloured puppies,
wrapped up in scarfs...

these are few of the things that i love...

heirloom tomatoes ripen for eating ...

single pumpkins just for the pickin'

hand painted tole trays in quaint antique stores...

chandelier baubles with colours galore.

oops! i did eight.


Unknown said...

Thank you for playing. I thought it would easy for you since your blog is about things you love, sorry.

Arissa Mae said...

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing. Some of those things remind me of some other people's loves...

marmee said...

oh darla it's alright but i hate the going back and forth trying to get all the info. thanks for thinking of me. it turned out to be fun. just would n't want to do it again.

marmee said...

arissa mae,
oh how i have missed you glad you are back, right? or are you just using someone elses loner. i'll be checking your other stuff out soon.

Cheryl said...

Lovely post...whatever you post I seem to love.....I do not do tags either....I just feel like I have gone back to school again...I have put a note on my sidebar asking people not to tag me....

Cute dog.....

marmee said...

cheryl, i saw that you didn't want to be tagged when i first started visitin your blog i didnt't even know what it was. now i do. oh well no harm, no foul, but i don't want to do it again.
i find it is hard enough to fit in blogging... which i love so far.
thanks for your sweet words i am glad we found each others blogs. i really look forward to seeing what you are going to post.
have you checked out my sister's blog, way different than mine but lush and tropical beauty abounds there. hers is :
she has wonderful grounds like you do. i think you would like hers.
have a great week.

Susie said...

Marmee-I enjoyed looking at your random things. I love how you made a rhyme at the end.

Wendy said...

Hi Marmee - loved your pics and song "my favourite things". I loved that movie(Sound of Music) with Julie Andrews. Clever of you to put your things with the song!

Thanks for the tag. Not sure if I'll play, because so many out there don't want to be tagged any more, that I'd have a hard time finding people. Will give it some thought, though.
Thanks again.

marmee said...

susie i know if i were clever enough i could have rhymed more but dh is the poet. i don't like being tagged but it was fun in the end.

marmee said...

thanks i love it too and it seemed fitting to put with my new kittens whiskers.
it doesn't matter to me if you play being tagged it can be annoying but if it hits you it is fine.

Gail said...

What a fun way to participate in a tag. I fear you have used the best idea! I am tickled that you thought of me but...Would you understand if I declined?


marmee said...

gail of course i don't mind at all. i really don't like these myself but i thought i would try it. i don't want to do anymore.
meems wanted me to tell you she is coming to visit me and we both thought it would be fun to meet. how would you feel about that?

joey said...

Dearest Marmee ... I'm touched that you chose me, you are such a dear. Honored by your thoughts, I hate to decline since I've posted them before so hope you don't mind if I share my thoughts here with you ... perhaps others will follow ... fun to see as I enjoyed reading yours!

These are the things that 'I love':

... I must admit ~ I get my best sleep after my husband crawls out of bed in the AM to grind Starbucks French Roast for the morning brew and I can sprawl out, hogging the whole bed to myself.
... I confess to ~ hording pocketfuls of peanut M&Ms in my nightshirt pocket and, once warm, nibble sinfully while reading a good novel in bed.
... Music taste runs wild ~ Bob Dylan, Rachmaninoff, Nina Simone, Kronos Quartet, Diana Krall, Debussy, Jane Oliver, Django Reinhardt, Roy Orbison, Chopin, Don Shirley, Gershwin, Michael Nyman, Jimmy Durante ...
... Favorite pastime ~ loosing myself 'painting with plants' in the garden, creating memorable meals in the kitchen, hiding behind the lens of my camera, writing into the wee hours of the morning, precious moments shared with 'grandboys'.
... A 'perfect' day ~ 'prayerful' morning walks, family visiting the lake, scary go-cart rides through hilly white pine & cedar scented woods, bonfires, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, late-night suppers, sleeping beneath the roof with those I love.
... A 'perfect' evening ~ festive dinner parties with family and friends, moonlight nights at the lake (late suppers then sleeping in my creaking hammock on the screened porch, listening to the yodeling loons and watching lazy fishing boats troll by).
... Though of French decent, identify more with 'smidgens' of my Native American heritage through heartfelt stories, told at the knee of my mother (and why I write in her honor)
... Costco addict!
... Life beside my husband and family.

(Now all will see ... why I am indeed a 'Ho-Hum Housewife' ... for these are 'The Things That I LOVE)

Q said...

That was fun!
Thank you.
Joey just tickles me. She has the good life.
I will go visit your sister too.
Wrote the web site down.
It is so good to get to know you. The meems are nice for that. I do not do them any more either. At first I did.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Marmee. Some of your favorite things are mine to. Heirloom tomatoes, I'm sure gonna miss them in another week when they freeze. And I collect those old tole trays, aren't they pretty?

Thanks for the tag. I'm thinking of 7 things I could post.

TC said...

We have a chance to get two kittens to replace the one we lost. One of the possible replacements is black.
I love heirloom tomatoes and don't grow any others.

marmee said...

joey are you kidding you are anything but ho-hum. you sound like the kind of wife , mother and friend anyone would want to have and hold dear.

i don't mind at all and am so happy you took the time to share with me all that you love.
i want to come on some of these lovely times...late suppers then sleeping in my creaking hammock on the screened porch...heartfelt stories, told at the knee of my mother... hiding behind the lens of my camera.

this is too funny coz it is the same for me all of it even the sb/coffee,
I get my best sleep after my husband crawls out of bed in the AM to grind Starbucks French Roast for the morning brew and I can sprawl out, hogging the whole bed to myself.

as my blog suggests i guess there are a lot of things i love because i am still posting. if i ever run out of things i will stop.

Anonymous said...
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marmee said...

hey marnie i think it is so cool that we like some of the same things. i really wanted to do some canning this year so i could put up some of our heirloom tomatoes i just didn't get around to learning how. my grandmother used to do it and i wish i had paid attention. i collect them too those were actually mine that i posted and i have more. i like to use mine.
i will be looking forward to seeing your 7 things, thanks.

October 15, 2008 8:20 PM

marmee said...

sorry for the lose of your cat. hope you enjoy your new kittens should you decide to get them.
i also can't eat any tomatoes other than heirloom.

Meems said...

Marmee, How did I miss this post? Oh yeah... I've been watching a toddler for the past 5 days. This was a very good way of displaying even more of the things you love... my faves of YOUR faves... the chandelier and always the hand painted tole trays... you DO have a great collection.

marmee said...

meems,glad you finally found this.
i was tagged and had to make it interesting.