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it's that time of year

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my hamlet, my town


i am so blessed to live in this town.
it is cute from head to toe.
it is very community minded.
there is always something interesting going on.

this is my favourite place to shop. serenite' maison, all things french and antique.

beautiful , new guinea impatiens in town, thanks meems.

a place to eat outside.

wonderful modern things, vintage pieces, and english antiques at old hillsboro antiques.

one of the three places to eat, backyard cafe'.
homemade soups, fresh made sandwiches and salads, divine freshly baked cakes.
i love to eat here at least once a week, yummy coconut cake.

we live in a community of the arts.
musicians, artists of every kind.
their work is on display here.

we have unique weekend entertainment on friday and saturday nights.
the lawn chair theater, an outdoor place to pull up your lawn chair and enjoy an oldie with family and friends during summer and fall.

we have a lot of antique shops and this one is actually my neighbor. she lives in a historic house and her shop is in one of the out buildings. it was built in the
1800's. she has wonderful old furniture and frames.


Gail said...

Leiper's Fork is charming. My husband was there last weekend for lunch...Puckett's for a burger with a few guy pals. It seems like a delightful community.


Meems said...

It is just has that small-town feel. And beautiful countryside too. The buildings and businesses are so quaint! BTW:(I think your "town begonia" might actually be a new guinea impatien - at least that's what it looks like to me.)

That outdoor theater sounds like a fun thing to do too.

marmee said...

charming is a good description!
we are loving it here.

Darla said...

What a precious place, I was looking for Sheriff Taylor or Deputy Barney when I saw the law enforcement car. One day I'll live in a smaller community I hope, not much of a city girl

garden girl said...

Hi Marmee, what a lovely little town you live in! It looks like a wondeful place to call home.

Susie said...

Oh my goodness, I want to live there!!! Thanks for showing us Leiper's Fork. It looks like a lovely place to live.

flydragon said...

I can see why you love living there. I would too!!! Great photos.

tina said...

It looks to be a very quaint town indeed.

marmee said...

thank you everyone GAIL, MEEMS, DARLA, GARDEN GIRL, SUSIE, FLYDRAGON, AND TINA. i do love this little town and it's countryside(be looking for a post on the land surrounding us.) even before i lived here i would visit it often. if you click on HISTORIC LEIPER'S FORK on the post it is a link to tell you more in case anyone would ever want to vacation here in the nashville area. if you don't live in a small town it would be a fun place to visit.

also click the links backyard cafe' and lawnchair theater.

it was fun sharing my hamlet, my town with you all.

marmee said...
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marmee said...

marmee said...
post script:

i really would love all of you regular visitors to sign my guest book at the bottom of my blog page.
i want to leave it there as a tribute to you all.

thank you FLYDRAGON, MEEMS, CHARLOTTE, GAIL for signing already.
thanks to DARLA AND GIGI for leaving a comment on the slideshow page.

The Brenda Blog said...

Thank you for the lovely tour. Reminds me of good old Mayberry, but with artists!

marmee said...

it's true brenda, it is sorta like mayberry usa.

Q said...

Your town is charming!
Thank you for introducing me.

marmee said...

thanks q
when darling hubby insisted on moving to the country i said leiper's fork. we are 2 minutes from town. 20 minutes from everything else.

Q said...

Such a perfect "Hamlet".
I have thought often about moving to a small town.
Hard to leave my birds and bugs.
I wonder if I could get a moving company to move all my plants?
Humm...wouldn't happen until my hubby retires anyway...
I will enjoy your charming small town...

marmee said...

this move has been tough on me i feel like i left my dream house for here but i have learned alot about myself since the move which is always good. i had my yard very beautiful at my other house. had birds and butterflies and large magnolias. it was very hard to leave it all. this yard is in terrible shape and needs so much attention it is like starting all over.
but there are too many positives to be negative so i will focus on them.
you are welcome to visit my small town anytime.