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it's that time of year

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rewards of the day

our spring break and the days preceding have been very full.
the weather here in middle tennessee has been spectacular.

the violas were a gift from my dh. they came in two cute faux watering cans.
he got them at the franklin farmer's market.

i've had little time for blogging and there are so many things
going on around dash home farm.
we did get our new little ram.
he is an olde english southdown babydoll miniature.
he is fitting in nicely on our little farm.
beatrice has taken to guarding him like we knew she would.
wild strawberries

two(of the four) new raised beds with seating have been built.
we have planted some cool weather veggies and fruit.

red oak~leafed lettuce and winter density green romaine
are in the dirt.

as always we have lots of curious faces watching us wondering
what in the world are those guys doing.






it's been so warm i have put out some easter stuff
for the younger kids and grandkiddos.

we will have our easter egg hunts all around the farm.

here's hoping we will have nice weather for that day.
sometimes it is very cool and rainy on easter.

our ground cover is blooming although it is not in the ground
but in a lovely old yellow enamel container. the dogs would have
it trampled if it were in the ground.

hellebores are showing up and i get so excited when they do...they have become one of
my favourite flowers.

it's been great to watch each dog bond with our baby ram.

a new variety of pansies for me...
viola x wittrockiana 'delta' pink shades

i am teaching mcgruber to walk on a leash with a harness.
i'd like him to be in the leiper's fork parade in december.
i think he would make a great addition to the quirky little
christmas parade in our town.

same pink shade of pansy as above...i love the variations.

the front yard is finally getting a makeover. we gave mcgruber
the back yard picket~fenced~in area...which is where we have
had most of our raised beds for the last several years.

so we decided to put our new raised beds in our front yard
picket~fenced~in area. i think it will be much more convenient
to keep an eye on and take care of. we will see it every morning and
have water readily available.
the dogs are used to being able to use the front yard so we had to put some new fence boards
up to keep them out and will only let them in when we are out there with them.
i have dubbed it our victory garden. partly, in tribute to the men still
fighting the war and also to be as positive as we can about the success of our garden.

my dh agreed to make me new raised beds with seating.
i am sure glad he will be much easier on the back.
we picked rough hewed wood like the barn as a nod to the farm life.
i am loving the results.

this is the first of four beds we have planned.
we talked about more but...i don't want to get
too many things going so they can't be cared for.

the green watering can is an antique galvanized can from
england i found at a local antique store.
buster brown has taken to the new puppy...barrette.

mcgruber chilling in the front yard.

a new hellebore just planted this year.

winter jewels cherry blossom lenten rose

i am blessed to have both sunny areas and very shaded areas.
hellebores are shade loving.
eggs in a basket.
my black pansies coming back from last year.

back door greetings...
with freshly planted pansies.
some eggs the kids can't get to.
freshly planted columbines on the front porch.

aquilegia hybrid 'winky' double red and white.

coral bells black currant planted in black glazed pot
on front porch steps with bunny.

another columbine combined with last years creeping jenny.

the urn has a new iris.
iris african butterfly.

since we starting sprucing up the front yard
we added some handmade garden art from
the franklin's farmer's market...

planted with some white candy tuft.

we got the second raised bed in and planted last night
just around sunset.

after our hard work outdoors, we opened
up a bottle of one our favourite pinots...

and enjoyed a glass on the front porch
admiring our work and of course the
amazing sunset God had provided us.

it has been thoroughly enjoyable being
back in the garden and welcoming in spring.

don't forget earth day is approaching april 22nd...but don't
you think everyday should be earth day afterall it is our planet.
also jan at thanks for today is hosting a wonderful give~away.
she is promoting sustainable living.
here is the link to join in:

happy springtime.


Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee, hope you and yours are keeping well.

Mcgruber is a darling. I love him. What a wonderful addition to your menagerie.
Puppy is also I envy you the space to keep all these beautiful animals. I would be in paradise. Enjoy my friend....

The hellebores are beautiful. I am sure you remember that I am their number one fan. I have a vast collection now. I added five new additions during the winter.....they brighten dull days.

marmee said...

cheryl...of course i remember you are their number one fan...your blog is the first place i can remember seeing them and falling fast for them. i continue to add some every year...with just a small collection so far.
it is so nice to hear from you...i think of you often.
we are very well here on the farm and in life in general.
we are loving our new additions. i am so fortunate to be able to indulge my family and myself with these adorable farm animals.
hope all is well on your side of the pond.
happy spring.

