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it's that time of year

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ribbons and glitter

we were all up for the challenge
of decorating pumpkins.
there were ribbons,
glue, glitter, and carving utensils.

this is grace's glitter girl but she got bored pretty quickly.
she is only 2 years old.

this is my beautiful daughter, esther and her little girl, grace.

dad and abbey got right into the action.

rachel and elle were happy to get started.

soon everyone had joined in on the fun.

gwyn was very determined to do it herself.

abbey and dad created a girly kitty face.

jess was taking his time.

left over pumpkin became a cat and bat.

even jade got in on the decorating.

i made a fat cat in our honour of our new kitty.

ellery and david loving on jade.

ethan and canaan combined their skills.

was this a look-a-like contest.

the bat in the pumpkin?

hearts are always in style, way to go rach and esther.

a fun evening was had by all and newly decorated pumpkins were ready for displaying!


Patsi said...

What a fun time !!
Really enjoyed your post.

Darla said...

You are very blessed to have your family all there at once and everyone participating. Good job was done by all.

Susie said...

Obviously everyone was having a great time! It's hard to tell who was having the best time though; all the family or Jade?

Roses and Lilacs said...

What a good idea, decorating as a group. I enjoy projects like that, watching everybody get creative while having fun;)

marmee said...

patsi, thanks for coming by. i am glad you enjoyed.

marmee said...

i am a very blessed mom and was great having my family all here and having my daughter and grand daughter from florida made it even more special.

marmee said...

everyone was having fun, it is great to watch my older children having kid like fun and helping the younger ones accomplish their creations. jade loves ALL the attention she was getting. around here that can be overwhelming.

marmee said...

it is like the old one room school houses. the young inspiring the older and the older helping the young. i love it. my life has been like that. my oldest is 29 and youngest is 9, with 4 grands mixed in.

Cheryl said...

You are such a lovely fun family......tks for including me in your pumpkin moments......

Gail said...


You have the best family parties! What a wonderful tradition to have pumpkin decorating!


Meadowview Thymes said...

What a fun thing to do with your family! That was a great idea--I can tell everyone had such a good time. Wonderful memories!!

marmee said...

thanks cheryl, i do so love my family and we had a great time.
i love to share these moments.

marmee said...

gail i love tradition and doing things the whole family can do together. we had a wonderful evening.

marmee said...

we all did enjoy even the big kids. i really love having family gatherings.

tina said...

You guys must have had one heck of a bat up party! Oops-I mean bang up party:)

marmee said...

tina i think you were right the first time. bat up party!

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

It looks like your family had a FUN time!

I love the enamel pot as a planter. I have a pot almost exactly like that and I think I'll plant something in it. Did you drill drainage holes in the bottom?

I think you should use the garden gate as a "headboard", make "bed slats" out of wood and plant a bed of flowers See what I mean at the bottom of my blog!

marmee said...

we did have a great time.

the pot had rusted thru in small places but i would have drilled holes if it hadn't.

i love the idea for a bed with the gate as headboard. i am always looking for a bed (complete) for the garden but i don't want to pay a hefty price. i love your pink bed in the roses. is that in your backyard? thanks for coming by.