it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Friday, September 26, 2008

let's hear it for the red, white and purple?

my spent oakleaf hydrangeas giving off a reddish hue!

my le jar den angel, watching over my white potted plant.

my new pansy, delta tapestry, recently planted in a window box.

my new acquisition from woodbury, ole' feed depot and antique store.
i found this little town on the way home from camping and added these to my potting shed. i love red in any decor.

swiss chard developing well with many hues of red.

the most recent wildflower to show up in a spiky lavender colour.

this cute little fellow along side my barn with buds and blooms of purple.

the last of my raspberries.

two red zinnias.

there were only a few white cosmos but so striking.

purply red verbena.

this is a bush with thorns planted just outside my front porch.

i believe this to be nandina with berries.

i am still learning all that is here in tennessee.
this is a small tree with already turned leaves.

a beautiful reddish coloured cosmos, my favourite.

deep coloured purple stock.

light lavender cosmos.

a bunch of pansies waiting to be planted in their new home.

this has just popped up all over the wildflower garden. i am not sure if it is a weed or flower? but i like the colour.

newly planted pansies blooming.

my newly planted mums are beginning to bloom.

pansy bud in with the swiss chard.

thanks everyone for coming by and seeing my favourite colours in my garden.
have a nice weekend!


flydragon said...

Great pictures as always. Love the new additions to your potting shed and the detail on those red zinnias!!!!!!!!!!

tina said...

Beautiful colors and beautiful pictures! I like them all except that weed. Pretty but I always pull mine out. I have it too. Hopefully someone can identify it as I am having a moment and can't remember it. Looks like lots of red berries just in time for fall from your nandinas.

marmee said...

thanks flydragon,
i am soooo excited to have my new pots and i did love those zinnias.

i do wish someone can help us out with this weed i.d. i love the berries on the nandinas, i have quite a few planted by previous owner. i am also leaving the raspberries on the bush for a treat for my outdoor friends.

Cheryl said...

I love your taste in the additions to your potting shed......I don't know why but visiting you always makes me feel nostalgic......

your flowers are lovely....I particularly like the lavender cosmos......
The plant you thought might be a weed is not classed as one here. I have it in my garden but cannot remember its name.....bees adore it.......

A lovely lovely post......

Susie said...

Marmee-All your flowers look amazing! I love all those rosy reds and pinks. That shrub with thorns is a Barberry.

Love your new additions to your potting shed.

marmee said...

nostalgic is good. thank you.
i love old things and ways as well as new things and ways. right now most of my wildflowers are in their last stages. so this little purply pink weed is okay with me.

i really don't have a ton of things blooming in mass so these little bright spots are a welcomed.
i am so happy to have found these items to use in the potting shed, they were very reasonable too.

Sarah Laurence said...

marmee, such beautiful fall colors in your garden! I'm amazed you still has raspberries and those look so tasty.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I love your potting shed additions! Do you have more on your potting shed? That's one of those things I would love, but can't have! (no room!) :)

Wendy said...

Lovely garden - bright colours are very pretty. Wish I could be planting pansies now. Our fall weather is here and we are putting our gardens to bed (canada).

marmee said...

thank you sarah. this is a great time of year to show your colours.
i have left the raspberries for the creatures that come to visit our garden. it was hard to not eat them.

yes i have done a post on the potting shed. in august called "where it all takes root"
check it out you would love it.
happy autumn to you!

thank you for coming by and i am glad you enjoyed your time here in my garden. my darling hubby is from canada, so we go up there alot. beautiful country!

Meems said...

Hey Marmee, So many great blooms and in all my favorite colors. AND those new additions to the potting shed are quite perfect.

Has anyone ID'd the purplel spiky wildflower? Very pretty. The cosmos, berries, zinnias, swiss chard all giving your autumn garden some colorful spots to enjoy!

Hope you had a great weekend as I come to you from the second floor veranda of our B&B tonight. Really perfect weather and charming place. Talk soon.

nina said...

That little pink arrival looks like smartweed.
Technically a weed, but I like it.
And it fills otherwise barren spots.

Your hydrangea looks humongous!!

Q said...

WOW! You have so much in bloom!
I love the reds and purples of Autumn too.
Thanks for the bloom tour.