Lola said...

Way to go. It all looks great. Love the new addition to the farm.
I have only 1 hellebore & it's the 3rd try. Hope it survives.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Marmee, Lovely to see your new additions, Barrette and McGruber are both delightful! I do love to see Beatrice, she has such a gentle face, I still remember the terrible time when she was lost...

You certainly have been busy, I love the Pansies, such pretty little flowers.

Happy Springtime to you and your lovely family.

Rose said...

So much going on at your home, Marmee! I always feel when I visit here as if I've had a relaxing day in the country. Barette is such a cutie; I can see why she has captured your hearts. And McGruber--how adorable! I'm wondering who came up with his name:) My grandkids enjoy coming to my house to play with Sophie and the four cats, but your family of pets is so much bigger--I bet your grandkids love coming to Grandma's house!

Abbey said...
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marmee said...

lola...thanks we are enjoying our newest additions.
hopefully your hellebore's will make it this time...they say third times a charm.
happy spring.

marmee said...


i love when you come to visit. we have been stopped in our tracks with bitterly cold weather again...but such is spring.
the newest additions are great...we are delighting in their playfulness.
hope all is well with you.
happy springtime.

marmee said...


so glad you can come and feel like you've had a
mini~get~away to the country.
our grandkids do love the farm...we just had two of them for a few days on springbreak. they helped work and also enjoy spending time in the outdoors with the animals. it is so nice to see them unwind.
mcgruber was already named when i found him online for sale. i liked the name and my boys think it is funny. i have not seen the movie but know it is a spoof on mcgyver.
barrette was a rescue we found from a shelter...they were at a local pet store and so many dogs needed homes. she kinda picked us out and we fell hard. my dh wasn't to happy with me but now he is really enjoying her. she and buster brown have made fast friends. it seems to have revived him in many ways.
hope you are enjoying some of our spring~ish days.

Meems said...

The 'farm' is picking up pace this season with new additions all around. It looks like you've taken advantage of the nice spring weather and spruced up all your gorgeous containers. That's a smart idea as they will last quite a good distance into summer for you. I think you are going to love your new raised beds. Well defined and well placed for convenience and protection... manageability! It's half the battle with edibles.

It was a lovely refresher taking a walk around the farm today... hugs and love, dear sister.

Jan said...

Marmie, this is a wonderfully adorable and uplifting post...I love everything you are doing in your yard. Those raised beds with seats are a nifty idea! All of your animals are so sweet and McGruber looks like he's fitting in perfectly;-) I love all of your plants planted in containers, here and there...and everywhere. I have many of those same things planted in my yard. I have 2 dogs but they are 'pretty good' (not perfect!) and I manage to keep most plants in the ground without a problem. I hope Easter will be a pleasantly warm morning for you and your family, so you can all enjoy the 'hunt' outside without getting rained on or too chilly. Thank you for entering my project!

Kylee Baumle said...

Such lovely images! Your home looks so inviting and charming, all around! Love the raised beds. We want to add some this year. That, and some chickens!

marmee said...


i am indeed loving the beds being right outside our front door. i have kinda made a little ritual of checking on them first thing in the morning. it's great watching the progress so close.
glad you enjoyed your visit to the farm.
hug and happy spring.

marmee said...


thanks for all your kind words about life on the farm. we are enjoying some great weather here and there. it's been a cold week but the weekend might just be shaping up better.
i am always glad when you can stop by for a visit.
unfortunately i have a few diggers amongst my dogs. they seem to love freshly planted things even in my containers.
i am looking forward to seeing the outcome from your project and glad to be a small part.
happy spring.

marmee said...


this is our third year of raised beds but this year hubby built new ones with seating and i put them out in my front yard just off a makes it much more convenient than way back in a field.
thanks for your sweet words. it's nice to have you come visit the farm.
happy spring.
say hi to your mom for me.

Tomato Diseases said...

Very Cute! I suggest you post photos of your garden...the whole of it..with your lovely dogs of course.

How To said...

Barette is such a cutie; I can see why she has captured your hearts.

VMware Classes Online said...

Marmee...I really love your posts. But I feel like you already stopped posting new articles...Why?