it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Friday, October 17, 2008

thompson station

this is another road near me that i get

to drive along going to my daughter's house.

there are cute little barns like this one.

i especially like the flag, old foundation

stones and the natural colour.

this is a spring house on the same

property as the barn.

i only have a few blooms besides the tons of cosmos

in my wildflower garden. it 's looking very leggy in there

but i can't bring myself to end it.

this single orange blossom is not quite right.

of course my cosmos are my bright and shining stars.

they will be in my garden forever!


flydragon said...

You have some great views while traveling around your area. I too like the old barn with what looks to be a new flag.

Amy said...

we live in Thompsons Station/Spring Hill now and there is no prettier place to be this time of year! We love it!

Susie said...

Another nice view! Old barns are great! I wonder about their history when I see them. I wonder if they ever had kids that played in them or if they ever housed livestock.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Thompson Station is a lovely place. Had some friends who lived there and raised quarter horses. In fact the entire central and eastern state is very picturesque;)

marmee said...

i do have wonderful vistas all around me. i have been wanting to take a picture of that barn forever

marmee said...

amy hey how are you?
still going to the river?
it is beautiful there!
i am glad you love it.

marmee said...

i love old barns, antiques too,
i always imagine who and what the people would have been like that owned them, what there purpose was. it intrigues me.

marmee said...

it is lovely and i drive it several times a week going to see my oldest daughter/grandkids who lives in spring hill. i don't mind the drive at all.

Dave said...

You're pretty close to where we are. We're on the southern side of SH but frequently head up toward TS. The cosmos looks very nice. i know what you mean about stuff getting legging. I hate to cut anything down until it's completely finished.

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee.....the countryside around you is charming.....I love to see where other people live....

Of course your cosmos will be there forever they are such pretty flowers........

Have a lovely weekend with your family.......

marmee said...

i am glad you came by. welcome to "things i love."
it is funny what has happened with the cosmos. i thought they were completed finished and now i may have more now than i did during the summer. but they are all at the end of very leggy brownish foliage. i will leave them as long as they have so many blooms.

marmee said...

my weekend is going to be such fun. we are having my daughter and granddaughter from fl come for a visit/ we will be having a harvest/costume party while she is here. i can't wait to visit with them both.
i really like to see where others live too.i enjoy your post of the walks down the street and around the buildings a while ago.
our weather has made a decidely cooler turn so it is very nice.
have a wonderful weekend too

Gail said...

I love the country scenes you show us! Williamson County is lovely...but really, isn't our middle Tennessee community fantastic! The cosmos are wonderful and sweet. Gail

marmee said...

yes, gail i am thrilled to live here. being originally from florida for forty years, i still so appreciate the seasonal changes here and the amazing landscape vistas. i am sure everyone wants to see it,hehe.
my sis, meems is coming here and wants to meet could you email me. thanks gail!

Wendy said...

Your cosmos are beautiful. I do hope they stay around for a while. My dream is to garden all year around, somewhere....

Your countryside is charming. I don't know how the little barn stays put with only those stones holding it up.

tina said...

It sounds like you LOVE to drive. Me too-when I have no destination; which doesn't happen often. I love the barns too.

marmee said...

i thought the same thing about the barn and we have tornados, too.
i have lived where you can garden year round in sis, meems @hoe and shovel does it. her garden is 20 plus years in the making and it is gorgeous all year round. i really am enjoying the seasonal changes that a cooler climate allows.

marmee said...

driving is definitely more fun just for enjoyment. it seems like anywhere we go from out here in the country is a 25 minute min. so i am glad i like to drive. i do so appreciate the fact that i now have very lovely drives. when i can i drive our convertable sportscar and that is alot of fun. my dh and i also ride motorcycles which is also great.
we have so many great barns on our drives, maybe i should do a post on just those. i really love to photograph them. i usually am on my way somewhere and don't take the time.
hope you enjoyed your reprieve from posting but i will look forward to seeing what you have next.

joey said...

I enjoyed my ride beside you, Marmee, on this crisp autumn day. Loving barns also, someday will simply post those. Cosmos were one of my mother's favorites, and mine also. Do yours reseed?

marmee said...

there's an idea, joey of just posting old barns. i have a dream of just driving around the country photographing old barns, churches, old doors, windows and then making a book, a feast for the eyes.
one day...
this is my first year planting cosmos from seed. so we will see if they reseed.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I envy your drive! I am so enthralled with barns and the countryside. And flowers don't have to be perfect. They are nature's perfection.

marmee said...

thanks brenda i appreciate your sweet comments. i am so grateful for my drive and the land surrounding me.
i am glad you came by you are welcomed here anytime.

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Oh, please, please, please, Lord, let the trees still be pretty in two weeks. Beautiful post. Beautiful road.

The cosmos are keepers for sure!

Sarah Laurence said...

Marmee, nice fall foliage and flowers. The little barn is cute. Lovely winding road photos in your post below. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful countryside.

marmee said...

thank meems i think you are safe on the trees, some have changed some have not yet. i just happen to feature the ones that are changing. the cosoms are sooooo tall way over 6 feet but all brown at bottom but all the blooms have caused me to leave them alone.
see you soon!
the leaves and me are waiting!

marmee said...

sarah l,
yes i am very blessed to live in leiper's fork, tn. i love it here and the land that is all around me is so beautiful and inspiring. thanks for coming.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Lovely drive! I live in the city and love to get out into the country side when ever I can. Old barns and old farm equipment are heavenly!
I also drive a convertable and do lots of top down motoring...nice for birding.
"Hi" to your sis. Have fun.
Cosmos are always in my gardens too. The bees love them.

marmee said...

thk you,sherry, seems
we have lots in common.
i am so fortunate to live in this lovely area and drive around in this countryside. glad you could see it with me.