it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Monday, June 29, 2009

by the light of day

here you are...beautiful sunflower.

~photos of sunflower by abbey~
cleome continues to delight.
you have to look very closely but we finally have a visitor.
impatiens with new seedling shady mix coming up.

bright plum coloured cosmos

butterfly bush

peddle pushers petunia


miss muffet shining

transplanted sedum

lavender petunias

orange nasturtium

ripening tomatoes

green envy zinnia

single white impatien

white petunias

a moment at the birdbath alone.

sunflowers in tandem.

purple zinnia bud
wildflowers in bloom in the garden...

bachelor's button
plains coreopsis/calliopsis

happy summer days!


Dirt Princess said...

Everything is so beautiful! I have 20 or so cosmo plants, but NO blooms. I have only had ONE!! I know the lack of rain is the problem. I tried photographing my zinnia buds, but the little camera just couldn't do it! Oh well!

Darla said...

Your photos are great, not quite as good as Abbey's, haha. Seriously, she did a fantastic job and you always do!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wonderful assortment of colors and shapes. I love the new sunflowers with all the dark colors and smaller height. This year I'm proud to say I have tomatoes as large as y'alls down there in Tennessee. Of course I cheated but I'm going to have a much longer season than usual;)

Susie said...

You must be getting plenty of rain to have such pretty blooms. Lovely pics Marmee!

Meems said...

Dear Marmee,
I can't believe I missed that last post with the hammock swinging so enticingly to lure away even the hardest workers. Or not. Ha. It is tempting though isn't it?

And the caladiums have unfurled!!!! That is SO EXCITING. Not that it's all about me or anything... no, no, it is all about YOU having a lovely pot full of Miss Muffet caladiums dug out of my garden and now growing in TN. The very same ones bloomed in MY garden last year. Oh my heart is soaring!!!! It is what I love about plants and it is what I love about gardens and it is what I love about sisters. Well just one sister and that is YOU!

Okay, so I'm calm again... all the other blooms are really lovely too. there is just so much going on and it seems so fast and all of a sudden but I'm certain it does not feel that way to you after your long hard winter. So nice your garden is such a lovely place for all to enjoy ... the family and the critters... I could see that hummingbird!
love and hugs***

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love your flowers, Marmee. AND--I'm especially thrilled that you now have a hummingbird. Hope I have one soon. I thought I saw one yesterday---but haven't seen anymore, so I'm not sure I saw one to begin with.

Love the sunflowers, the petunias, and the sedum.. I have sedum also. Very interesting!!!!

Have a great week.

Lola said...

Beautiful flowers. I wish I had that many to admire. My Miss Muffet is up also. She is so pretty.

marmee said...

d princess,

i have quite a few cosmos and they seem so much more slow growing this year. i have been watering and no rain here either. i love flowers in the budding's very beautiful to me.

marmee said...


it's alright our children are supposed to be better than we are, right? she is quite a little photographer.

marmee said...


what do you mean you cheated? glad you are growing tomatoes...there is nothing quite like a homegrown tomato. we've harvested one so far but have gotten some great heirlooms from the farmer's market.

marmee said...


on the contrary, we need rain badly. we have been faithfully watering. i don't think i want to see the water bill this month.

marmee said...


believe me i have been one happy gardener having those caladiums blooming in my garden...the thought of them being in your garden last year and mine this is very amazing. i check on them daily and feel like they are my little babies. extra special care is in order.

that is our new hammock the old finally bit the dust and we broke down and got a new one. everyone seems to enjoy having one and when it is cooler i will too.

i just happen to get that chance to capture(not a great picture)the hummer...i am so excited to have them back. they are always such a wonderful addition to the garden.

it doesn't feel all of a sudden but june certainly brings lots of diversity in our garden. it is fascinating watching some things thrive in the heat while others are on their way out. all of the seasons have their time and are beautiful.
love to you.

marmee said...


we had our first one a few weeks ago and have a few more visits this week. they are just the fastest little creatures.
this is my first try at sedum so i really don't know what to expect. darla said not to overwater.
meems told me they don't need as much water as the caladiums so i moved them into their own pot.
i am so excited to have a red sunflower...we should have dozens soon. i always have to have petunias...they seem to have a feminine quality to me...i like that.

marmee said...


i do wish you had a blog i could visit more often...i would love to see your miss muffet.

if we keep a kitty i was thinking of naming it lola. what do you think?

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful blooms. Abby did a great job with the photos of the Sunflower. :)

Rose said...

Beautiful images of summer, Marmee! Your wildflower garden is looking so good, much better than mine. And I love that deep red sunflower; Abbey is quite a photographer. I hope it has cooled off for you a little.

Gail said...

Thank you for reminding me that my sweet little wildflower was a plains calliopsis! I scattered seeds and they came up...but I couldn't remember their name! You have beautiful summer flowers...It must be lovely out there! gail

ShySongbird said...

Oh dear, oh dear! My very special Sunflower grown from seed by one of the four very special little girls in my life is gone, completely eaten by snails, nothing left of it at all!! I'm so glad yours have fared better than that. Everything seems to be doing so well in your garden, so many of my plants this year have fallen victim to snails despite all my best efforts! I do have a few Cosmos left, which I love, and they are quite big but no flowers yet. Lovely flowers and photos Marmee.

By the way, all of a sudden your playlist doesn't work for me any more! The computer slows down and eventually I get a message saying due to licensing laws it can't be played, such a shame.... I used to enjoy it.

Q said...

Your gardens are flourishing!
Everything looks beautiful. So happy the male Hummingbird found you! He will show the ladies your sweet flowers and feeder!
It is exciting to see all the blooms and fruits. I loved seeing your bees too.
Happy July!

marmee said...


thank you! i am proud of abbey and her willingness to learn.

marmee said...


we have cooled off a bit which is nice. the humidity level is low which is even nicer.
the wildflower garden is growing slower this year due to less direct sunlight in the mornings. it's funny how gardens evolve over time.
i wanted some deep red sunflowers this year and it just so happens that is the first one to bloom, it made me quite happy.
abbey loves taking photos too and is learning quite well.
hope your summer is going great.

marmee said...


i thru out seed this year too and actually had to look it up. i am getting things i have never seen before. i think that is a lot of fun just waiting for the next surprise. it is more slow going this year with the early rains and our trees are shading more and more.
summer is here and we are enjoying the season and hope you are too.

marmee said...


thanks for the heads up on the playlist...sorry about that. i might be able to refresh somehow. if it starts working again for you let me know.

i am so sorry to hear about your snail problems with the sunflower and others. that must be quite frustrating. i have heard they like beer. if you put it in a container low to the ground they go to it and drowned themselves. it might be worth a try. i think the cosmos like the hotter weather and will bloom soon and stay around until august.
enjoy your summer.

marmee said...


funny thing is the bees have been sleeping in the is so cute.
i was happy to happen to see my male hummer and hope to see more soon.
the gardens are doing well and it is has been great watching new things in it this year. the weeds are still having a heyday though.
we are starting to get to eat the fruits of our labour in the veggie is so tasty.
enjoy your summer days with the bugs.

joey said...

Enjoy this lovely holiday surrounded by all the beautiful things you love. Summer has been very kind to you, dear Marmee ... everything looks wonderful!

Deb said...

Beautiful garden!
Happy 4th of July.