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it's that time of year

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Friday, July 3, 2009


~speedy and bud~

babies and mama came out in the sunshine today.
we try to let them out everyday for a while.

jade was able to relax.

abbey named all the kittens until they go to their forever homes.
this one david is holding is heidi.

everyone seems to have their favourites.

abbey calls this one rose.
lantana in hanging baskets.

some summer blooms are starting to flower.


blanket flower

big sky harvest moon coneflowers


unfurling caladiums

touch me nots

miss muffet...i am so proud to have these from meems garden.
it feels like i have a little bit of my sister in my garden.

i went to the nursery to get some things the other day and
i was fortunate enough to find a sale going on...pots,
plants, other plant paraphernalia...
i felt like i was at an antique store and so i bargained.
i really got some great deals on these over sized water pots
and the green and brown glazed pot.
of course now they need plants and some holes drilled in the bottom.
variegated potato vine... rainbow coleus...a few miss
muffets...cajun vermillion queen hibiscus... with white impatiens
i am hoping the hibiscus looks like this one off the internet.

this one has hydrangea...jacob's ornamental pepper plant with purple peppers and variegated leaves...'copper plant' acalypha wilkesiana rounded out the things planted.
this glazed pot is so pretty...temporarily i put

'ogon dawn redwood' metasequoia g ogon in it until we find
a good place to plant the $15 tree. i love bargains at the nursery.
happy fourth to everybody.

God bless America!


Susie said...

Happy 4th to you Marmee. Those kitties are adorable. They look like little fluff balls.

I like your new pots. Always fun to get a bargain!

tina said...

Great deal on those pots. They look great! I love those caladiums. Just looking at them makes me think of coolness and freshness with their pretty white color. You have a great weekend Marmee. Enjoy those kitties. They are so cute.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

The kittens are so adorable! I hope you have a wonderful 4th!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marmee.... Love the kitties... How many total???? Speedy, Bud, Heidi and Rose???? Right? Is Jade the mama? How precious!!!!

Your flowers are just beautiful. I know you are thrilled to have some things growing that are from Meems' garden. How special is that!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th.

Teresa~gardening with soule said...

That kitten photo is so good. such pretty blue eyes. Beautiful flowers and family. Lucky you. I love the pots you found. That was a good day. Happy Fourth of July

marmee said...

happy 4th to you susie!
we are having a lot of fun with the kitties. they are just too cute.

i really like getting things that aren't full price.

marmee said...


do you have any caladiums in your garden? they make me feel very cheery. i especially like them with the reddish polka dots on it.
we are loving having the kitties. soon they will be going to homes.

marmee said...

robin's nesting place,

happy 4th to you.
those kitties are so much fun and we love having them around.

marmee said...

dear betsy,

there are 4 kittens and jade is the mother. she is a tiny thing and so are they. they look like miniatures.
it is great to have the summer flowers now taking over for the spring ones on there way out. i love having the caladiums from makes me think of her every time i see them.
happy 4th to you too.

marmee said...


i am glad you came to visit at "things i love." you are welcomed here anytime.
i was very pleased with the pots and with the price. some deals are too good to pass up.
our kittens have been so much fun to have around and will be going to their forever homes in a few weeks.
happy 4th to you.

Lola said...

Happy 4th to you & your family Marmee.
Kitties are so cute, playful & loving.
Love, love love those pots. What a great find.

Cheryl said...

May I wish you a happy 4th July......

A lovely post Marmee....kittens are so sweet, I would not be able to say goodbye, but then I am far too soft for my own good.

Pots are gorgeous and your planting is going to look wonderful....I like the tree in pot, such fun....
The caladiums are amazing, I have never seen anything like them here....such beautiful leaves.....

Have a good weekend......

marmee said...


thanks i love love love those pots too. i got such a great deal...i couldn't have gotten them otherwise.
i don't know if you saw but i want to name one of the kittens...lola.
happy fourth to you.

marmee said...


yes i love this holiday to celebrate our country and the freedoms we have.
our kittens are just so cute to watch rolling around and chasing their own tails...i want to keep one but we will see.
i really am glad that i got those pots at such a great bargain and even some of the plants i planted in there.
we had a good day celebrating.

Meems said...

Hey Marmee,
Somehow I missed this post... I've been a little entrenched lately in other things. Your little gray felines are adorably precious. I can see why you would think to keep one... probably good for you they all have homes already. *grinning now*
I am pleased as punch those caladiums have bloomed so nicely for you. In pots they are happy with that warm soil.

And your NEW pots are just perfect. Love the colors, love the size, love the glaze!!! I hope you don't catch my container (or caladium) addiction... it will get you in lots of trouble. :-)
hugs to you,