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it's that time of year

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

my florida views

from the moment of our arrival in florida...we were having nonstop fun.
abbey's first full day with renny and lessons.
on everything from grooming...
to proper etiquette with a horse...
even brad shows her how it is done...
...until a fine horsewoman/girl is made.
getting to play around with the mini's was great...
from driving the cart...

to just messing around with them....

and riding bareback.

i knew i was leaving abbey in good off i go to meem's house.
we took in a tea room in plant city.

there's nothing like some down time with your sis.

we had lots of catching up to do.

we strolled down the streets...
did some of the things we both love to do.
after a couple of days at meems i head back up to check on
abbey's progress at the farm.

all is well and everyone is having a great time...playing in the sprinkler,
trail riding, beach going, puppy playing, birthday parties, watching pups
being born...what more could you ask for.

dahlia's are in bloom there...
grace is captivated by their beauty.

and their petals.
after checking in and making sure abbey was doing well...i am off

every vantage point in meem's garden is spectacular.

she is the queen of caladiums...and has hundreds maybe more.

since i have been back home i planted these beauties(miss muffet)
in a large black glazed pot. the ones above are hers mine just got
put in the dirt.

i hope my look half as good as hers.

as most of you know from visiting hoe and shovel
these gardens are lush and full.

there is no reason for me to compare my 2 year old garden to her 30 year old garden.
there are sweeping circular views...full to the brim with every tropical plant you can imagine.

it is breath taking...

i was focusing on the individual beauty of many of her blooms.

even the newest arrivals to hoe and shovel are thriving.

she has an artist's eye when it comes to the garden.

one of my personal favourites are the magnolias.

the veggie garden is on it's way out but i am
intrigued by it non the less.

we have different climates, different planting schedules,
different blooms and foliage but the same love of the garden.

so we talk endlessly about what each of us is doing this year.

her sunflowers are out and brightly blossoming.

mine are still waiting in the wings to show forth blooms.

we are able to plan some well needed time off at the beach for some glorious sunsets.
some bird watching...and of course photographing.

meems is ever on the watch for getting some wonderful captures.

we had a regular little visitor outside of our cottage room.

he let me get quite close.

night after night of beauty.
the things you can see at the beach are so special and unique.

lots of long walks and talking going on.

so many beautiful tropical plants/blooms.

and just like a flash our beach time was over...

now it's just a we head home and i know it is
going to be a while before i can get back to the beach.
it has been great (where time sped by at an alarming rate.)
what a wonderful vacation for me with you meems. thanks.

meems and i did manage to make a trip to her two favourite nuseries on my last
morning there...i might try to post about those later.

i am off to pick up abbey and see how she is getting on with
abbey proudly shows me how she is now loping.
this is a summer that abbey will always remember...thank you
esther and brad for making abbey feel right at home...for giving her
valuable life lessons. she will have fond memories forever of this summer with you guys.

all is well and time has gone...we head home for the hills of tn.


Rose said...

What a wonderful time you must have had, Marmee! The beach looks so inviting, and Meems' garden is as you say, so lush and beautiful. Looks like Abbey had a great time, too; what little girl wouldn't love being able to spend so much time with horses?

I do hope you have some news on Beatrice soon. My heart goes out to you; I only hope someone is taking care of her until they find out where she belongs.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Abby looks very comfortable on horseback. I hope she continues her love of horses.

Your photos and story were wonderful. I enjoyed traveling around with you to Meem's garden and out to lunch and antiquing. Those are all my favorite things too;)

No news on Bea yet?

lola said...

Sounds as tho you had the perfect vacation, Marmee. The love of horses is a great thing. I've always loved them.
Seems that the time well spent by all was a memory maker.

Gail said...

Dear Marmee, What a delightful post, filled with lovely photos and sweet memories of special family makes me smile. meems garden is gorgeous and sometimes it's hard not to compare~~I would love to be gifted with her artists eye.