Rose said...

I agree, such lovely colors, Marmee. The nandina bush with berries is very striking, and I love the delta tapestry pansy.
I think that is a weed you've pictured; it looks much like some growing around our sheds, but caught by your camera it looks quite attractive!

Roses and Lilacs said...

So many beautiful photos. Love the zinnias. I have to plant some next year.

Darla said...

Great flowers, love the new containers for your potting shed. I'm going in the morning to find some pansies myself.

The Brenda Blog said...

I can't wait to find pansies to buy! I love their sweet, pixy little faces! Your flowers are so pretty. I hardly have a thing left blooming.

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

I Love the red pump & enamel pails. I love purple is a garden and have lots of it myself. It's such a great color. I did a whole blog about purple awhile back.

I have several angels in my backyard and gargoyles in the front yard.

marmee said...

thank you for stopping by "things i love". you are welcome here. i do like this little smartweed as you put it. it is filling in my wildflower garden where the other things are waining. it looks quite nice.

marmee said...

thank you meems, as the summer is fading here and all the excitement of having summer veggies and wildflowers is waining. we are welcoming the season as it changes slowly. any respite in the heat is always good as you well know. we are still in desperate need of rain once again. i am fairly glad i didn't plant a fall veggie garden because there would be so much hand watering. the flowers i have planted are longing for a real drink of rain.
your veranda rest sounds wonderful. i am glad it turned out to be somewhere you are enjoying. will i see anything on the blog about it?

marmee said...

sherry, it may seem like a lot but it really isn't. but plenty to keep up with seeing as we have had no rain. i don't have irrigation here so it's me and the hose everyday.
purple and red are the perfect autumnal tones to me.thanks for sharing it with me.

marmee said...

i am drawn to the deep richness of the darker colours. i used the delta tapestry for the first time. it is going up against my red house in a window box as soon as it gets established.
i love the way that smartweed looks in the sunlight.
i am glad you came by and enjoyed my fall planting.

marmee said...

there are so many pansies and so little time. i want to see which ones you choose. my containers have already been so useful and dh has already hung them on the wall for me. i wanted to have all my counter space for planting new stuff. welcome home.

marmee said...

i too love the faces of pansies. i feel like they are always smiling and happy looking. most of the plantings are new and in containers near my hose so i can readily water them. thanks for coming.

marmee said...

i so appreciate you coming by.
the red pump is just for looks and the enamel pots and pitcher will be used to water and hold potting soil or be planted in.
i read your post on purple and left some other names for purple as you had requested.
see you soon.

Leedra said...

Boy, you make it hard to choose a favorite with this great series of photographs. But, still going to say my favorite is the last pansy photographs. I keep picking out the pansies in people's blogs this morning.

Gail said...


Really beautiful blooms in your late September garden! The Woodbury finds are wonderful, I love enamel. You know the Mistflower, now and the other is Smartweed...I like its happy pink color, too.


marmee said...

you don't have to pick a favourite but i love the pansies too. thx. it is a great time of year to enjoy all the different pansies available. happy fall!

marmee said...

hope your trip to ri was nice.
those enamel pots will be so handy.
yes a few have said smartweed, have you found it to be invasive in your garden? just wondering if i should let it do it's thing?
thanks gail!

marmee said...

yes you should plant some zinnias, you would love them and the bees and butterflies love them. thank you, happy fall to you.

ms tranquility said...

really sweet post about the bright spots of flowers round and about. doesn't life seem simpler when we take notice of the little things that bring color and charm to our small world? with so much news of negatives lately, it is so refreshing to just take a stroll along your garden pathway, and relax from all the hullabaloo! thanks for sharing your haven with us through your camera lens!
i don't do much gardening, but i picked up a couple of fall plants this week just to brighten my back patio. it does seem to add some vitality to your day to just enjoy a small change in the scenery. happy fall!

marmee said...

ms. tranquility,
i like it! the name i mean. glad you finally decided to join me again in my garden. my fall garden is scaled back from the summer one, but with no rain it has been challenging. i am so glad i didn't plant any fall veggies because they would all be suffering right now.
what fall plants did you get for your patio! hope all is well.
miss you love you mom!