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it's that time of year

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Monday, July 20, 2009

summer perfection

summer is in full swing...except the last two days...temps have been
well....SPECTACULARLY's 10:30 and the temperature is 68'.

dh and i were calling it indian fall.
the weather was so great we pitched our tent and slept outside under the stars last night.

summer perfection.

ethan(our middle son) came home for a visit...and is quite

taken with our new sweet boy, renny.

ethan rode horses quite a bit several years ago.
he wanted to show him off...

so he brought a few friends round to show renny off.
beatrice is also very excited...i mean taking it in the usual way for bea.

the birds are loving a little bit of coolness in the air.

the finches are all pairing up...we have a lot of females.
the males certainly have their pick.
one of our most colourful visitors seems to have found his mate.
we have both a male and a female hummingbird.

they actually decided to hang out for a while...very fun.

summer is the best...birds are flying...vegetables are growing...
flowers are is in the air.


Darla said...

You always capture the essence of the love that you and your family share with each other and nature. It's always refreashing to visit here.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Yes Marmee, Life is GOOD. I for one LOVE this cooler weather. Wish I could bottle it up and keep it all year!!!! ha

Glad your new horse is doing so well. Looks like he's getting lots of attention. Beatrice is really enjoying the summer life, isn't she???? ha

Love your birdies.. We have the same ones around here--but I think we have more male Goldfinch than we do females.

Have a great Monday.

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee......yes it is a most wonderful time. Riley and Poppi camped in the back garden with their Mummy......they had such a fun time. That is what summer is about, having fun.

The hummingbirds are have a male and female visit is wonderful....they are such pretty and captivating little birds....

Family.....pets......birds...having fun....happy summertime Marmee......

Lola said...

It sure is perfect, Marmee. I'm so happy for you & yours.

Q said...

A perfect summer day!
It has been cool here too.
It does have just a tiny bit of the autumn feel, must be the North wind!
You and your family seem to have so much fun. Setting the tent up was a great idea!
Your new pony is a beauty.
The hummers are flying jewels...
Always a delight to visit.
Thank you

Susie said...

Pitching a tent in the backyard sounds wonderful! We had a couple days with those cooler temps but it seems that's over with.

Gail said...

Your post has brought back wonderful memories of when our son, Matt was a small boy! We loved to camp out in the backyard! Darla said it best~~you do capture the essence of your family love perfectly in every post. gail

ShySongbird said...

How lovely to 'sleep under the stars', such a lovely summery thing to do, we have had an awful lot of heavy rain here in the last week or two. I love the Humming Birds, exquisite little creatures. A lovely post again.

marmee said...

dear darla,

that is so sweet of you to say...i am all about the atmosphere. i am happy to be a place of refreshment for you...all of us mom's need that.

marmee said...


life is good and life is great!
it has been such a wonderful few days with the cooler temps...we slept out in the tent again...i love being that close to nature with all the sounds.

our renny is just fitting right in...such an easy transition it has been. i am so happy to have a horse here on our property. i have wanted that since my teens when i had horses.

we too have a ton of gold finches. this is mating season. the females i showed are either purple or house finch females. i have been extra careful to keep the feeders full for the finches since they are so busy trying to find their mates.

happy summertime!

marmee said...


sleeping outside is the quinessenital thing during the summer. what a fun thing to have your daughter and grands in your backyard for the night.
i always feel special when a hummingbird decides to visit but when they decide to hang out well that is an experience.
summertime is such a great time to do family fun stuff. the kids played cards in the tent the night before last. we slept out there again last night but i think it is starting to warm up again. it's no fun to be in a tent when it is steaming.
happy summertime!

marmee said...


thank you.
we did decide to keep a kitten and we named it lola blue. thought you might like to know.

marmee said...


we have always camped in our backyards. even when we lived in the suburbs. our neighbours always thought us a bit quirky. when we lived in a posh neighbourhood we were probably the talk of the town. now we are out in the country so nobody thinks anything of it. it's a great thing to do when you have so many people.
summer has been a go~go time and it is always fun to be together.
having the new horse and our birds visits is the icing on the cake.

marmee said...


we have slept out there several nights but i do think the temps have turned back towards summer.
it was fun while it lasted.

marmee said...


that is such a nice thing to say. my family is so important to me and i love to create an atmosphere of love and fun. we have an a couple of wonderful nights out in the tent but the summer temps are returning so back to the a/c we will go.
kids make us do the things that keep us young.

marmee said...


being outside is the best. when the temps allow for us to sit under the stars and just gaze until our hearts are content...that is the best. we are able to see so many stars out here because of the darkness. as you stare up you just keep seeing more and more. we are in need of rain but it makes for great camping weather.
i am so glad we have a male and female hummer maybe we will be blessed enough to get babies.

Lola said...

Thanks, Marmee. I like that.
My son has slept in the back yard in a tent with his grandsons/my great,grandsons. So nice to see that. Poor old Me ma is not able to do things but sure would like to. Loved camping in the Smokies.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

How exciting to have a new horse! I like your bird photos, too. We've also had unseasonably cool temps in Nebraska.