Look at Abbey, she's a natural, sitting straight and tall on her horse! She is .going to love the photos you have of this wonderfully special time.


Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the horse's mane and her hair flying.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee....such a beautiful post, there is so much I could not comment on it all.....

Meems does have a lovely garden....I have indeed admired it from the moment I started blogging......and it is true what you say, she has an artistic eye....

Abbey is a delightful child and is so obviously going to be a wonderful is a joy to see her.....

The beach is wonderful. I can remember sunsets like that in is a lovely part of the world....

I came over hoping that you were going to post that Bea is back.....I was so sad when there was no news.....hugs....

Susie said...

Looks like you had such a glorious time as well as Abbey. I enjoyed your pictures much.

Glad you got to spend time with Meems. I wish I could do that with my sis. We hardly ever see each other.

marmee said...

my time away was about as good as it gets...just needed more time.
abbey had a wonderful visit and is a real horse lover.

i will definitely post when beatrice is returned.

marmee said...


abbey was right at home on this horses back...i think she will have a wonderful future with her horseback riding.
meems and i had such a great time doing all the girly things we wanted and found some good things to bring home.
nothing on bea yet.

marmee said...


i have always loved horses...when i was a teen a had several. we have given any of our children that wanted...lessons. the older daughter teaching abbey started out trying english but now it strickly western and is doing what she loves...reigning training.
abbey and i really enjoyed our time away but were so happy to be back home.

marmee said...

dear gail,

when you walk into meem's garden it transports you to another world...a tropical wonderful timeless place. it is hard not to want that instantly but i know it takes time and lots of years.

abbey does seem to be a natural with horses...she is an animal lover of any kind. i am looking forward to see her progress with her horse skills.

marmee said...


thank you...i loved that one as well...looks so wild and free.

marmee said...


i did include a lot and that wasn't everything. it was a great time...the beach is always so great for r&r.
abbey is a natural on horses and with all kinds of animals...she just feels at ease with them.
i so enjoyed being in meems garden...i am always trying to learn from her. it is amazing to see her in her garden.
we have no news about bea yet.

marmee said...


you should plan some time with your sis, there is no other relationship quite like it. meems and i had a delightful time just being together.
abbey will have a summer to remember this year. she is now in a camp called "kids on stage."
a very cool place to explore all things artistic.

ShySongbird said...

A wonderful holiday for you and Abbey, Marmee! As you say Abbey will never forget it. Your sister's blooms are all so colourful and pretty. I don't have a sister, it must be a very special relationship!

Bea has not been out of my mind, I hope so much you will bring us good news soon.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Marmee, I feel as if I went on vacation with you. It's great to see the whole thing from your eyes... The horses, the beach, the flowers, etc.--it's ALL great!!!! Thanks so much!

marmee said...


thanks for your heartfelt concern about beatrice...we still haven't heard anything.

abbey and i had a wonderful time away and there were so many things to enjoy.

having a sister is very special and if you get along and have common interests it's even better...i feel so blessed.

marmee said...


you always say the nicest things. i wanted to give a real look into my holiday...because it was so special. i feel like a very blessed woman and it is fun to share it.
thanks and hugs.

tina said...

A lovely view indeed. Meems is most talented in her garden, but I am betting your garden will be as spectacular once it fully matures and will surely equal your sister's one day soon.

marmee said...


you are sweet to say these things but it will take a very long time.

Meems said...

That egret and the bird of paradise flower have the very same profile. LOL

What a great capture of your trip... and you and I both know there was even so much more. Not one blog could possibly wrap up two weeks of excitement... but all your photos gave a very good overview.

How is it that beach time is so beloved and then becomes a distant memory so very fast? Oh, my it was heavenly wasn't it!

Don't even worry about comparing. After you've been at that Tennessee garden for a little while you are going have it SO figured out. I'll be wishing I could grow all the pretty things you have that I can't grow here. So good we can just admire each others different zones.

I hope you and your family have had a great weekend. Love and hugs to everyone... still praying for Bea to be found and returned.