it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

front porch decor

this is a little movie i put together with my new laptop. just trying to see what it could do! i didn't know how to do much editing. but i am going to work on that.

i am sharing a few things i put out for the fall>

thanks for coming by and seeing my front porch.

i'll be posting more as i get it done


Darla said...

That looks good so far..

Anonymous said...

Love the fall decorations and I envy you having a real porch. :) I have a stoop which isn't quite as homey. The urn is so great with it's patina finish.

tina said...

That bronze pumpkin is sure something special.

flydragon said...

Loooooove your front porch. I also only have a stoop and pgl is right, it's not the same as a porch. I want yours!!!!!!!!!!!

marmee said...

darla, pgl, & tina,

thanks for watching.
it's a little silly but
i am a photo fanatic.
so playing around with photos is fun.
next time i want music and only one scene.

Gail said...


Wonderful video! They are fun aren't they! Porches are wonderful, your is delightful.


marmee said...

pgl, and flydragon,

come and sit anytime you want to on my porch and we will swing and talk gardens!

marmee said...

thank you gail,
let's try and meet up at the farmer's market i will be out of town the next two weeks but after that. sept 27? meet for coffee?

Amy said...

I really love the colors of your house. Your property is beautiful. Happy Fall!

marmee said...

hi amy how are you? long time no see. thx for finding my blog. i really love it but am way too addicted so soon.
i appreciate your nice commments on the house and property.
i didn't realize you lived in t/station. i drive to spring hill all the time thru there on my way to my daughter rachel's.
do you ever eat at t/s grille?

marmee said...

oh yeah TINA, that bronze pumpkin used to be green. i left it out last season on a side porch and it got really moldy but i scrubbed it down good and i actually like it better now. funny, huh?

mamajil said...

Very pretty pictures! I love your porch!!Thanks for stopping by my blog!

marmee said...

thx for coming by and loving my porch.