it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

some surprises, some not!

these are my pentas. i planted at beginning of summer. they have needed more rain. but have fared well despite the lack of precipitation.
not the best image but i am using my sons digital, one of my lenses seems to have quit on me. can that happen? i have had it forever.

my surprise impatient between the rocks.

hostas blooms

"hope" following me around watering.

zinnia, i love the blooms within the bloom!

see what i discovered in my farmers market container. meems,this is the one i was admiring in your garden, right?

i'm sure this is not a healthy flower on the left but i still find it beautiful.

this is up next to our house and i love the colour but no idea what it is.

a birdbath in need of cleaning.

it is a vibrant blue with hand painted flowers, a gift from darling hubby.

i bought a different one for my daughter for mother's day and liked it so much he got me this one.

this has just cropped up in the wildflower garden.

is this a weed or maybe lavender? it is also in the wildflower garden.

this is what happens when you move to a new house.
also when you plant by seed packets containing many varieties of wildflowers.


Anonymous said...

I think the plant next to the house might be Ironweed which is on my wishlist. The lavender like flower could be a Salvia. It's nice having surprises in the garden!

Susie said...

Your blooms are still looking good for this time of the year. I agree with PGL, that lavender plant could be a salvia but it is not lavender. Either way, it's pretty.

flydragon said...

Love the hosta bloom. Is that an Aphrodite Hosta?

Darla said...

I enjoyed the walk around with you and your cat. That green plant with the pink spots is called a Pink Blush, Hypoestes I believe. I have some like yours and some with less green and more pink.

DP Nguyen said...

All those were beautiful blooms, even the white flower that might be diseased.

marmee said...


i guess i should leave the ironweed where it is.
i don't think that is salvia i have had it before in fl.
thx , we did get a little rain. and it is helping.
yes i think no matter what it is pretty.
i don't know but i love the name. they were here when i came.
thx for coming by and id-ing the polka dotted plant.
thx i absolutely love white in the garden.

Meems said...

Hey- I had to scroll down to see what else I missed before I return to my gardening... I think the plant next to your house is ironweed. If it is you will be so happy you have one. Those things are super-duper butterfly magnets. I looked for them all over the place in FLORDIA after seeing them in N.C. ... Not even Tallahassee carried them. So, yes, leave it there or move it out into the sun if it isn't getting plenty.

Yes, the polka-dot plant is in many places here. Yours is the darker variety. I have both the light and the dark. Literally you can cut off a piece of it and stick it in dirt and walla you will have another plant.

If you clip off that beautiful unhealthy flower ... you'll get more beautiful healthy flowers. But I'm with you... flowers in all their stages are most interesting and beautiful in their own right.

I SO think the lavender flower is some sort of salvia... there are so many varieties.

Love the birdbath, love all the wildflowers cropping up to surprise you and for you to enjoy for so many weeks on end. You certainly have enough room to enjoy scattering seeds you don't necessarily know what will come up... kind of makes it even more fun.

Okay... really gotta go... fun post!