it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Friday, July 24, 2009

enamored by the sun

is there anything more wonderful than new life...
the birth of a not really.
something so brand new...clean...pure...
sunflowers are coming forth is like my own little burst of sunshine.
there are new ones unfurling at dash home farm.
being planted in the front...back...against the barn...anywhere i could find

some warm soil...i am so glad i put so many seeds in the ground.
every stage is wonderfully beautiful.

growing...reaching towards the sky...

...searching for the sun's rays.

allowing all manner of flying things a place of respite.

much to this viewers delight...
...shape, size, and colour are all different.
they love the warmth of the sun.
the birds eat right off the big flower heads...

...home to the bees.

sunshine in my eyes makes me happy.


Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures!! Isn't summer grand.

Lisa Q

Lola said...

So beautifully put. I sense the love of family, nature & life in your words. It is so refreshing to ones sense of being.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful Marmee.. Love your descriptions of the sunflower --from its birth. I love "new life" also.. Guess that's why I love seeing the Bluebirds in the nest so much. My blog tomorrow will talk about that.

Great photos.

marmee said...


summer is the best. thank you.

marmee said...


that is so nice of you to say, lola.
we all need to embrace life and be grateful for each day.

marmee said...


thank you. something about things being born around us is invigorating. i love seeing the baby birds fledge.
having the kittens around has been very cool...watching them develop and grow. it makes you appreciate the cycle of life.
happy summer days and weekend.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee.....I love sunflowers....they do not like my soil....I always admire them when I see them growing in gardens.

Riley and Poppi have grown one each in a pot.....Rileys is the tallest at the moment but Poppi does not mind,she just loves the flower.....

A beautiful sunny and happy post......

ShySongbird said...

Such lovely flowers Marmee, I love them and they always make me smile.

marmee said...


every direction i look in around here i see sunflowers. they are standing tall. it is hard not to enjoy these easy to grow beauties.
what fun the grands must have at your house planting things and watching them matter what the size.
happy summer sunday.

marmee said...


can a flower have a sunny disposition? i think sunflowers do. they almost radiate. i really never seem to enjoy them when i was younger but now they delight me.

Meems said...

Dear Marmee,
Life has caught me up in busyness lately. So here I am just getting to look at your pretty sunflowers. They are an intriguing stalk with unique flowers. Unlike any typical one we see ... they have so many admirable qualities. You were here when mine was blooming. My one stalk. I've made notes to re-think that for next year. Too many things to grow in my smaller sunny space.

I'm happy for you putting them in so many locations. It is so nice you can do that on your farm. It must be so appealing to walk outside and anywhere you turn there is all that sunshiney beauty.

Lovely, Marmee, so lovely.
hugs to you... Meems

tina said...

I remembered your sunflowers from last year and they look just as great this year.

marmee said...


i know about the busynes of life. i can not believe summer vacation is almost up.
i love the deep colours of the of sunflowers this year...i think it makes them so interesting. i remember you deep orangy-red ones.
i think i might check into what other colours they come in for next year.
they seem to be the perfect look for this farm house in the country.

marmee said...


well thank you. i am still waiting on the mamoth grey striped ones to bloom from last year.

Sue said...

I enjoyed this post! I have 2 sunflowers in the veggie garden and about 9 in my garden across the street. The squirrels are taking the flowers off before the flowers even start to wilt. I just took some photos this evening of an upside down sunflower with shredded petals around it. I forgot to apply some pepper spray around the others.

Do you have problems with squirrels like that?

marmee said...


i have too many dogs to have a problem with squirrels. the birds are eating all the seeds right on the heads...but mostly the ones in the fields.