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it's that time of year

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

celebrating the fourth...american style

we love to celebrate our wonderful country on this special day.
we played table topics/travel addition...we laughed until we cried.

we had an awesome 4th of july. there were lamb corn on the cob...
a cold salad with shallots, cucs, tomatoes, banana peppers, all from our garden.

rachel made the most amazing coconut~lemon cake from scratch.
oh my it might be my new favourite dessert. yummo!

we ate outside at dusk under the umbrella while it sprinkled lightly.

then we moved to the firepit for fireworks...well our fireworks were
no competition for God's fireworks...we sat there until we were drenched and then ran
inside and wrapped up in beachtowels and ate cake with milk and coffee.
no firework photos because of the pouring rain...we had a great day.
hope all of you did too!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, Marmee. Our rains held off ---but are on the way now. That's okay since our community got to celebrate with fireworks. We also watched Knoxville's celebration on TV, so they got to have theirs before the rains came also.

Glad you had a great family day on the 4th of July!!!

Meems said...

When I saw the weather today I wondered if you were getting any of that rain. I'm thinking you don't mind since you need it.

Sounds like you all had a fun 4th. and Rachel's cake does look yummy and very pretty. Will have to e-mail her for the recipe... I'd hate to be left out of some proper calories and goodies.

Happy 4th to you and your gang.

tina said...

Happy 4th to you and your family Marmee. That rain was SO awesome. We sure needed it too.

Abe Lincoln said...

Very interesting post. I enjoyed it and the music.

Susie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day Marmee! Glad you got rain. We're still without down here.

ShySongbird said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your celebrations despite the rain (I'm sure that was welcome in many ways) and your meal sounded lovely Marmee.

So sorry to have missed your last post, I enjoyed the kitties and all your blooms are beautiful. I also love your green glazed pot.

The play list problem which I mentioned before now happens on any American blog which has a music gadget so I assume there is some new licensing law :(

marmee said...

we have left over fireworks to set off now that it has stopped raining but i am so thankful for the rain...we needed it so badly.
sounds like you had a great 4th.

marmee said...


this was rachel's first attempt at this lemony~coconut cake and she it was a huge success...maybe she can make that her christmas recipe.
we had a great day and lots of laughing which is always good for the soul.
i wasn't too disappointed about the rain...i was more concerned about doing them when the lightning got close. i finally said that's it...i had to be the bad guy.
hope you enjoyed your 4th too.

marmee said...


i was so happy it was raining but i had to act disappointed for the kids sake. my new plantings in the pots will be reaping the rewards of our heavenly rain fall.
happy 4th weekend to you.

marmee said...


so glad you decided to check out "things i love." you are welcomed here.

marmee said...


there is nothing like rain when all your plants and flowers are crying out for it. i am so glad we got a really nice steady falling rain. the earth is rejoicing today.
i sure hope you get some rain soon.

marmee said...


i'm sorry about the is a shame with all the licensing laws.
don't they realize the more people hear it the more people will want it.
we had a glorious time yesterday and who doesn't like to celebrate.
our little kittens are delightful and bring a lot of joy. i want to keep one but dh thinks we already have enough animals. ;) we shall see.
we have a horse arriving in a couple of weeks for abbey...shhh! we are working on a fence right now for him.
i was so excited to have the chance to get some great pots at such a great price. it keeps the plants up away from the dogs so they are more likely to thrive.
happy summer days.

Cheryl said...

I love your style Marmee, just love it......

marmee said...


thanks so's american tradition.

Shellmo said...

Looks like you had a lovely day! I loved all your photos!!

Lola said...

Marmee, sounds like you all had the best time ever. That is so nice to sit in the rain like that. Too bad about the lightning. I don't like that either.
We went to St. Augustine at the old fort to watch the fireworks last night. That was a blast. I had never gone before. Sure was nice to see it in person.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Rained here all day Saturday but cleared up in time for the fireworks dislplays. Sunday was sunny and warm but not oppressive. Looks like you all had a relaxing weekend.

marmee said...


we did have a wonderful day...glad you enjoyed the photos.

marmee said...


i love st. augustine...been there mulitple times and enjoyed it.
i couldn't begrudge the rain because we needed it so bad and now the plants are all standing up at attention like they do with a good rain.

marmee said...


we did enjoy our fourth of july weekend. today i two of the grands. we have had rain on and off since saturday and i am grateful to not have to water.
hope you are enjoying your july days.

Brad and Esther Pagh said...

Oooh, that cake looks splendid! Good job Rach! I am sorry that your fireworks got rained out. Grace had a blast with the Sparklers! She is big enough to hold them herself now! sniff sniff. I will send you pics. Love you!

marmee said...

hey there my darling esther,

we really needed the rain so i was more bummed for the kids...but we are going to have another night and celebrate with fireworks.
oh i will enjoy seeing those pictures of is hard when they start getting bigger. but it will be good in a few more months when she needs to be the big girl.
see you soon

TC said...

That coconut-lemon cake looks absolutely devine! Where can I get the recipe?? (My 16-year old son recently introduced me to the band Grizzly Bear. Very different; they might have to grow on me.)

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Wish you a wonderful 4th !! Great..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

Re said...

I hope you had a great weekend.

marmee said...


if you give me your email i can email the recipe to you...or maybe i will just do a post on it. it was so delicious...something about the sweetness of the the coconut and the tangy~ness of the lemon...yummo.
i just found that band g/b and liked that one song...they are very different but that's what i gravitate towards.

marmee said...


thanks for checking out "things i love." hope you enjoy visiting america thru the blog. happy summer days.

marmee said...


we had a great weekend and YOU?
happy july to you.

Q said...

The cake looks so yummy!!!
You and your family do know how to have fun!

marmee said...


thanks we love to celebrate but mostly we just like to be together.
hope you had a wonderful 4th of july and are enjoying all things summer.